Your Destiny is calling

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Before you were born, God already had a plan for you. He knew who you are and what you’ll be. Just like Jeremiah God knew who we were even before we were born.

God always call you who you are before you become who you are but people will wait till you become who you are for them to call you who you are. 

The book of Genesis 17:1-5, God changed Abram’s name to Abraham meaning father of nations. At this point, Abraham was ninety-nine year old and he must have thought “How?” Biologically it was next to impossible to bare a child but here God was calling him the father of many nations. Somehow he might have thought this is  a mockery. If this is the same God who promised to bless him with a child but ‘did not’ fulfil up to now that his wife had hit menopause and couldn’t bare any child anymore. God surely fulfill His promises at His own time and pace.

Before John the Baptist was born, angle Gabriel appeared to Zachariah with a good message that his wife Elizabeth will give birth to a baby boy. Like any other human being, Zachariah had his doubts but because God wanted to fufill His promise, Zachariah had to remain dumb till the day John was to be born.

Have you ever wondered why Zachariah had to remain dumb till the birth of John? Because we are told there is power in what we say and that a man is what he saith. So if Zachariah would have been able to speak after receiving the message, he would have spoken out his doubts and probably John would have not been born.

So when God said you are fearfully and wonderfully made, believe it no matter the situation you are in currently. When God says, He will promote you from glory to glory, accept it and receive it. Don’t start stressing yourself with so many issues wondering how you’ll never make it in life, how God has abandoned you. Always remember where you are right now is a glory. Enjoy it as you work and wait for God to promote you to the next glory.

Now when John was finally born, the father still couldn’t speak. Now in those days, it was a man’s obligation to name the new born. Women had no say whatsoever. But now that Zachariah was dumb and couldn’t give the new child name, the kinsmen came and named him Zachariah, after his father. But Elizabeth the mother, named him John. Fortunately enough, Zachariah was able to speak for the first time in nine months and he named the son John.

In the world today, people will call you names, people will tell you how you’re a failure. How no one in you family has ever done it. How you can’t overcome the addiction, the poverty struggle, the diseases. But God called you “My son/daughter” the child of the most High God. That’s your portion. Don’t let people name for you your destination. You’re are destined to bigger and better things. 

Be blessed.

A seven Days Relationship

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If you were born in 80’s or early 90’s going back you’ll agree with me that dating has really changed. Sometimes it’s just safe to say that relationship has lost its meaning.

Do you remember how love relationships were real romantic back in the days? A young man would sit down, pick a pen-preferably AIM or Speedo and ‘jot’ a ‘massive’ to his heartthrob in a sister school.

Those days a post office was such a crucial and a mandatory institution. With a colour and flare, the boy in love would use all the jagons on earth to impress the girl whom he would call all sweet names. Those days, Sunday nation or was it Saturday  Nation? Can’t remember well, was a MUST READ news paper. Not because of day to day politics or trying to catch up with the current affairs. No, far from it. There was a section dedicated for song lyrics most of which were love songs like; Forever and for always by Shania Twain, Hero by Enrique Iglesias, We belong together by Mariah Carey name it. Boys would ‘Dedics’ these songs on the dedication part of the latter. Some of us would pick a punchline and vibe a girl during those outings and innings.

The letter would be then sprayed with those ‘Nice and lovely’ or ‘Yu for Men’ colognes, get stamped and then ‘Bombasticated’ or ‘Zoomed‘ to the girl. Sometime we would use that photo man who comes to school every Saturday. Now the problem was,sometimes he may come to your school after visiting the sister school, meaning you’ll have to wait for another one week before it reaches your ‘baby’. Sometimes he would have so many letters to deliver to different ‘sister’s’ school that he may forget to deliver yours or do a wrong delivery, though this was very rare. Sometimes the letter would be intercepted by her principle. 

Sometimes the term ended before the reply.  You would only meet her once, when you went for those Science Congress or during ball games or CU meetings. The best you could get out of it was a shy glances and if you’re lucky enough, a hug; not a kiss, not a dream of having sex! The year would end ‘dry’. At form four, a guy is still chasing that girl he met in form one.

