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Bahati is as lucky as his name‚the 20 year old kid has been making moves in the industry going up the ladder at an alarming rate.

Expected of his age‚he has been dressing all hippie like boys of his age would

His pants hanging low and all but this hasn’t gone down well with many who blasted him after his performance at the MashujaaDay celebrations before the President.

Feeling guilty‚ Bahati decided to pen a letter addressing this issue


Good Evening Family…I Really dont have the Best words to start This…..But One of the words that have never let depart from my mouth is ‪#‎THANKYOU_TEAMBAHATI‬ – God put you in my life to place me the position iam Bahati Tena! Every Award Nomination you have always used your Power to make it a Win- From Male Artist Groove Awards to Now ‪#‎Best_Gospel_Act‬ Africa…. And One thing I learned from my late ‪#‎Mum_Lucia‬ is to always remember where I came from and always remember to say ‪#‎Pole_Nkikosea‬ …. The past days I have received Texts & inboxes from you my Fans & Family about my ‪#‎SAGGING_HABBIT‬ which Today has been a Talk on Social Media after my Mashujaa Celebration Performance at Nyayo Stadium – I know God has blessed me with some of you who are Mature‚ Ahead of me by Age and I really can’t ignore this… i will accept that am 20yrs Old & still growing

But i thank you for every correction for it makes me More mature and Responsible today than Yesterday. Am officially writing this to say a ‪#‎BIG_THANKYOU‬ For every Correction and asking you as my Family to ‪#‎FORGIVE_ME_FOR_IAM_SORRY‬ and willing to Change. I May not be perfect tomorrow but am sure I’ll try my best to be better Man than Today… Again thank you for the Love & Support which has made me ‪#‎BAHATI‬ I might not be able to show each One of you but always know ‪#‎I_LOVE_YOU_4_REAL‬ Nawapenda sana- If you have Read my Letter and willing to Forgive & Always Pray for me.

Do you forgive him? Do you think its a problem sagging?

Nairobi – In an attempt to bounce back from being snubbed by the president for an interview he was supposed to have, Larry Madowo has now made fun of the president’s best friend.

He wrote on Facebook about the haircut that Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko has on his head saying.

” People of Nairobi, I present to you your senator’s haircut, your president and his BFF”.

He also posted a picture of the rather interesting cut by the Senator which read something along the lines of “Uhuru, No to ICC.”

This picture and comment has caused quite a stir in the social media scene and Kenyans have had a lot to say about the matter.

Earlier in the day, after the president arrived back from the Hague, Larry was apparently supposed to have an interview with him, which I am sure he had been preparing for a long time now. This according to his post is how that went:

” Full transcript of my interview with President Uhuru Kenyatta this morning:

Larry: How’re you feeling?

Uhuru: Good! (Gives thumbs up sign)


Leaders and supporters of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s TNA in Luo Nyanza have called on the International Criminal Court (ICC) Prosecutor‚ Fatou Bensouda‚ to postpone Uhuru/ Ruto’s cases until after they leave office.

Led by Karachuonyo TNA Chairman‚ Charles Amenya‚ the leaders want Bensouda to respect Kenya’s sovereignty and wait for the President and his Deputy to finish their term before dragging them to The Hague.

They accused former Prime Minister Raila Odinga of working in cahoots with Bensouda to bring down Uhuru/ Ruto’s Government by all means.

Amenya noted that the ongoing push for a referendum by Raila Odinga is Bensouda’s idea to destabilize the Government and she’s using it to ensure Uhuru/ Ruto do not finish their term in office in order to arrest them since she has found it difficult to do so when they are still in office.

“We know there is a plot to bring Uhuru/ Ruto down by all means and the referendum is one of the avenues being used. We know that the opposition is working with enemies‚ including the ICC and Bensouda‚ to make sure the Jubilee Coalition does not finish its term‚” said Amenya.

UHURU KENYATTA’s new car after handing over power to WILLIAM RUTO

This man is for sure humble. May God bless him

A man who has lived in North America for 46 years now says he has had enough and would like to come back to Kenya to be with his family.

Timothy Majanja, 67, left Kenya for Canada in 1968 and now lives in squalor in the United States after losing his job 21 years ago.

Speaking in Atlanta on Thursday, Mr Majanja said he moved to the state of Georgia in the United States in 1993.

“I have been leading a miserable life here and it is high time I left this country,” he said in an interview on Memorial Drive in Atlanta, Georgia.

Mr Majanja, however, said he is stuck because he lost all his documents and cannot travel.

He appealed to the Kenyan Government, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to help him out.


In 1973, he said, he was recruited by the Canadian government into the prestigious Royal Canadian Mounted Police, where he served before venturing into politics.

He run for political office as a city representative in Calgary, Alberta, before unsuccessfully contesting a vacant mayoral seat.

Mr Majanja, however, declined to disclose when or why he left the Canadian police service.

“That matter is confidential,” he said.

After relocating to Atlanta, he worked for a transport company before losing his job.

“I lost my driver’s license and all the other documents which I had kept in a safe deposit at a local bank,” he said.

Mr Majanja said he has sought help several times from the US and Canadian governments without success.

“I have no single document and can’t travel anywhere,” he said, adding, “I appeal to the Kenyan embassy to give me some travel documents so I can visit my relatives back home.”


During the interview,  he showed photos of his sojourn in Canada in which he looked young and energetic.

“I married a Canadian lady and we had a son, but now I can’t even travel there to visit them,” he said.

