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Barely a week after President Uhuru Kenyatta concluded his tour of Mombasa and Kwale Counties, where he rallied Raila Odinga’s CORD legislators and supporters to drop the referendum and join Jubilee, CORD leaders in the region have vowed never to allow him or Deputy President to the region to confuse people again.

Speaking  while inspecting development projects in Kisauni Constituency, CORD leaders, led by Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho and Senator, Omar Hassan, said Uhuru/ Ruto are no longer welcome to Mombasa and Coast as a whole anymore because the region belongs to Raila Odinga.

The two Coast leaders told Uhuru/ Ruto to go to hell with their goodies saying the people of Coast will not be bought to abandon Raila Odinga like the rest of their colleagues.

“Mombasa leaders are not going to be bought like some of our colleagues,” said Joho.

His sentiments were echoed by Senator Omar, who said despite some traitors having assured the President they will work with the Jubilee Government, Coast is still 100% CORDED and nothing will change that.

“We are not going to waver on our stand on the referendum. As leaders from this region, we will not allow ourselves to be bought,” said Omar.

They promised to launch a campaign to neutralize Uhuru’s recent visit and to drum up support for Raila Odinga’s referendum to ensure it succeeds no matter what.

Now rumors are has it that these Coast leaders were angered by the destruction of the the ship with drugs which is believed to be theirs. This couldn’t be confirmed by the time I was publishing this story.

The renewed war on drugs follows a directive by President Uhuru Kenyatta who recently supervised the destruction of a Heroin that was seized in a ship which is yet to be claimed by owners. Photo/CFM.
The renewed war on drugs follows a directive by President Uhuru Kenyatta who recently supervised the destruction of a Heroin 
             that was seized in a ship which is yet to be claimed by owners. (Photo by CFM.)

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Monday September 23‚ 2014 – Outspoken Nandi Hills Member of Parliament‚ Alfred Keter‚ has told Deputy President William Ruto and National Assembly Majority Leader‚ Aden Duale‚ off for threatening him and Bomet Governor‚ Isaac Ruto‚ with expulsion from URP because of their support for the referendum‚ which is also being supported by former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.
Speaking in Bomet during the launch of the collection of signatures by Governors to support the Pesa Mashinani referendum‚ Keter noted that no one‚ including Ruto‚ can expel them from URP for working with Raila Odinga.
In fact‚ the Nandi Hills legislator said those opposed to Raila Odinga’s referendum like William Ruto and Aden Duale should be the ones to quit URP because opposing the referendum is going against the people of Kenya.
He trashed the Jubilee idea to change the Constitution through the National Assembly‚ saying Jubilee has the tyranny of stupidity in the National Assembly and cannot be entrusted to amend the Constitution.
“I am the one on the National Assembly and I tell you Jubilee cannot amend that Constitution for Kenyans because they have tyranny of stupidity not numbers – let Kenyans decide for themselves in the referendum what is best for them‚” said Keter.

I’m a victim.!!!

How exactly do they work?

They typically offer a victim a share of a large consignment of banknotes that have been stained black .The scammer then demonstrates how the notes can be recovered by cleaning a few with a “special chemical”. The chemical quickly removes the black stain and a clean bank note is revealed.

He then explains to the victim that it was the only sample of the chemical he/they had, and that the victim needs to buy more to clean the notes. And this is where they pull out their offer like with Ksh. 1000 you get 2000 or more. He may at this stage introduce a second contact who can supposedly supply the chemicals in the quantities required – At a price. And the contact person here always seems to be a person always a man of an Indian accent.

What he does not explain is that the trunk box full of black money is only cut-up black craft paper, not money at all. The victim will then be persuaded to pay more and more for nonexistent or useless chemicals. What’s surprising/ intriguing is that they still get customers/ victims regularly.

In most cases they will take you to an hotel room where they’ll wash for you the money, this they explain is due to security reasons since they are dealing with Big monies. While in the hotel, they start performing their miracles….. In some cases or rather most cases, they will pull out a well wrapped brown envelop that is supposedly carrying the  black money also known as negative plus the real money you payed to be washed. They will tell you to seat on it then they will also seat on it too- This is to gain your confidence. Then after some few minutes like 3 minutes or so, they will tell you:  ebu ni ngoje niende ka kemikal flani imebaki ndio tumalize hii shugli.(Wait I go for the remaining chemical so that we finalize on this work.) That’s the last time you will see your supposedly poverty alleviator.

The sequence of events in the scam;

Phases of the scam First contact, Advance fees, the fraud starts, More funds needed to pay for washing chemical fluid, A trunk full of black money?, Victim goes to see the “money”, Washing a small sample of the black “money”, Delay after delay, more fees, no money, Reporting of the crime, Terminology used in the scam.

Stay safe….

R.I.P Wangechi Tionna. Ghafla REVEALS her REALLY DISTURBING last words. On the Internet.

Tionna passed on on Sunday following a grisly road accident that left the other occupants in ICU. Their Toyota Mark X was also badly damaged. According to some accounts, she was tossed out of the car before it came crushing down on her. At 20 years she surely died so young.


These are some of the pictures which were apparently taken by Kelvin Provoke. 10349879_695014750589484_5886058120307009315_n.jpg

No doubt, till her death, Tiona Wangeshi was  beautiful, skillful, talented young girl. She wasn’t only beautiful but also gifted with a brain too….. I mean, I can only sum up the her life as beauty and brain warped together. As Kenyans trying to come to terms with her death, many questions are emerging as whether Wangeshi really predicted her death or was it just an accident or was it a case of suicidal?

While other occupants are still recovering in the hospital, it’s still not clear who was actually driving and what actually transpired. We’ve heard of numerous cases where people predicted their own deaths. This may have been the case with rapper Wangechi’s friend Tionna (also called Wangechi). But The most shocking part is that just recently, Tionna, on her Tumblr blog, wrote a somewhat prophetic post. She recounted past episodes where she tried to taker her own life saying how she did not recall a happy moment in her life. It is however clear from the wording that the suicidal thoughts were still inside her. She comes out a girl who has given up on life and is very curious to find out what waits in the afterlife. Here’s here last full blog post.

Lately, I’ve been thinking of the time I was suicidal.. There really isn’t anything good about that time. I don’t recall a happy moment or a time I smiled. I was just… Dead, I guess. I was literally numb to everything, I had no one to talk to. Im an only child with two parents that are gone. The only thing I have left are my thoughts.. which aren’t good.  I keep of thinking on that day.. maybe I should have continued to cut myself.. maybe I should have killed myself when I had the chance, I should have just grown some balls and cut my wrist in peace. I really don’t feel like there’s anything in this life for me. it’s like one bad thing happening after the other to me.. I’m only 20 and I’ve seen life more than any 32 year old has.. and I hate that. Why does it have to be struggle after struggle for me? Pain after pain, disappointment after effort.. it’s like God is giving me a sign to end my suffering.. to just go and be with my mother… Isn’t death suppose to be peaceful? isn’t heaven place to be one with yourself? I’m not sure but I’m curious enough to find out. 


You can read the story directly from the Tumblr page here

Whatever it is, may her soul rest in peace and my condolences to her bereaved family and fried. tionna

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Sheffield, en Angleterre: Jennifer Bulcock, 31, niché dans une plaque de placentas sanglantes coupées en petits morceaux que son premier repas après la naissance. Quand maman de trois enfants Jennifer Bulcock, 31 ans, de Sheffield a son premier repas après l’accouchement, il est certainement un plat avec un Différencea Elle dit: «En regardant vers le bas à mon petit garçon nouveau-né, je chérissais chaque instant comme je l’ai allaité pour la première fois. J’ai pris dans chaque détail de son petit corps précieux et senti le lien le plus incassable que je suis devenu une maman pour la première fois. «Mais dès Alfie était fini, et je l’ai placé soigneusement dans son lit à côté de moi, il y avait un autre emploi que j’avais à faire. “Mon mari Toby m’a remis une plaque. Ce n’était pas un sandwich ou repas copieux. C’était le placenta j’avais livré quelques minutes plus tôt. «Haché en petits morceaux le rouge, d’organes brut profonde, qui a rempli une petite assiette, j’étais à mon premier repas après la naissance.” Interception d’un morceau, je l’ai placé dans mon bouche. Elle avait un goût de sang et spongieux, comme le foie. Mais avant je pouvais penser trop à ce sujet, je me suis lavé vers le bas avec une gorgée de jus d’orange. “J’ai répété le mouvement jusqu’à ce que chaque morceau avait disparu et tout ce qui restait sur ​​la plaque a été quelques gouttes de sang. «Comment était-ce?” Demandé à mon mari pompier Toby. «Différents mais bien, répondis-je. «Je savais que la plupart des gens pensent que je suis fou de manger mon placenta, mais j’avais mes raisons. «J’ai toujours souffert de syndrome prémenstruel sévère et j’étais inquiet que je vais à développer une dépression postnatale. Des preuves anecdotiques suggèrent propriétés dans un placenta brut pourrait aider à réduire les chances. “J’étais prêt à essayer n’importe quoi – peu importe la faiblesse du lien. «J’avais vérifié avec ma sage-femme et elle ne pouvait pas voir une raison pour moi de ne pas lui donner un aller.

