​A few days ago a hot Kamba woman invited the public to a sex party that was to go down somewhere in Westlands

Even before the dust of the sex party publicised by Judith Zeinab settles, another one is set to happen at end month

Has Nairobi become a sin city? Sex parties are becoming the order of the day and organisers do not seem to give a damn.

A poster advertising a cougar party has emerged online invited young men for a bash of their lives.

According to the poster with a plus-size female model, the sex party is set for Friday, October 28.

The poster, however, does not indicate the venue of the explicit 21 and above party.

This announcement comes after the government through the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) cancelled Project-X which was a sex party that was to take place in Lang’ata.

​While there is still a debate about why the man would be stupid enough to post evidence on his Facebook timeline for all to see that he is a pedophile, more shocking details about him have emerged.

He is the son of a local politician, and he hails from Makenene, Borabu constituency, Nyamira County. His father is a member of the County Assembly.

His father is an immediate former chairman of the now-defunct Nyamira county council. According to reports from the people who know him, three months ago, he stripped naked walked from his father’s house to Chepilat town.

One of the most disconcerting bits of information about the man is that he is a former administration police officer who was fired over cases of indiscipline.

The incidence comes barely a month after Kenyans called for the firing of Ken wa Mwangi. A Kenyan Airports Employee who had boasted of having slept with underage girls.

Deputy President William Ruto’s office is the most corrupt government department in the country, research firm Infotrak has revealed.

In the survey unveiled on Tuesday, the corruption index in the DP’s office stood at 51% followed by President Uhuru Kenyatta’s office at 46.4%.

According to the findings, corruption is highest in the police service at 89% followed by County Governments at 78%.

The survey indicated that a majority of Kenyans feel that the country is heading in the wrong direction.

Source: kenyan.co.ke

MP Shah Hospital has allegedly refused to release the body of Naivasha ranch owner Thomas (Tom) Cholmondeley who died on Wednesday.

Now the reports are emerging to what looks like mechanical failure that might have led to the sudden death of Tom Cholmendeley. 

According to the report that was seen by The Star, on Thursday Cholmondeley’s family members were turned away when they asked for his body.

The family wanted to transfer the body to Lee Funeral Home for an independent postmortem.

“Everyone wants to know why he was taken into ICU after a standard procedure that is normally done under local/spinal anaesthetic,” a family member told The Star.

When reached for comment, Anup Das, CEO of the hospital in Nairobi, said: “Please ask their lawyers. They are the best people to answer.”

He declined to explain why the hospital did not release the body.

Cholmondeley, a famous Kenyan farmer of British ancestry, died aged 48, after a hip replacement surgery.

He was the son of the 5th Lord Delamere, one of the first and most influential British settlers in Kenya.

Cholmondeley was wheeled into one of the theatres at MP Shah on Wednesday morning and was looking forward to a routine two-hour hip replacement procedure.

Neeraj Krishna, his orthopaedic surgeon, was at hand with a team of doctors.

After all the British aristocrat was no stranger to Krishna; he has been their family doctor for years and has carried out similar operations on Cholmondeley’s mother.

The team of doctors prepared the patient for the operation without a hitch. In about two hours the operation was over and the new hip carefully rammed into place.

Out of the blue, the heart monitor screen sent doctors in the theatre into alarm. The readings were disturbing.

There was too much pressure on the heart. This happened soon after the process of getting the patient out of the coma induced by anaesthetic drugs.

By 10.30 am, what was a simple operation turned into a huge life-saving emergency, a doctor at the hospital told The Star. The heart had stopped beating.

The hospital scrambled some of their top cardiologist to save the patient.

Three hours of electric shock after electric shock and a myriad of procedures to get the heart beating again sadly produced no result.

Details have emerged of a partially handwritten document that allegedly saw President Uhuru Kenyatta step down for Musalia Mudavadi in 2012.

The one-page agreement is said to have been signed in dramatic moments on the night of December 4.

The controversial document titled ‘The Agreement Between Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and Wycliffe Musalia Mudavadi’ shows the two leaders had agreed that Uhuru “shall step down as the presidential candidate of the coalition” and that Mudavadi “shall be the coalition’s presidential candidate”.

“These details shall be announced within 14 days from the date hereof,” the agreement read in part.

Handwritten notes at the bottom of the document said the commitments were subject to agreement on sharing of Government as defined in the coalition agreement. The sharing was to be in the following proportions: Uhuru’s The National Alliance 45 per cent, United Republican Party 35 per cent and Mudavadi’s United Democratic Forum 20 per cent.

The document was signed by Uhuru, Mudavadi and Deputy President William Ruto, who is also the URP leader, in the presence of lawyers Desterion Oyatsi and Dan Ameyo.