But not any more. Technology and more so, this age of Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram things have totally changed. Today you meet on Facebook and ‘like’ each other, exchange numbers, send each other photos on Whatsapp, plan a lunch out or a drink out meet and go home together and you know what else follows. And after that, relationship is over. Just like that. Everyone is sorted. Everyone seems to be okay with it after role we are living in the era of #YOLO

Photo of Idris and Ellah of Uganda kissing during their time at Big Brother Africa

Now a days youths careless about all those old sentimental romantic unions. Friendship is simply meant for ‘double tap’

It’s usually   A seven days affair,  at most. The cycle starts on Saturday during concerts and parties where youths meet for fun. These are the equivalent of the old High school ‘funkies’. It starts with a simple selfie and a little vibe. The girl gives her new friend her number and before the day ends, they are exchanging conversations and tens of photos on WhatssApp. The game is on. The next thing you know is that both of you are on each other’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram space, hanging out together. 

On Monday, you open your Facebook page and discover that she liked three of your photos and now there is this hash tag: #MCM(Man Crush Monday) that makes it official that she is interested. If your crush knows that he or she is a crush and you share ‘circles’, the next move will be a response, a tag. Now you’re dating and everyone within your social media circle knows that you two have a thing going on. The guy compliment with  a simple punchline: “You make the photo complete” and she replies with a scream: “Aaaawwwww!” This love thing is on.

On Tuesday, you’ve to be tactful. As you chat, remember Wednesday is the new Friday, talking about ladies night. You throw the invite and do a #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) on her before posting a cute photo of you and her together on facebook some of which you took during your first meeting on Saturday and some thanks to photo grid. 

She is your crush remember. Your friends and hers comment on the photo and everyone seems to like the direction this is taking. And your friends join the game, you keep on liking and commenting too.

Throughout the day you should be looking for another photo of her alone. As you head for the date night at Galitos, probably a Couples Wednesday gig or something, have a photo on the #WWW(Wonderful Woman Wednesday) slot. This has to be done before you meet so as to create the adrenaline rush love feel.

You hit the club together and things are moving very fast. Before the end of the night, you’ve kissed and done it all. 

Again Ellah and Idris can be seen in a very compromising state of thing after knowing each other in just a couple of days in BBA

Now come Thursday; who misses out on Throwback Thursday? Now a days a relationship beyond two days is worth a #TBT (Throwback Thursday). You edit those photos you took on Saturday, filter them and give them vintage look. This relationship is old now, right? “Tap that picture….retweet,” you charge. She is now about to exit your love world.
Come Friday morning, you need to chat. You’re in #TGIF(Thank God It’s Friday) mood. Besides, you both know that it is #FF(Freaky Friday) time and both of you are done. It’s time to hung out with your boys. Forget about all those friends who have been helping you to heat things up by reducing the platforms, to just one; like instagram. Besides, up to 90% of your social media friends are just that, just social media friends. You’ve never met before and you completely don’t know each other beyond facebook,  twitter or instagram. After reducing the he platform, now it’s time to make sure you let people know that you’re looking forward to Saturday’s event and ” Your schedule is fully booked”.

There is no space for her or him no more. You cut the chatting to regular and very normal, as you look forward to Saturday probably for a new catch. Because the life of ‘selfie love’ starts on Saturday. 

I agree we can’t live and die in the past, but I believe we can learn from it big time. Let’s reflect back and borrow something good from it. 


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 Picture of Wilson Session a past media conference

​From the peripherals, I’ve been following this debate of one Mr Wilson Sossion, KNUT and an NGO by the name Education International on one side vs Bridge International Academies on the other side, on the whole issue of Bridge schools. 

Whereas personally, the first two entities aren’t known to me, for different reasons, I’m known to Bridge schools for some time now, and I can authoritatively speak on their behalf. 

I reckon the work done by NGOs in our country, especially on the field of research. As a researcher, myself, I know the work of research worldwide is to shape opinion and influence decisions. 

I also reckon that in as far as professionalism is concerned, researchers do a perfect job in this. 

My only issue is with researchers for hire. The love of money vis a vis professional conduct. 

For start, KNUT is supposed to be a trade union that should be in the forefront to demand and demonstrate better working conditions for its customers. 

Today, in Kenya, teachers are grappling with issues such medical scheme contributions, comutting allowances and other issues.. It is these that the union ought to commission a research on how best they can be addressed without teachers going to the streets. 

Any time Sossion calls for nation wide teacher’s strike, he’s assured of not less than one million from government. No wonder no meaningful results have been achieved from the so called signed agreement between teachers and government.

To purport to be concerned about the quality of education that Bridge offers, to me is an illusion, a mirage of our age. I know some of us will debate on this issue of union, but as it stands, we are to blame too. 

What Sossion is not telling you and I is that Bridge has employed over 6,000 teachers who are not in any trade union. It is his wish that this potential list of union contributors were channeled through KNUT. 
All of us know for sure that even the most hardworking of teachers in public schools are the untrained, form four leavers. How then, should it be a problem when Bridge hires the same? 