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“Et avec Alfie, qui est maintenant de sept, qui sont pourtant de développer la mammite et un abcès dans un de mes seins, résultant en une semaine à l’hôpital, je n’ai pas développé PND. “Donc, je l’ai fait à nouveau la même chose pour mon deuxième fils Ben et notre fille Jessica, maintenant cinq et trois ans. «Chaque fois, je les ai mangés droite brut après j’avais fini ma première tétée. “Ensuite quand j’ai dit à des amis et la famille, ils me regardaient bizarrement et j’ai pensé que c’était bizarre. “Personne d’autre que je connaissais avait même envisagé de manger leur propre placenta. Mais, pour moi, c’était quelque chose que je sentais fortement sur ​​et il n’y avait aucune raison, sur le plan nutritionnel ou médical, pour éviter de moi. “Je ne sais pas si elle a permis d’éviter me faire une dépression post-natale, ou si c’était juste psychologique, mais je n’ai jamais fait une dépression et j’ai apprécié ces premières années précieux avec mes enfants. «Je n’aurais pas pu rêver mieux.”

Esther Arunga was on Thursday charged with being an accessory to her son’s murder nine days after her husband Quincy Timberlake was charged with murder.

Detectives from the Pine Rivers Child Protection and Investigation Unit charged Esther with the crime after investigations into the murder.

Her charge is different from her husband’s as investigations revealed that she was an accessory to the murder.

According to Brisbane Times, a local news website, Criminal lawyer Chris Ford, who represented the couple in their separate legal cases, said Ms Arunga intended to fight the charges.

“We’ll be seeking bail as soon as is practicable,” he said.

An officer from the child protection unit who spoke to our source on phone said the information published by Brisbane Times was accurate and that it originated from the unit office.

Police were called to the couple’s house in Kallangur about 2.30am on June 18 after ambulance officers were unable to resuscitate the boy.


Local TV Channel — Channel 7 — reported on June 18 that the child died as paramedics, who had been called in, were attending to him.

“The parents told the police that the child had been playing with his two-year-old brother when he fell down the stairs,” the channel reported then.

After the incident, it stated, the parents gave him Panadol, a painkiller, and put him to sleep, but his condition worsened.

The couple then called paramedics who pronounced the boy dead.

“Police will allege the child had “significant” internal injuries” stated The Courier


Mr Timberlake, was granted asylum in Australia and left Kenya to “save” his life after being arrested and tortured while in custody on charges that were later dropped.

Four years ago, his wife, Ms Arunga sued her parents Dr Robert Arunga and Mrs Petroline Arunga, claiming they had locked her in their house and subjected her to forceful psychiatric checkup.

She declared she was married to Quincy Timberlake, who was in police custody at that time.

She (Esther Arunga) demanded Sh 300 million in damages from her parents. Let’s see how this will go down. But will her parents come to her rescue after disowning them? Only time will tell.

Boda Boda operators during a demonstration yesterday to protest the humiliation of President Uhuru Kenyatta in Migori on Monday.Photo Manuel Odeny

Boda Boda operators during a demonstration yesterday to protest the humiliation of President Uhuru Kenyatta in Migori on Monday

Boda boda operators in Migori and other towns in the county Wednesday demonstrated against the humiliation of President Uhuru Kenyatta. The midday protests caused a major traffic snarl-up on the Kenya-Tanzania highway. The group’s leader Jack Oloo said they do not want to be used by politicians. They marched on the Migori-Kakrao road, ‘cursing’ the youth who embarrassed the Head of State. The function, attended by Uhuru and other Migori leaders, was meant to be the launch of an anti-malaria project. It was held at Migori Primary School grounds. The boda boda operators denied reports that they were part of the mob that humiliated Uhuru. “Those who caused the chaos in Migori town were hired youths sent to disrupt the meeting. Our members will always channel their grievances through the laid down structures in the county,” said Oloo. The operators carried placards welcoming Uhuru to Migori to inspect and initiate development projects. Suba Council of Elders chairman Japheth Riogi asked the government to arrest and prosecute all those who heckled the President. Migori Rev George Kangie said there is a need for leaders to eradicate hooliganism. “We need sobriety in efforts to better the society,” he said.

Yesterday, I received a message on Facebook from a female reader who had a question for me. She asked me why the vast majority of men she goes on dates with seem to ask her the same question:

How many people have you been with?


This is surprising to me because I have personally never asked a woman this question. I literally cannot tell you the “number” of any woman who I have ever been with or have been in a relationship with.

So at first, I wondered what about their conversation may lead to that question being asked. If it is every man who asks, or even 90% of them, there must be some sort of trigger or topic that prompts them. Men do not just put the fork down in the middle of their dinners and ask how many sexual partners you’ve had. Do they?

To gain some perspective on this issue I took to Facebook. I asked readers on both of my Facebook Acc. Some of the responses were surprising and others, not so much. I did learn that many men have also been asked this question, which I suppose for some reason was a little less of a surprise. Men have a ‘reputation’ for being players or going through phases that could raise this concern. Some of us have, some of us haven’t.

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Another surprise was just how many women said that they have been asked frequently by men as well. So my inquiry has now shifted from “Do men really ask this?” to “Why do so many men ask this?” Aside from the obvious fact that it makes a woman incredibly uncomfortable and you will probably get an untrue answer anyway, why could you possibly want to know?

Of course there are scenarios that make sense, for example one reader said that in his college there are women who find their way around the dorms quite often, even when they are seeing someone else. In this situation I can absolutely understand a man’s desire to know exactly what he’s getting himself into (no pun intended), particularly for safety reasons if nothing else. But hey man, that’s college. And college is…you know…college.


In the adult dating world, is there any real reason to know how many partners your significant other has had? Especially before they actually become your significant other? I, for one, have zero interest in knowing the details of a potential girlfriend’s sexual past, unless it contains something I absolutely need to know about.

And let’s be real gentlemen, do you really want to know her answer? Assuming she is actually honest with you about it, you are running a high risk of not liking what you hear and potentially squandering a relationship that could have been amazing if you just focused on the two of you.

So, men, really – stop asking women this question. In an exclusive relationship you are the only person she is with. She is giving you her time, her attention, and her heart. Think about your own past and how your other experiences have faded into the distance. Sure, they have taught you things and helped to develop your personality, but her past has also done the same for her. It has transformed her into the woman sitting on the couch next to you now. 

Instead of worrying about how many men have been in her past, be thankful for them. It is because of them that she has found her way to you as the woman that she is today.


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The Truth: Do All Men Cheat?

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The argument has been made that biologically, humans are not hardwired to be monogamous. We are simply evolved primates whose natural drive is to reproduce, and we all know it takes work to reproduce – the stork doesn’t just show up carrying a baby.


This primal urge does overcome some people (this goes for men and women), but it is often women who are more vocal about their dissatisfaction with male infidelity than the other way around. Plus, the encompassing statement of “all men” includes myself as well, so I am compelled to give my two cents.

If it weren’t for the institution of marriage constructed by society, there would be nothing binding two people together, not even having children. And, what is a marriage contract, but words on a piece of paper? There is no physical commitment to stay faithful – only emotional. Two people are not shackled together or literally dragging around the proverbial “ball and chain” that people use to make monogamy sound so appealing.

But here is the good news: That emotional connection can be enough. While we may have a biological urge to be physical with others, we are also an emotional animal, craving love and connections with each other. One of the strongest loves or connections you can feel is with your significant other.

