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Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua is back in the news with another ambitious project… this time not a Formula 1 track or a state of the art Stadium, but something bigger.
Yesterday, the governor launched ‘MACHAWOOD’ – Machakos Entertainment Center for Film, Media, Music and the Arts.

He expects this new initiative to generate 30,000 new jobs and Sh 500 million to Machakos County government in the next one year.
He says the Center’s main mandate is to make Machakos County the premier location for entertainment in Africa, and hopes it will promote and attract filmmakers, musicians, artists and media so as to grow the industry.
He revealed that it should be functioning by December 31st.

50 acres of land have been set aside for MACHAWOOD, and Sh 60 million allocated to the project this financial year.

The board includes recognized names in Kenyan media, like Daniel Ndambuki (Churchill) and Caroline Mutoko.

Others are:
1. Peter M. Mutie – Chairperson (Former CEO of  Kenya Film Commission)
3. Ms. Kentice Tikolo (The current Chair of Public Relations Society of Kenya)
3. Stevens Muendo (Pulse Magazine editor)
4. Ms. Angela Ng’ang’a (Corporate Affairs Director at Telkom)
5. Mr. Kennedy Wambua Ngunze “Ken wa Maria” (Renowned Kamba musician and Chair of local musicians in Kenya)
6. Katua Nzile – CEO and Secretary (One of Kenya’s leading TV Managers and Producers)
7. Victor Mwalakha Mwenya Muniafu (Chair of the Kenya Film and TV Professional Association)

Here are some photos of the launch yesterday.

Yesterday, The Star newspaper, in it’s gossip column reported that Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko may have bought a parachute to jump out of his KICC office incase terrorists strike. This is probably in anticipation of a Westgate-like attack.
Apparently, two senators were overheard gossiping about it.

Also see: 

This was the report.

Two senators were yesterday overheard gossiping about their Nairobi counterpart Mike Sonko Mbuvi. This time round, they claimed that their flamboyant colleague has gone ahead to procure eight parachutes which he can use to escape just in case terrorists strike at the imposing KICC tower where his office is situated. The two senators were heard speculating just how far their colleague would be able to get if such a thing happened. 

If the report is true, which we doubt, then there is nothing the controversial senator cannot do. Already, he has insulted a radio presenter on her own show, climbed on metals gates, punched walls, slept on tarmac, claimed he has equipment to intercept phone conversations…. and a lot of people still think he leaked his own nudes (Photos he says are photoshopped).

But is it possible to jump out of KICC with a parachute safely?
The iconic building is 105 metres, with 28 floors. Sonko’s office is on the 25th floor.
On the higher side, his office window will be at an altitude of 100 metres.

The legal minimum height to deploy a parachute is 2000 feet or just a little over 600 metres. However, it is still possible to survive even when deployed at 200 metres. This is however only for do or die situations, especially for trained people like the air forces.

It’s therefore next to impossible for Sonko or anyone to perform a safe parachute jump from KICC at only 100 metres.
This makes a lot of sense considering the fact that a falling object from KICC’s top most floor will hit the ground after only 5 seconds.

How? you ask..
Remember your physics.. it has something to do with V, S and t.

jaguarpHitmaker Jaguar has gushed over  Tanzanian actress, Irene Uwoya and revealed he will be travelling to Tanzania just to see her.

According to reports the One Centimetre hitmaker was speaking to Eatv’s E-News when he revealed that his trip in December will not only be to see the actress but her parents as well.

Irene Uwoya on her part appeared to be playing by Jaguar’s book as she jokingly revealed that indeed there were plans to get married. The two clearly seem to have the hots for each other.

Here are some photos of Irene


Irene 1

Irene 2

Irene 5

Irene 4

Irene 6

Irene 7



It can well be remembered that, when our government sent Kenya Defense Forces to Somalia that was when all sorts of terrorists started hitting us right, left and center. Clearly, when our army troops entered Somalia through the door, Al-Shabaab assailants sneaked into Kenya through every open route that could possibly get them to us.

A funny photo post I came across on twitter diagrammatically shows how our KDF matched to Kismayu while terrorists entered into our land. Here is the funny but

Al Shabaab KDF 1

Al Shabaab KDF

The Ebola pandemic may have been contained but apparently there are still other ways one can contract the deadly virus.

Fans of Jaguar will find this hard to take but apparently someone thinks listening to his music will cause Ebola.

This is was just another meme maker out to diss the One Centimetre hitmaker.

jaguarThis was the original photo


Caroline mutoko formerly of Kiss Fm took to Facebook to confess her lover for a man that has been in her life for three months now. Here is what she had to pen;

“I have a confession to make.
There’s this….shall we say…..person..ish, whose been in my life for about 3 months now and I can profess boldly, that I am in-love.
Let’s call him “S”.
I carry “S” with me, everywhere I go. “S” is sooo portable.
I even sleep next to “S”… yeah I said it. We sleep together.
I never Kiss and tell but with “S”… I must, because
S is smart
S is resourceful
S is elegant
S is sharp, brighter, vibrant ….
Ohhhh, everyone and every girl should have an “S”.
I shall introduce you to “S” at 9:30pm tonight.”

A lot of evil stuff is happening in Kenya right now and after the mandera massacre and women being stripped, form four leavers fresh from school are ready to hit the party scene. Well at Club natives last weekend there was a couple (guessing they are just from high school) decided to put up a show for everyone including the camera man.This however didn’t go well with her folks as her mother committed suicide after the video went viral on social media. The white dude was fing@##ng the chick oblivious with what was going on around him. Check out the shocking video below.

Drama ensued in nyeri town when a makanga tried to strip a woman even after a public outcry.The only different thing that happened from other stripping cases is that the lady is a master boxer and she gave the makanga a dog’s beating as others watched and cheered the lady.

The guy however took to his heels  when he realised he can’t withstand the blows that were being rained on him by the lady he attempted to strip.Sources say he is recuperating at Nyeri level 5 hospital.This is a big lesson to the silly men who have been and are planning to strip women.
Check out the video below;

A man by the name Micheal Joey Somba has shocked many Kenyans online after alleging to have had sexual relations with top celebrities and government officials. Breaking the hard-to-believe news, Micheal posted the list of all the man he has allegedly slept with on his Facebook page. Listing them down, Joey started with Cabu Gah, Dj Mo, Bahati, Willy Paul, Khaligraph Jones, Abel Mutua, Ian Mugoya, Maina Kageni, Fred Omondi and Moses Kuria. These claims comes after the man had earlier posted, ‘Bahati and Willy Paul need to be s0domised by a man with a big d1ck to teach them manners.’

Here are his posts: