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NARC Kenya leader Martha Karua has never been a fan of Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko.

Sonko was first elected MP on a Narc Kenya ticket, but was less than grateful for the opportunity. He soon jumped ship and his political future looks brighter than her former party leader. It appears that when Karua dislikes you, she leaves no stone untouched in ensuring you stay completely out of her life.

This was Sonko’s reaction on Sunday when he found out that he had been blocked on Twitter.

sonko karua

Tonight is the biggest night of the year and you have to be somewhere other than in bed. You must join the rest of the country and the world in welcoming 2015 in style.

if you’re still wondering where to go, here are some suggestions.

Totally Sold Out

Gospel party at the KICC from 6AM till dawn.


Hakuna Matata Festival

If you can take that drive to Naivasha


Smirnoff New Year’s Eve Party

Also in Naivasha


Groove Party

Praise Experience in Kasarani


Macha New Years Eve Concert

Machakos promises an amazing fireworks display


Vegas in Kenya

Butterfly Pavillion, Mombasa


NYE Sundance

At the Ngong Racecourse



If you don’t want to leave the capital



At Ruaraka


Zodiak Street Party


Amidst all the talks about a SexTape this brother seems not to give up. Obinna is set to release a brand new song this Friday.  It’s a Love song apparently and we just wonder if it’s just a song or the brother is realy in love.  According the the SexTape  we have the brother seems to be realy in love with this gal. Might she be the other half that completes him?? Or just a model used for the video?? The video is rumored to have costed alot and the props and location used were proving hard to find.

Directed and shot by Thome the Audio was done by Rapdamu of pacho Ent and trust you me it’s what the Ladies have been waiting for. Perfect combination. Asked about the SexTape that we have the brother said if we feel like releasing it we do our worst. So Friday it is..we reveal the SexTape. Here are pics for behind the scenes of his new song.


Just Why Has Esther Arunga Changed Her Name?

Esther Arunga was her name until a few weeks ago. She has decided that her name is no longer fit for her. Chryslertte Provydence Timberlake is the newer version of who was commonly known as Esther Arunga.

She has been stranded in Australia after the court found her guilty of being an accomplice in the murder of her son Sinclair, 3 months ago. Her husband, who was found guilty of pummeling and killing his son,citing that he was possessed by alien Embryo is still in custody awaiting his trial before the end of the year. Chryslertte cannot travel or contact her husband as per the court’s Ruling.

Whether she has changed her name in a bid to cover up her tracks is still unknown. But for know you can practice pronouncing her new name, before she does something else, say like, change her Gender!


The final showdown of the 5th edition of ‘Slimpossible’ competition took place on Friday last week with Mrs. Angeline Kinyanjui emerging as the overall winner. However, the news of her win was not received well by the online audience that felt that she didn’t deserve it, sparking allegations and claims of a possible rigging.

Out to express their disappointment in the Citizen TV program hosted by Lilian Muli, Kenyans on twitter have come out to decry the ‘rigging’. Even ODM’s Millie Odhiambo (the Iron lady) added her voice on the same.


Slimpossible 5 rigged 1
Slimpossible 5 rigged 2
Slimpossible 5 rigged 3
Slimpossible 5 rigged 4
Slimpossible 5 rigged 5
Slimpossible 5 rigged 6
Slimpossible 5 rigged 7
Slimpossible 5 rigged 8
Slimpossible 5 rigged 9
Slimpossible 5 rigged 10
Slimpossible 5 rigged 11
Slimpossible 5 rigged 12
Slimpossible 5 rigged 13
Slimpossible 5 rigged 14
Slimpossible 5 rigged 15

Esther Arunga Responds to Eric Omondi’s Plea. This Was Her Disappointing Response

Former TV queen, Esther Arunga (bellow), has finally responded to Eric Omondi’s plea; her response will surely be heartbreaking to many.

Esther Arunga Responds to Eric Omondi’s Plea. This Was Her Disappointing Response

Citizen TV’s reporter, Sylvia Chebet, flew to Australia on a mission of finding the former screen siren Esther Arunga and shading light on the many controversies that had struck her. It was during Sylvia’s interaction with her that Esther responded to Eric’s appeal.

After news emerged that Esther had lost her baby through mysterious circumstances; Eric Omondi started a campaign to bring her back home. Responding to that campaign, Esther categorically said she was in Australia to stay.

Sylvia asked her whether she would be coming back home and her answer was a straight NO. This is heartbreaking to Eric and many Kenyans who wished Esther could return to Kenya. It is even more sorrowful knowing Esther now lives alone after Australian authorities placed her children to foster care.

The city of Nairobi has turned into another Las Vegas,what happens at night in some night clubs is quite shocking and morally dirty.


A River road club called pisces has stood out in fulfilling all the sexual fantasies of their customers.Sources say that they offer live s3x sessions to the revelers on some days.

This can only be described as Sodom and Gomorrah. Check out the shocking video below;

His name is Yusuf Masoud. He hails from Mombasa and working as an AP officer in Embu. Despite being a member of disciplined forces, he has vowed to help Al Shabaab butcher Christians. He has been doing so through a radical Facebook group associated with Al Shabaab called Masjid Shuhadaa.

This is very scary. The terror group has radicalized some of our security forces who are working as their informers. Check him out below;

Eric Masika has lamented his decision to leave Gor Mahia for AFC Leopards, three years ago.

The tough tackling defender, who was a fan favorite at K’ogalo, engineered his move out of the reigning Kenya Premier League Champions in search of greener pastures at the Den.

“AFC Leopards is the club I have always wanted to play for. I am asking Gor Mahia to please let me go. I am ready to buy out my contract,” Masika had his mind made up.

And when Leopards forked out Ksh 500,000 for his services, making him the most expensive defender in Kenya then, K’ogalo allowed him to have his wish.

The old adage; be careful what you wish for, did not cross his mind then.

Things did not turn out as he expected. Masika has endured a frustrating time at Ingwe as he played a bit part role and was among the six players that have been axed from the Den after a disappointing campaign where they finished sixth on the table.

And Masika feels he has wasted his time at Ingwe but admits he has learned from the experience.

Masika said:”I went there and gave my best in training but was given very little chance to play.

“ I have learnt a lot from my stay at Ingwe and I will carry that with me and ensure I do not make the same mistakes or assumptions in future.

“Probably I should have been smarter before I moved there, but I was young and excited. Now its time to move on.

Dan Sserunkuma

Dan Sserunkum has paid glowing tribute to Gor Mahia fans after he signed two year deal with Tanzania giants, Simba Sports Club.

The diminutive but lethal Ugandan striker has been a key player at K’ogalo having led them to a record 14th Kenya Premier League title.

Below is Sserunkuma’s message to the Green Army.

“I have enjoyed two and half years at Gor Mahia, but this is the right time to say goodbye.

“We have enjoyed some special moments and success together, and the fans have been very supportive towards me – especially during difficult times.

“K’Ogalo will always be in my heart and I would like to thank everybody at the club management for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to showcase my talent.

“I would also like to thank my family and my agent for the solid support they showed towards me. I am now looking forward to the next exciting chapter in my life – playing for Simba.

During the two and half years he has been at Gor, Sserunkuma won several titles including two KPL titles.