These are some rare video clips that compromised main stream media will never dare to show. 

I don’t support Uhuru Kenyatta and to be frank, I’ve never liked his style of leadership since he took to the highest office in Kenya 

But recently as I was perusing through social media,  I came across this one particular video that left me thinking that perhaps we have the most humble president on Earth

Whether he did it for PR purposes, this is just way too cool.  Watch it down here and have your say. 

As expected, Jose Chameleon did not disappoint his fans again when he featured the glamorous Icey Kiba in their new jam Songea…  

Well,  I don’t want to waste much of your time,  just sit back,  adjust volume up, relax and enjoy  










3.Upper eastern-1m



NOTE: Assume you gave jubilee half kamba votes and you deny NASA any kalenjin votes.on top of that give jubilee all somali votes and NASA all maasai votes the results is as follows:

NASA – 9.6M

Now out of 2.3m kalenjine votes give NASA just half a million votes the results will be:


Now assume jubilee picks half a million votes from all NASA Strongholds the outcome is:


Now assume NASA garners half a million votes outside its strong hold puting in mind that we gave jubilee half kamba votes the result is.


FInally assume Jubilee only got half a million kamba votes the result is.


Assume a70% voter turn out that is 13.3m.

NASA-55.78% (7.42M votes)

Jubilee-39.47% (5.26m votes)
9/8/2017,  Chebukati:Congratulations Raila odinga

According to IEBC, a total 19,687,563  have registered as voters in Kenya as of 2017. If the voters are grouped according to strongholds, NASA has a  lion’s share.

Below, based on figures from the IEBC,are total number of registered voters as per Kenyan counties.
1.      Kiambu. 1,173,5932.      

2.     Nakuru. 948,6683.      

3.     Meru. 712,3784.      

4.     Murang’a. 590,7755.      

5.     Nyeri. 460,8066.     

6.     Uasin Gishu. 451,4857.  

7.     Kericho. 379,8158.     

8.     Kirinyaga. 351,1629.      

9.     Nandi. 349,34010.  

10.   Nyandaua. 336,32211.  

11.    Bomet. 325,60612.  

12.    Embu. 315,66813. 

13.     Laikipia. 239,49714.  

14.     Baringo. 227,91815. 

15.      Tharaka Nithi. 216,52216.  

16.      West Pokot. 178,98917.  

17.      E Marakwet. 178,97518.  

18.      Kakamega. 746,87719.  

19.      Machakos. 627,16820.  

20.      Mombasa. 596,48521.  

21.      Bungoma. 559,89722.  

22.      Kisumu. 548,86823.  

23.      Kilifi. 510,48424. 

24.       Kitui. 477,65525.

25.        Kisii. 544,75326.  

26.       Nyamira. 279,68527.  

27.      Homa Bay. 476,15028.  

28.      Siaya. 447,74529. 

29.      Makueni. 421,18030.  

30.     Migori. 388,96731.  

31.     Busia. 347,91132.  

32.      T Nzoia. 339,83233. 

33.       Kwale. 282,43634.  

34.       Vihiga. 267,48135.  

35.       Taita Taveta. 155,90436.  

36.       Tana River. 118,18937.  

37.       Lamu. 70,22438.  

38.      Nairobi. 2,304,38639.  

39.      Kajiado. 409,26640.  

40.     Narok. 347,42741.  

41.     Turkana. 188,61742.

42.    Mandera. 168,47843. 

43.    Garissa. 132,48644.  

44.    Wajir. 155,91645. 

45.    Marsabit. 143,54146.  

46.    Samburu. 79,47747.  

47.    Isiolo. 72,548

TOTAL 19,687,563

Kiambu.             1,173,593
Nakuru.              948,668
Meru.                   712,378
Murang’a.            590,775
Nyeri.                    460,806
Uasin Gishu.         451,485
Kericho.                 379,815
Kirinyaga.             351,162
Nandi.                    349,340
Nyandaua.             336,322
Bomet.                    325,606
Embu.                      315,668
Laikipia.                  239,497
Baringo.                   227,918
Tharaka Nithi.        216,522
West Pokot.             178,989
E Marakwet.            178,975
NASA strongholds include:
Kakamega.   746,877
Machakos.    627,168
Mombasa.     596,485
Bungoma.      559,897
Kisumu.          548,868
Kilifi.                510,484
Kitui.                 477,655
Kisii.                  544,753
Nyamira.          279,685
Homa Bay.        476,150
Siaya.                  447,745
Makueni.            421,180
Migori.                 388,967
Busia.                    347,911
T Nzoia.                 339,832
Kwale.                    282,436
Vihiga.                    267,481
Taita Taveta.          155,904
Tana River.             118,189
Lamu.                       70,224
Nairobi. 2,304,386
Kajiado. 409,266
Narok. 347,427
Turkana. 188,617
Mandera. 168,478
Garissa. 132,486
Wajir. 155,916
Marsabit. 143,541
Samburu. 79,477
Isiolo. 72,548

And now with counties like Bomet shifting their support towards NASA and with their FREE SECONDARY EDUCATION manifesto, RT Hon.  Raila Odiga,  ODM and NASA leader has a chance to win the upcoming presidential elections in the first round. 

