Imagine if your day job was entirely made up of performing emotional scenes in front of indifferent crew members so that millions of strangers can later judge your performance. This is why some actors go insane lengths to stay in character. We’ve talked before about some of the craziest things actors have done to prepare for famous roles, but there’s just so much crazy in this well we had to dip back into it. Below is the list of 9 actors who had to to undergo extra-ordinary transformation to to play the act.

1. 50 cent


In the movie “All Things Fall Apart”, 50 Cent lost 54 pounds in nine weeks after liquid dieting and running on a treadmill 3 hours a day so to play a cancer patient perfectly in the movie.


2. Christian Bale


To prepare for a role in “The Machinist”, he lived on just an Apple a day for a length of time and then put on 100 pounds of muscle to play Bruce Wayne in “Batman Begins” He’s like the GOAT of transformations, he has done it countless times.

3. Halle Berry


In her acting debut “Jungle Fever”, Halle Berry didn’t shower for EIGHT WEEKS to play a crack-cocaine addict.


4. Heath Ledger


Heath Ledger spent a month locked in a hotel room to get ready for his role as Joker. He wanted to get in touch with how unpredictable a psychopath could be.


5. Leonardo Dicaprio


An avowed vegetarian, ate raw bison, slept in an animal carcass and withstood freezing temperatures to portray frigid frontiersman Hugh Glass in the movie “The Revenant”


6. James McAvoy


To prepare for his role as Charles Xavier in Xmen: First Class, James McAvoy shaved his head only to learn that Xavier had a full head of hair In the prequel. He had to wear extensions


7. Robert De Niro


To play his beautiful role in “Taxi Driver”, Robert De Niro got a real taxi license and drove people around New York for 12 hours a day


8. Bryan Cranston


To play a convincing Walter White in “Breaking Bad”, Bryan Cranston learned how to make meth by the help of DEA.


9. Jamie Foxx


To portray the blind musician Ray Charles, he had to glue his eyes shut for up to 14 hours a day during filming. Foxx also lost 30 pounds, as to more accurately convey what Charles’ body looked like after his heroin addiction.


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The bootylicious Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika has denied claims that are doing rounds on social media claiming that her real name is Veronica Mung’asia Shikuku Shikwekwe and not Vera Sidika as she is popularly known.

A twitter post by Derek Kinyua @mkderek88 claiming that Shikuku Shikwekwe is the actual name of the former Nairobi Diary star has since gone viral since it was shared last week Thursday

Jacob Otieno Obunga (Otile Brown) and Veronica Mung’asia Shikuku Shikwekwe (Vera Sidika) hamtatusumbua uku online saitaaaaan

In a quick rejoinder, Vera denounced such claims terming them as baseless allegations by her haters who are overworking day and night trying to tarnish her name and reputation. The socialites went ahead to upload her birth certificate to prove her point.

“If y’all must fake my names at least have your facts right… I have such a fancy name that people find it hard to believe it’s my real name. Vera Sidika. My parents knew I was gonna a star. Real names sounding like a stage name,” she posted on her Instagram.

She further demanded respect from online users insisting that being born in Aga Khan back in 1989 isn’t something to joke around with.

“Being born at Aga Khan Hospital in 1989 was a big deal yooo! It was more like a ‘baller baby’ those days.” she adds.

Vera aka Shikwekwe and Mapenzi Hisia hitmaker Otile Brown have been trending for the past few weeks after their on and off relationship took center stage on social media, however, some Netizens think that they are just pulling a publicity stunt.

The controversial  South African socialite cum dancer, Zodwa Wabantu, who is popularly known for dancing without her underwears has once again hit the news headlines, this time doing unthinkable.

The pantyless entertainer recently appeared in an event wearing nothing save for panties and a revealing outfit which flaunted her behind.

However, some South Africans are not amused after photos of her wearing almost nothing, save for a dress that seemed to be running away from her bulging assets as she gyrated to the beat made rounds online.

See the photos below.

Zodwa Wabantu was once deported from Zambia where she was scheduled to perform in what Zambian government authorities described as “bad influence to the youths.”


The Real Dan Kasina

The city of Nairobi has turned into another Las Vegas,what happens at night in some night clubs is quite shocking and morally dirty.