“I thought I was strong enough, but now I need help,” added Majanja, who looked weak and a pale shadow of his former self.

Though hardly reported due to the stigma associated with homelessness, drug addiction or mental illness, cases of destitute Kenyans living in the United States have risen in recent years.

In 2012, the body of a homeless Kenyan was discovered in a lake near Boston, Massachusetts.

Early this year, police in Atlanta found a homeless and mentally unstable Kenyan man in a forest in Decatur, Georgia.

The authorities handed the man over to the pastor of a Kenyan community church who asked the congregation to raise money for his upkeep and eventual repatriation to Kenya. In May, he was reunited with his family in Kenya.

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The Madrid superstar wants to return to Old Trafford.

READ MORE: Manchester United transfer news.
Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo says that he plans to return to former club Manchester United one day in the future.
Ronaldo spent six years at Old Trafford before leaving for the Spanish capital in a then world record £80m deal.
Yet the 29-year-old clearly still greatly admires the Red Devils and doesn’t think he has played his last game for United.
“I love Manchester,” the Portugal captain told the Daily Mail.
“Everyone knows that – I have said it many times. Manchester is in my heart. I left many good friends there, the supporters are amazing and I wish I can come back one day.
“I am happy here in Real Madrid and have four more years, but in the future you never know because they treated me unbelievably …

Trial Chamber V (a) judges at the International Criminal Court (ICC) on Tuesday questioned ICC Chief Prosecutor‚ Fatou Bensouda‚ for not indicting former Prime Minister‚ Raila Odinga‚ who has been adversely mentioned in connection with the 2007-08 post election violence.

In a private court session held on Tuesday‚ Nigerian Judge‚ Chile Eboe Osuji‚ read riot act to Bensouda for not indicting Raila Odinga‚ who has been mentioned by more than 2’ witnesses who have testified in the cases facing Deputy President‚ William Ruto‚ and his co- accused‚ Joshua Sang.

Bensouda said on her part that she failed to summon Raila Odinga due to the fact that he was not in the list of those mentioned in the Waki Commission.

“Hon judges‚ I failed to indict Raila Odinga because he was not among those who were mentioned in the Waki commission of inquiry into the 2007-08 post election violence‚” Bensouda said.

She also said she failed to indict Raila Odinga because her predecessor Luis Moreno Ocampo informed him that Raila Odinga was not involved in the violence.

The former PM‚ who was vying for the Presidency during the time‚ has been mentioned many times in connection with the violence that left over 1‚300 people dead and over half a million displaced.

Last week‚ photos of Vera Sidika hanging out with fans surfaced online and created a lot of buzz on social media because of the sad state that her Sh. 50 million bleached skin has turned to.

Fans and celebrities have since been talking about it and Willy Paul was not left behind.

According to him‚ Vera cannot walk under direct sunlight because her skin May fall off. Check out what he had to say about Vera;

“..I hope our girls have seen this‚ bleaching is not the key to eveything.. I was so sad to see our girls following the roots of vera sidika‚ we all know she bleached every part of her body which is not Godly‚ Gods work has no mistake. Anyway‚ asiye skia la mkuu uvunjika guu.. look at what bleaching has done to our sister vera‚ she cnt even walk in the sun coz her skin can easily fall off… her face is even changing colors… what is happening to our KENYA.. well I was so sad when veras case first came across‚ the media made it look like a good thing and our girls followed that.. Lord have mercy.”

A famous Luo witchdoctor has raised a red flag over the future of former Prime Minister‚ Raila Odinga‚ in this world and says the caning by an old man in Kwale on Monday confirmed his worst fears.

Speaking on Tuesday‚ Ojuju Karapong’‚ a cousin to the famous Gor Mahia‚ who claims to converse with Luo ancestors like Simbi Nyaima‚ Odero Akang’o and the famous Lwanda Magere‚ said the former PM May only have a few days left to live in this world as he May die soon because the stick that the old man in Kwale used to flog him was laced with killer juju.

The medicine man noted that the stick was licked by 4’ dangerous Nigerian snakes based at Calabar in Nigeria with a sole mission to finish Raila Odinga‚ who is out to destabilize the Jubilee Government and eventually overthrow Uhuru/ Ruto‚ completely and if possible make him disappear from the face of this earth.

Karapong’ revealed that the affair was coordinated by a Nairobi Senator‚ Mike Mbuvi Sonko‚ and financed by Uhuru/ Ruto’s Government.

He asked Raila Odinga not to ignore the warnings and go back to Bondo for cleansing with strong traditional herbs from Got Ramogi who goes by the name manyasi to get rid of the Jubilee spell and bad omens; lest he dies.

Walem ne baba

        Photo of Robert‚ a brother to Julie’s hubby Anthony

Early this year‚ Citizen TV’s Julie Gichuru refused to read a script on her Sunday Live show about her father in law‚ former KPLC MD‚ Samuel Gichuru‚ (father to her hubby‚ Anthony) who was caught by police driving while drunk.

On Sunday‚ she found herself again between a rock and a hard place as she was forced to read a news script about an accident between Fidel Odinga’s Range Rover and a bicycle along Lenana Road. The driver was over-speeding and was driving on the wrong side of the road when it suddenly swerved and killed a cyclist.

What few people knew was that the driver in Fidel’s car was none other than Julie’s brother in law‚ Robert Gichuru‚ who had borrowed the car to run some errands.

Robert was presented in court today to answer to charges of careless driving‚ driving under the influence of alcohol and manslaughter.