Uhuru and Ruto are said to have gone to Mudavadi’s home in Nairobi’s Riverside Drive to seal the pact but immediately the news broke, Uhuru disowned the deal, saying it was the work of “dark forces”.

Based on the failure to honour the agreement, Mudavadi has refused to join forces with Uhuru and his deputy.

The former deputy prime minister has, however, made it clear that he will focus on his presidential ambitions using the Amani coalition although political players believe he is being courted by CORD.

The daughter of 800m gold olympics medalist David Rudisha on Tuesday asked for a bicycle gift from her father to celebrate his victor in Brazil.

The young girl, who was interviewed by KTN for a reaction on her father’s win, said she knew before the race that her father will win.

“ Akienda alisema ataniletea gold (when he was leaving he said he would bring me gold),” said Sheryl Rudisha.

Kenya’s David Lekuta Rudisha celebrates after he won the Men’s 800m . PHOTO | AFP

King Rudisha produced a last-lap kick to defend his Olympic title in style in Rio on Tuesday morning.

The 800m world champion and world record holder timed a season’s best of 1min 42.15sec to become the first man in 52 years to defend the 800m title.

His extended family on Tuesday celebrated his win at home where the young daughter congratulated her dad.

His wife later distributed food to street families in Eldoret town.

Source: Nairobi News

​support Peter kenneth come the 2022 elections, a Jubilee MP has told DP William Ruto.

The MP from Nyeri County who asked not to be named told News24 that there is no hope that the community will support Ruto, even if he believes that he will get backing from President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Noting that Kikuyus have never voted as a block for one who is not their own, he said Ruto and his past will not get him anywhere come the 2022 elections.

” The DP must look at historical facts before making his mind up,” the MP said that the DP knows the truth  but is living in denial. 

” Peter Kenneth will be ripe and ready come 2022 and Kikuyus will very likely vote for him ahead of the DP,” he added.

As for why Kikuyus cannot vote for Ruto specifically, the MP says that none of them has forgotten the 2008 Post Election Violence.

” The 2008 Post Election Violence is still fresh in the minds of many. It is one factor that does not lie in the DP’s favour,” the MP added.

State House has come out to state that the DP will get the support of the Kikuyu community come the 2022 polls in an unusual statement 

The hullabaloo over the Ruto vote came after Kiambu Governor William Kabogo stated that the DP will not earn the vote of the Kikuyu come the 2022 polls after the retirement of President Kenyatta.

​The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party plans to celebrate 10 years of its existence next month.

A statement from the party said the celebration will be held in Nairobi on September 2.

“On the 2nd of September, 2016, Kenya’s biggest political movement shall celebrate ten years of existence and greatness. It will be a moment like no other,” the statement read in part.

According to the statement, ODM has helped transform Kenya in many ways since its establishment as a movement in 2016.

“It is a movement that has for the last ten years, journeyed through the mountains, hard terrains and valleys and penetrated into towns, shopping centres and villages,” the party said.

The party said the event will be used to mark a decade of political struggles and achievements and will be graced by party leader Raila Odinga.

“The Party Life Members shall be treated to a dinner in Nairobi, to mark a decade of political struggles and achievement and plan future success ahead of 2017 General Elections.

“All Life Members are invited to this dinner and will have an opportunity to interact, exchange ideas and share great moments with party leader, the Raila Amolo Odinga,” the statement said.

ODM was formed after 2005 constitutional referendum. Its members were opposed to the then proposed constitution and took the name Orange because it was a symbol that was used to represent a “No” vote during the referendum.

Kenya’s Raila Odinga has been named the Most Influential African in the world.

According to smithrise.com the list was compiled in consultation with a jury made up of African leaders based across the globe has representation from 27 African countries with a gender equity of 62 men and 38 women.

Selecting 10 of the most influential across 10 distinct categories, the number 100 represents the force of Africans who are creating change and making sure it translates into making the lives of other people better.

On social media 87% of these Africans are on Facebook with a combined following of 18,317,458 while 86% have 16,203,116 followers on twitter as at July 15, 2016 when the data was compiled on July 15, 2016.

Growing up in the White House is the ultimate symbol of luxury and the ‘good life’, but over time we are learning that Malia and Sasha Obama are a lot like most regular teens.

Just recently, Malia let loose at the Lollapalooza msuici festival in Chicago and now Sasha Obama has a very regular job that even regular kids wouldn’t want to have.

To learn some work ethics, the Obama parents have sent Sasha to work at a seafood restaurant called Nancy’s in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts,

In her capacity as an employee there, Sasha will be expected to tend to customers at the tables and also work as a cashier.

But to ensure her safety, Sasha has been accompanied by 6 secret agents .Here are photos of Sasha working

Photos: bostonherald.com
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