A River road club called pisces has stood out in fulfilling all the sexual fantasies of their customers.Sources say that they offer live s3x sessions to the revelers on some days.

This can only be described as Sodom and Gomorrah. Check out the shocking video below;

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Harambee Stars Players /Photo Courtersy

After a hard-earned barren draw with Walia Ibex of Ethiopia in AFCON2019, Kenya Harambee Stars sits at the top of Group F.
The point gained takes Kenyan’s tally to four points and needs only three points to qualify for Afcon 2019 which will be played in Cameroon. The match was played at a 60,000 capacity Bahir Dar Stadium, which was full to the rafter

A fully filled Bahir Dar Stadium
Other members of group F are Black Stars of Ghana and the recently banned Sierra Leone. It is still not clear why Sierra Lone was banned from the competition; all we know is what FIFA described as “Government interference.”
With Sierra Lone now out of the equation, Kenya stands a better chance of qualifying for 2019 African Cup of Nations, a tournament they played lastly in 2014. A win on Sunday is all we need to end a 14 year old drough of Continent’s biggest Football Tournament
The return leg will be played on Sunday at Kasarani International Stadium. Ethiopians are expected in the country by Thursday.

This seems to be a good football season for East Africa nations. With Uganda leading Group L with four points and closely followed by Tanzania and Lesotho with 2 points each, there are higher chances of two or three of the East African nations qualifying for AFCON2019.

Meanwhile, a campaign dubbed #JazaStadi, that urges fans to come out in large number on Sunday to give Harambee Stars much needed 12th man support is ongoing on all social media platforms. You can be part of the history-making by joining fellow Kenyans from all walk of lives on Sunday in cheering up our own Harambee Stars as we storm our way to Afcon 2019. See you on Sunday at Kasarani.


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An AP officer who oversaw the Migori senatorial by-election was today, Wednesday, 10th 2018 found dead. The Administration police officer was assigned to escort election materials to Migori county IEBC office.

According to the area chief, Mr. Willis Ogwada, the deceased who was posted at Othoro Police Post, was on Tuesday rushed to St. Joseph Omboo Mission Hospital after showing signs of Mental illness.

Accompanied to the hospital by his wife and another Police Officer, the deceased was treated and diagnosed with malaria. He was discharged shortly after treatment.

His wife said that shortly after they returned home from hospital, her husband walked out of the house without telling her where he going to, never to return.

According his wife, her husband never showed any sign of depression and still wondering what could have prompted him to take away his life.

His remains were taken to Migori Level IV mortuary awaiting postmortem.

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Eric Omondi and Jacque Maribe/ photo Courtesy

The sought-after Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi finally shows signs of owning up to the allegations he previously denied of being the father of Jacque Maribe’s four-year-old son, Zahari.

Eric sent social media to a buzz when he shared the photo of embattled Citizen TV anchor Jacque Maribe’s son on his Facebook and Instagram accounts with no caption. He received critics and tinge support in equal measure.

Rumours doing rounds that Eric could be the real father of Zahari, claims that he has, however, refuted insisting that he knows the real father of Zahari but not willing to talk about it now given the situation Jacque is currently undergoing in regards to the murder charges she is facing.

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Back in 2014, Eric Omondi and Jacque Maribe were lover birds before Eric walked out of the relationship after accusing Maribe of being a promiscuous woman who could not keep her thighs tight. However, other sources claim that Eric walked away after discovering that Jacque was pregnant with his bay.

Immediately after posing the uncaptioned photo Zahari touching his mother’s portrait on the wall, netizens flooded his Facebook and Instagram walls with comments full of sadness, pity, and hope. While others were sympathizing with the comedian, others were seriously trolling him why he chose to remain silent at a time when his baby mother seriously needs his moral support.

Jacque Maribe is currently being remanded at Lang’ata Women’s Prison as she waits for her date with the jury.
Here are some reactions from Eric’s fans


Couple In Bed

For how long should a sex session last? Any man reading this will definitely relate. It is a question that boggles the mind of many men. Many men of adult age who indulge in sexual activities do believe that, the longer time one lasts on top of a woman (depending on the position though) the more sexually satisfied the woman will be. This, however, still brings us back to the question; how long is long enough?

While we have to recognize that sexual preferences and interests do vary from person to person, how long they would like to last is something many people would agree on.