Vote wisely. Your vote, your voice

That Uhuru will lose come 8th, Agust, 2017 is not a secret anymore. If the recent opinion done Infotrac is anything to by,  then UhuRuto camp has all the reasons to panic and even better still start packing. 

Opinion polls aside,  the reality on the ground is that Kenyans are tired of this Jubilee regime and every Kenyan is now asking for the change. 

Moi got away with so many goofs because Kenyans then were ignorant and did not understand their rights.

Today you tell Kenyans that Millers privately imported maize, Kenyans would want to know Why both the CS and PS were at the port to receive private goods..

You tell them they were there to check the quality and standards of the maize that was imported…

Kenyans will ask you, is the work of the CS and PS to check standards and quality?

Then again you tell them Private millers imported the maize,

Kenyans will ask you, why the government allocated 10 billion for that purpose? 

Then two days after the importation you emerge with a 2 kg of Unga in a press conference that that is the product of the maize you imported two days ago, with a sticker GoK on it.

Then Kenyans ask you, the GoK sticker is supposed to be accompanied by another sticker ‘Not for sale” because it appears ‘relief food”…

But then you also forget to change the date of manufacture on the packet to tally with your lies.

What are those questions that you feel someone in the government isn’t answering exhaustively. 

A Kenyan walks to the shop the following day to buy the “subsidiesed” unga he finds no unga. 

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 Residents watching helplessly as Homa bay market being consumed by fire.  

Homa bay traders today woke up counting their losses as a midnight fire engulfed Homa Bay town market reducing their goods to ashes 

This happened just two days after the under siege governor Awiti was heckled and jeered by Mama mbogas and angry residents of Homa Bay. ​

Tradersrs collecting the remaining pieces together 

The cause of the fire is not known but more fingers are pointing at Awiti’s goons who are out to punish the angry and hungry traders of Homa Bay heheckling their milk cow. ​

Meanwhile the failed governor’s convoy this morning  was forced to make a quick U-turn along Katito-Homa Bay road on his way to Homa Bay from Kisumu where he lives 

The governor was rushing to Homa Bay to assess the Homa Bay Market inferno when he got reports that angry traders were planning to stone him upon arrival.

The traders are angry at the inept governor because he has failed to put measures in place to deal with previous, present and future fires.

The governor’s facebook post in sympathy with traders has elicited a heavy, shameful backlash with residents asking for his quick resignation.

They have vowed to vote him out in August.

In 2014, the governor claimed to have spent Sh. 50M to purchase a fire engine which does not exist as shown in the attached document below . 

More saddening news is that there is no working fire extinguisher machine in the entire Homa Bay county while Awiti’s cahoots keep enriching themselve with the likes of Isaiah Ogwe expanding his Twin Tower Hotel while they’ve not been able even to build hospital gate. 

Awiti returned to the County on Wednesday, for the first time since April 24th nominations, to a hostile reception and is likely to stay away from the county until traders’ anger cools down.

The failed governor lives comfortably in Kisumu.

Meanwhile, the traders have asked Hon Magwanga to go and talk to them. 

Gov.  Awiti’s outrage as it enters Oyugis town. 

THE BESIEGED HOMA BAY Governor Cyprian Awiti got a rude shock in his own county today when he returned for the first time since the controversial ODM primaries where, after losing by 40,000 margin, he hired the service of General Service Unit to intimidate his own people as his nephew, Ezra Otieno, declared him the winner at dawn. 

Yesterday he forced all county employees to join his convoy after giving them a paltry Sh. 500 allowance despite failing to pay them salaries for the last 8 months.

A number of onlookers got scared of the heavy security deployed in major towns ahead of his arrival, and vacated market centres, resulting into the scanty crowd that met him. 

Oyugis town which had received Independent Governor Hon. Magwanga thunderously on Monday, was more or less a ghost town. 

Whenever the governor made a stop, the employees came out of their vehicles and rushed to form a crowd around him, which his bloggers aptly captured and promptly uploaded on social media. 

Most of the trucks and escort vehicles were empty; people avoided them, fearing violence characterized by tear gas. 

And it came to pass when at Chabera Market, people shouted in disapproval when he emerged atop his car’s sun roof to display his stolen nomination certificate. 

“Take it to Kisumu where you have been dancing for the last five years! ” they said.