This is where the biology argument for “all men cheat if they have the opportunity” begins to lose a little ground. As men, we are often driven by sex, but nobody said it had to be sex with a variety of people. I believe if you find someone whom you have a strong emotional connection with, the desire for a physical act that really doesn’t mean anything with someone else begins to fade away.


It’s a process, sure. One needs to test the waters in order to learn what kind of person they want to be with, but that’s the point of committing to someone at the end of the process – you are making a conscious choice to commit only to them.

At first it may be a choice, but after we grow to truly love and respect the person we are with, other options seem to just fade away. We lose interest. We focus on the woman we love. We may glance at other women, but in the end we are thinking: “I am with someone beautiful and amazing, and that means more than just a pretty face.”

A relationship with the right person puts things in perspective. When we deeply appreciate her for who she is, everything about her becomes more beautiful than any other woman. She is not the best option for us, she is the only option for us.

We still see examples of long-term monogamy even in unmarried couples. Plenty of couples stay together for decades without actually signing a contract. Why? It is love and commitment that keeps people together in the end – not the titles of husband and wife.

A man who genuinely cares about a woman’s feelings would never be unfaithful. Not only will he not want to, but your happiness should be his happiness, and the thought of devastating you, should be devastating to him.

Cheating is not an accident. It is not something you slip and fall into. It is not an immediate event that nobody saw coming. It requires the same process that any seduction would – an initial meeting, flirting, maybe some exchanging of information, an invitation, an acceptance of said invitation, and then finally the act itself. There are countless chances for a man to say “sorry, I’m in a relationship,” which is exactly what a man who is truly committed to you will do.



As far as even getting to that point – a good man won’t even have time to go out and find other women, because he’ll be too busy loving the one he already has.

The right man will commit his heart, mind, and body to you. And if the one you are with has broken that promise, it’s time to find someone who will keep it.


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What are life’s biggest universal lessons from the age of 0 – 20 years old?

Pessimist – To learn how to become mildly tolerable to other humans, whilst maintaining the wholly narcissistic qualities we were all born with. Perfecting selfish methods to get whatever self-serving gift we want, whilst life throws crap at us. Crap after crap after more crap that is

Realist – To learn how to speak, think, act and do a variety of tasks; guided by parents, leaders anpessd teachers who hope we will leave school as an independent and reliable ‘social skivvy’s/Capitalist servant’…

Jolly-ist – The wonder years…No responsibilities, our ‘free-est’ time, school days are the best days of your life etc. Childhood is when and where we see the world with beauty, innocence, laughter and love. And the world gives us beauty, innocence, laughter and love back (and a few lessons)

How about years 20 – 30?

Pessimist – 10 years of chasing love with all the wrong people, overcoming the addiction of dating monsters fopess 2r the drama addiction. Realising the true hell of working 40 hours a week in a job you despise. Learning that there are a very limited number of positions in society that allow true happiness to flourish. Destroy approx 50% of one’s brain cells, consuming copious amounts of drugs/alcohol and fags

Realist – Friendships, 1st loves and vocations are often the most important things to a twenty-someything. The time you learn about the joy and pain of love and heartache, from both sides of the coin. Learning that you know very little about your character at 20, and knowing that by the time you are 30, you will have a (much or teeny bit) better idea of who you are

Jolly-ist – your 20’s are the second greatest years of your life (afpess 1ter childhood of course), responsibilities are few, it’s easy to wake up in the morning and nothing aches for no good reason. Learning how much fun it is to get drunk and go clubbing. Have loads of fun doing everything that life has to offer and squeezing work in there somewhere too. Your 20’s is when  you will experiment with all of life and learn what it is you love to do

30 – 40!?

I cant do this yet as I’m only 35 years young. Saying that ( I am not 40 yet) I am also not a pessimist, an optimist or a jolly-ist…I’m a self defined ‘positive cynic’, but I have worn these 3 cloaks anyway and made several hundred assumptions whilst trying them on, in order to produce this quite exhaustive list of ‘how life is’…What can I say except? Sue me 😉

I’m pondering the phrase ‘private advertising’

This is obviously one of them 30-4pess 30 phenomenons that I’ve yet to fully discover! Deep joy! 😉