A recent research done online by sex retailer LoveHoney has revealed the amount of time a man (Mwanaume Kamili) stays on top- and that magic number, ladies and gentlemen, is a whopping 30 minutes! Yes, 30 fucking minutes it is baby. Anything below that, utajua haujui.

The result showed that 40 percent of people interviewed said they would prefer their sex session to last for at least a half an hour. Surprisingly, 24 percent of those interviewed confessed that this was the case in their daily sex routine

However, Majority said that their sex sessions are lasting for 15 minutes and 16 percent of respondents said 10 minutes na wametosheka.

However, how long you last should not worry you much, how good you do it should. Sex expert, Tracey Cox in the recent past said that people should not panic about how long their sex session last.

 Thirty minutes for some people would be excessively short, for others, this might be too long time. If you are both happy with the time you spend having sex, then that is all that matters. Aim is to connect sexually on regular basis- meaning a sexy kissing or some type of foreplay that do not necessarily result into sex, but rather keep the score.

So next time, do not let the pressure of 30 minutes kill you. Take your time, short or long, just do it right, be sure to get it for the next time. Next time if she tells you, “you cum so fast,” let her that she is the one who is too slow.

Harambee Stars and Kashiwa Reysol lethal striker, Eng Michael Olunga was on the score sheet last Saturday as his side beat Sanfrencce Hiroshima 3-0 away at Edion stadium.

At the end of the match, Olunga who scored the third goal celebrated by flying the Kenya flag. This win was very important for Kashiwa Reysol as it elevated above the relegation danger zone. His teammate Junya Ito grabbed a brace in the game.

Olunga went to his twitter handle to celebrate with his fans the victory:

 +3points. Thank you Lord for the goal once again.  All glory is yours 🙏

The former Gor Mahia’s talisman was also on the score sheet the previous weekend in a game they lost 3-2 to Urawa Reds at home.

Last Saturday’s win brought Kashiwa’s disappointing winless run to an end. They went to this match after failing to register a win in their previous four matches. They moved to 13th position in a 18-match standings on 33 points after 29 games.

Always with pride, 🇰🇪🇰🇪

Other Kenyans from other Leagues also registered impressive results: In the EPL, Harambee Stars skipper came on for Tottenham at 85th minute. They registered 1-0 victory over bottom placed Cardiff City on Saturday.

Abud Omar played 90 minutes as Cercle Brugge registered a 2-1 win over Sporting Charleroi in Belgium Pro League.

In Zambia Supper League,  Anthony Akumu, David Owino, and Jasse Were of Zesco United were on Saturday crowed Champions for the second time in a row.

In the Premier Soccer League of South Africa, Harambee Stars dependable player, Brian Mandela Onyango played full time as his side Maritzburg United settled for a barren draw against South Africa football powerhouse Cape Town City.

Despite some financial challenges faced earlier in the week before their departure to Ethiopia, Harambee Stars players are upbeat ahead of their 2019 Afcon Qualifier double header against Ethiopia that will be played on Wednesday and Sunday

jacque maribe, eric omondi

Jacque Maribe’s son Zahari. / picture Coutersy.

It has been one of the most kept secrets to who exactly is the father of Jacque Maribe’s four-year-old son.

However, according to reports by the Nairobian, comedian Eric Omondi is the father Zahari, Jacque Maribe’s son. The TV pungent has spent the better days of this week behind bars after being linked by the brutal murder of 29-year-old Ms. Monika Kimani.

Eric’s fellow comedians confirmed the rumor as true. It is said that, immediately Eric learnt that his then girlfriend was expectant, he chickened out of the relationship. Close friends of Eric said that Eric has been a responsible father and has been footing the bills.

jacque maribe

Jacque Maribe


However, when asked about his supposed son, Eric denied the allegations insisting that he knows the real father of the son but doesn’t want to discuss it now that Maribe is going through some “difficult time”

Details are also emerging that Jacque didn’t really love the famous “handsome serial killer,” Joe Irungu alias Jowie who some of his friends have described as “creepy” while others are full of praise of him as a staunch Christian.

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Maribe’s father, Pastor Mwangi Maribe is said to have asked Jowie about the dowry payment in bid to gauge his seriousness with his daughter, but Jowie is said to have responded with a single simple word, “nitajipanga.”