Along the way the reception was cold and in Oyugis, the crowd jeered him again as he entered. 

Inside town, stones flew randomly from the crowd, prompting hundreds of police escorting him with gun barrels at the ready, to use live bullets and tear gas to disperse the irate and volatile crowds seething with palpable anger.

In Rangwe, the angry governor told the residents to their face that he will have to be declared the winner in August even if they don’t vote for him (whatever that means). 

His motorcade left the place in a huff amidst shouts of Tiacha! Tiacha! a slogan for his rival Hon. Oyugi Magwanga

At Rodi Kopany, the EACC besieged governor sped on without stopping, agitated crowds baying for his raw blood. 

Four out of his 1000 hired proboxes got badly smashed at that juncture. 

Ndhiwa was equally cold and hostile, but Homa Bay Town became the peak of Awiti rejection drama.

The governor didn’t adress any gatherings in his own capital. 

This comes at the wake of Civil rights bodies declaring Awiti unfit for public office.

Homa Bay Referral Hospital is trending in the news for total darkness and lack of water as Kenya Power demands over Sh. 1 m in arrears.   

Due to that huge humiliation, it’s rumored that there is a lot of tension in governor Awiti’s campaign secretariat and it has come to our attention that Homa Bay County Public Service Board is set to fire up over 900 County employees under unclear circumstances. Sources are revealing that the case is a political move and the direction has been issued by the County Governor. 

Those to be affected are ECD teachers, Tax collectors, health workers and Secretaries in various offices. At the same time those that are leaving in the county government houses to be issued with vacation letters anytime from now without any reason. 

This directive by CPSB comes just hours after the county governor was heckled and chased in major towns like Oyugis, Rodi, Rangwe and Homa Bay town and it might be the main reason. 

My main question, where are we heading as people of Homa Bay County as far as devolution is concerned? 
N/B: Boinet is set to visit Homa Bay County amid claims that the county Governor has compromised the entire security in the county to intimidate those who are opposing him and expect a serious change in that sector anytime from now.

Your Destiny is calling

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Before you were born, God already had a plan for you. He knew who you are and what you’ll be. Just like Jeremiah God knew who we were even before we were born.

God always call you who you are before you become who you are but people will wait till you become who you are for them to call you who you are. 

The book of Genesis 17:1-5, God changed Abram’s name to Abraham meaning father of nations. At this point, Abraham was ninety-nine year old and he must have thought “How?” Biologically it was next to impossible to bare a child but here God was calling him the father of many nations. Somehow he might have thought this is  a mockery. If this is the same God who promised to bless him with a child but ‘did not’ fulfil up to now that his wife had hit menopause and couldn’t bare any child anymore. God surely fulfill His promises at His own time and pace.

Before John the Baptist was born, angle Gabriel appeared to Zachariah with a good message that his wife Elizabeth will give birth to a baby boy. Like any other human being, Zachariah had his doubts but because God wanted to fufill His promise, Zachariah had to remain dumb till the day John was to be born.

Have you ever wondered why Zachariah had to remain dumb till the birth of John? Because we are told there is power in what we say and that a man is what he saith. So if Zachariah would have been able to speak after receiving the message, he would have spoken out his doubts and probably John would have not been born.

So when God said you are fearfully and wonderfully made, believe it no matter the situation you are in currently. When God says, He will promote you from glory to glory, accept it and receive it. Don’t start stressing yourself with so many issues wondering how you’ll never make it in life, how God has abandoned you. Always remember where you are right now is a glory. Enjoy it as you work and wait for God to promote you to the next glory.

Now when John was finally born, the father still couldn’t speak. Now in those days, it was a man’s obligation to name the new born. Women had no say whatsoever. But now that Zachariah was dumb and couldn’t give the new child name, the kinsmen came and named him Zachariah, after his father. But Elizabeth the mother, named him John. Fortunately enough, Zachariah was able to speak for the first time in nine months and he named the son John.

In the world today, people will call you names, people will tell you how you’re a failure. How no one in you family has ever done it. How you can’t overcome the addiction, the poverty struggle, the diseases. But God called you “My son/daughter” the child of the most High God. That’s your portion. Don’t let people name for you your destination. You’re are destined to bigger and better things. 

Be blessed.

A seven Days Relationship

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If you were born in 80’s or early 90’s going back you’ll agree with me that dating has really changed. Sometimes it’s just safe to say that relationship has lost its meaning.

Do you remember how love relationships were real romantic back in the days? A young man would sit down, pick a pen-preferably AIM or Speedo and ‘jot’ a ‘massive’ to his heartthrob in a sister school.