Research, especially when it comes to special interest work, are always sponsored by the commissioning agency. How would you expect Education International to tell KNUT that Bridge offers quality education. 

To them, it was a job tailor-made fix. Theirs was to bring the desired results. And they did not disappoint the client. 

In all these hullabaloo, colleagues and let us be Bridge and stand up with Bridge. 

Everyone has an opinion on everything including Sossion’s about Bridge, but in the fullness of time, the truth will exonerate us.

Rowdy youths who were sponsored by stupid wanker Mumias East Mp Benjamin Washiali finally apologize to Raila Odinga for the embarrassment they caused him during his visit in the area on Friday 25th,November, 2016.

Raila who visited the area to console with the victims of rape and brutally inflicted by GSU was accompanied by Kakamega governor Wycliffe Oparanya and two MCAs; Libinus Oduor(Mayoni) and Rocky Omwendo(Mumias North). They were forced to flee the area under tight security after the meeting turned chaotic.

The youths led by Faraj Faluma and Musa Ekaya apologized to ODM chief and describe him as a statesman and welcomed him to visit the area any time he feels like. They went ahead to say that their anger was towards the area MCAs that they accused of neglecting them and their duties. They keep on following governor as his flower girls.

“Some of the MCAs have failed to understand that we voted for them alongside the Governor yet they have been flower girls. They follow him wherever he goes but do not do much in their ward,” said Ekaya.
Faluma said: “So the chaos that erupted at Shibale were aimed at showing Raila and Oparanya that we are fed up with the kind of MCAs who are tailing the governor wherever he goes.” 

Kenya is by all means a mediocre country being governed by mediocre quacks who were glued together by their cases in ICC. And Kenyans citizens have quickly acquired the traits of these alcoholic president and a land grabber DP.

Last week a 28 year old man, Ronarld Kiprotich Melly hit the headlines when he was arrested and charged with three counts;  Forgery of documents, Impersonation of a medical officer and using a title of a ‘doctor’ without being licensed or registered. 

 28 year old Ronarld Kiprotich Melly in court. 

Kenyans are baffled by just how much quack doctors, quack police officers, quack teachers etc keep on operating freely in a country that purports to be governed by rule of law. Just the other day another quack doctor by the name Mugo was caught pants doing raping his unconscious patient now he’s roaming free because he’s being protected by Uhuru

Over the weekend, after being released on a Kshs. 500, 000 bond, mr.Kiprotich Melly, the quack from Tinderet Nandi received a heroic welcome from tens of his families and close friends. The worse part is when he was endorsed to vie for MCA seat for Tinderet ward.

Kiprotich receiving a heroic reception from his family and friends.

The quack accepting the endorsement.

No doubt Kenya has become a country where thieves and quacks are being celebrated and awarded with big jobs and government tenders. Remember Uhuru’s side chick who single handedly stole over 1.7 billion NYS money is now being fronted by Jubilee to run for governor.

As the medical superintendent of Meteitei Sub-County Hospital in Nandi, Kiprotich carried out at least nine caesareans and 21 minor surgeries.

Out of the 9 caesarean surgeries, 8 were successful but one led to the death of the mother. The baby was saved.

I’m a lover and a diehard fan for both local (Gor Mahia) and international (Manchester Utd) football but I follow more of international football than local ones. But whenever I get time I always love to go to stadium. But despite our league being one of the biggest and most competitive one in East and Central Africa, I have to confess that it’s one of the poorest attended leagues around. 

The fans apathy at the stadia is attributed to the hooliganism that is always witnessed inside and outside stadia.

But despite all these, still there are diehard fans who no matter what, still brace the harsh climate weather to enjoy and cheer their favorite teams. And believe it or not, one such dierhards is none other than the song queen, Avril Nyambura of Nikimuona hit maker. Avril, little known to many is a fan of Tusker FC. And she always get time off her busy schedule to attend the match in the stadium whenever her team plays.

Avril with other fans cheering on their team.

The singer recently attended a match of her favorite team, Tusker FC but she wasn’t pleased despite her team winning. And this’s her reason why:

“I was annoyed that I was at a Kenyan football finale where the team I support, Tusker FC, won and there wasn’t a single Kenyan song being played, urban or traditional. Is that what we have become? A country with no identity? No culture that we have to borrow other countries’ culture when celebrating our own success?”

Avril with Mathare United fans.

She added:

It really saddens me. As an artiste I will keep releasing more music and I will speak up if I feel we are forgetting ourselves whether it steps on some toes or no.”

Actually more is needed to be done to encourage and promote homegrown talents and acts. 

I’ve been on my seat since 11:04 am following the proceedings of the NYS SCANDAL, one of the numerous corruption scandals that have taken place ever since the Jubilee government took over power in 2013 after dubious election. Former CS of Devouslution madam Anne Waiguru has been giving her submission trying to counterattack the true facts that she’s the mastermind behind the lost of over Kshs 1.6 billion Kenyans taxes.

I’ve had a chance to follow the submissions by her accomplices that’s the likes of her former PS Mangiti and hairdresser turned billioner over night Josephine Kabura and all fingers were directed at her (Mrs Waiguru). A coincident? Or a case of a witch hunt? You be the judge. And by the way how do you explain how possible a person with only Ksh. 658 about 6$ in her bank account can raise that figure to over a billion Kshs within less than a year? What kind of business is that? Now that’s the kind of transformation one Josephine Kabura went through within a short period  of doing business’ with NYS.

If you’ve been fellowing how corruption unfolding in this Jubilee regime, you will agree with me that this country needs to urgently deal with corruption scandals.

I therefore believe and agree with #KOT (Kenyans on Twitter) that for us to successfully tackle this monster called corruption, some of the fundamental and freedom these thieves enjoy must be abrogated, abridged or infringed. I therefore support the call to #HangWaiguru and Co. 

​While there is still a debate about why the man would be stupid enough to post evidence on his Facebook timeline for all to see that he is a pedophile, more shocking details about him have emerged.

He is the son of a local politician, and he hails from Makenene, Borabu constituency, Nyamira County. His father is a member of the County Assembly.

His father is an immediate former chairman of the now-defunct Nyamira county council. According to reports from the people who know him, three months ago, he stripped naked walked from his father’s house to Chepilat town.

One of the most disconcerting bits of information about the man is that he is a former administration police officer who was fired over cases of indiscipline.

The incidence comes barely a month after Kenyans called for the firing of Ken wa Mwangi. A Kenyan Airports Employee who had boasted of having slept with underage girls.

Deputy President William Ruto’s office is the most corrupt government department in the country, research firm Infotrak has revealed.

In the survey unveiled on Tuesday, the corruption index in the DP’s office stood at 51% followed by President Uhuru Kenyatta’s office at 46.4%.

According to the findings, corruption is highest in the police service at 89% followed by County Governments at 78%.

The survey indicated that a majority of Kenyans feel that the country is heading in the wrong direction.


MP Shah Hospital has allegedly refused to release the body of Naivasha ranch owner Thomas (Tom) Cholmondeley who died on Wednesday.

Now the reports are emerging to what looks like mechanical failure that might have led to the sudden death of Tom Cholmendeley. 

According to the report that was seen by The Star, on Thursday Cholmondeley’s family members were turned away when they asked for his body.

The family wanted to transfer the body to Lee Funeral Home for an independent postmortem.

“Everyone wants to know why he was taken into ICU after a standard procedure that is normally done under local/spinal anaesthetic,” a family member told The Star.

When reached for comment, Anup Das, CEO of the hospital in Nairobi, said: “Please ask their lawyers. They are the best people to answer.”

He declined to explain why the hospital did not release the body.

Cholmondeley, a famous Kenyan farmer of British ancestry, died aged 48, after a hip replacement surgery.

He was the son of the 5th Lord Delamere, one of the first and most influential British settlers in Kenya.

Cholmondeley was wheeled into one of the theatres at MP Shah on Wednesday morning and was looking forward to a routine two-hour hip replacement procedure.

Neeraj Krishna, his orthopaedic surgeon, was at hand with a team of doctors.

After all the British aristocrat was no stranger to Krishna; he has been their family doctor for years and has carried out similar operations on Cholmondeley’s mother.

The team of doctors prepared the patient for the operation without a hitch. In about two hours the operation was over and the new hip carefully rammed into place.

Out of the blue, the heart monitor screen sent doctors in the theatre into alarm. The readings were disturbing.

There was too much pressure on the heart. This happened soon after the process of getting the patient out of the coma induced by anaesthetic drugs.

By 10.30 am, what was a simple operation turned into a huge life-saving emergency, a doctor at the hospital told The Star. The heart had stopped beating.

The hospital scrambled some of their top cardiologist to save the patient.

Three hours of electric shock after electric shock and a myriad of procedures to get the heart beating again sadly produced no result.