Those days a post office was such a crucial and a mandatory institution. With a colour and flare, the boy in love would use all the jagons on earth to impress the girl whom he would call all sweet names. Those days, Sunday nation or was it Saturday  Nation? Can’t remember well, was a MUST READ news paper. Not because of day to day politics or trying to catch up with the current affairs. No, far from it. There was a section dedicated for song lyrics most of which were love songs like; Forever and for always by Shania Twain, Hero by Enrique Iglesias, We belong together by Mariah Carey name it. Boys would ‘Dedics’ these songs on the dedication part of the latter. Some of us would pick a punchline and vibe a girl during those outings and innings.

The letter would be then sprayed with those ‘Nice and lovely’ or ‘Yu for Men’ colognes, get stamped and then ‘Bombasticated’ or ‘Zoomed‘ to the girl. Sometime we would use that photo man who comes to school every Saturday. Now the problem was,sometimes he may come to your school after visiting the sister school, meaning you’ll have to wait for another one week before it reaches your ‘baby’. Sometimes he would have so many letters to deliver to different ‘sister’s’ school that he may forget to deliver yours or do a wrong delivery, though this was very rare. Sometimes the letter would be intercepted by her principle. 

Sometimes the term ended before the reply.  You would only meet her once, when you went for those Science Congress or during ball games or CU meetings. The best you could get out of it was a shy glances and if you’re lucky enough, a hug; not a kiss, not a dream of having sex! The year would end ‘dry’. At form four, a guy is still chasing that girl he met in form one.

But not any more. Technology and more so, this age of Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram things have totally changed. Today you meet on Facebook and ‘like’ each other, exchange numbers, send each other photos on Whatsapp, plan a lunch out or a drink out meet and go home together and you know what else follows. And after that, relationship is over. Just like that. Everyone is sorted. Everyone seems to be okay with it after role we are living in the era of #YOLO

Photo of Idris and Ellah of Uganda kissing during their time at Big Brother Africa

Now a days youths careless about all those old sentimental romantic unions. Friendship is simply meant for ‘double tap’

It’s usually   A seven days affair,  at most. The cycle starts on Saturday during concerts and parties where youths meet for fun. These are the equivalent of the old High school ‘funkies’. It starts with a simple selfie and a little vibe. The girl gives her new friend her number and before the day ends, they are exchanging conversations and tens of photos on WhatssApp. The game is on. The next thing you know is that both of you are on each other’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram space, hanging out together. 

On Monday, you open your Facebook page and discover that she liked three of your photos and now there is this hash tag: #MCM(Man Crush Monday) that makes it official that she is interested. If your crush knows that he or she is a crush and you share ‘circles’, the next move will be a response, a tag. Now you’re dating and everyone within your social media circle knows that you two have a thing going on. The guy compliment with  a simple punchline: “You make the photo complete” and she replies with a scream: “Aaaawwwww!” This love thing is on.

On Tuesday, you’ve to be tactful. As you chat, remember Wednesday is the new Friday, talking about ladies night. You throw the invite and do a #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) on her before posting a cute photo of you and her together on facebook some of which you took during your first meeting on Saturday and some thanks to photo grid. 

She is your crush remember. Your friends and hers comment on the photo and everyone seems to like the direction this is taking. And your friends join the game, you keep on liking and commenting too.

Throughout the day you should be looking for another photo of her alone. As you head for the date night at Galitos, probably a Couples Wednesday gig or something, have a photo on the #WWW(Wonderful Woman Wednesday) slot. This has to be done before you meet so as to create the adrenaline rush love feel.

You hit the club together and things are moving very fast. Before the end of the night, you’ve kissed and done it all. 

Again Ellah and Idris can be seen in a very compromising state of thing after knowing each other in just a couple of days in BBA

Now come Thursday; who misses out on Throwback Thursday? Now a days a relationship beyond two days is worth a #TBT (Throwback Thursday). You edit those photos you took on Saturday, filter them and give them vintage look. This relationship is old now, right? “Tap that picture….retweet,” you charge. She is now about to exit your love world.
Come Friday morning, you need to chat. You’re in #TGIF(Thank God It’s Friday) mood. Besides, you both know that it is #FF(Freaky Friday) time and both of you are done. It’s time to hung out with your boys. Forget about all those friends who have been helping you to heat things up by reducing the platforms, to just one; like instagram. Besides, up to 90% of your social media friends are just that, just social media friends. You’ve never met before and you completely don’t know each other beyond facebook,  twitter or instagram. After reducing the he platform, now it’s time to make sure you let people know that you’re looking forward to Saturday’s event and ” Your schedule is fully booked”.

There is no space for her or him no more. You cut the chatting to regular and very normal, as you look forward to Saturday probably for a new catch. Because the life of ‘selfie love’ starts on Saturday. 

I agree we can’t live and die in the past, but I believe we can learn from it big time. Let’s reflect back and borrow something good from it.