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News went round that Lilian Muli was separated with her husband of four years, Kanene. The gorgeous news anchor at Citizen TV was prudent enough to turn a deaf ear on the issue, leaving people to speculate.

Lilian has now come out to clear the air on the same. She opened up in an interview with ‘True Love Magazine’ in which she flaunted her curvaceous body on the cover page.

Here’s an excerpt. “we are not divorced or separated as purported by the media. I have been married for 4 years now. Why would I still go by his name if we were not together? I’m the type of person who would just drop it.” She went ahead adding that “I know all sorts of things were said in the media about me and my marriage, that is what happens when you confide in untrustworthy friends who blab to the media and things get blown out of proportion…Contrary to the rumors, I am married to him and plan to be for a very long time”

Well, there you have



Willy Paul’s love-life has always been shrouded in mystery but it now seems that the mysteries will continue for long. Late last  year, he was all over social media flaunting his light skinned girlfeiend named, Baby Cleo.

But it later emerged that she was a drug addict and a crazy party animal.

However, the scandalous gospel singer defended her but reality  finally dawned on him after he busted her with a sugar-daddy.

This prompted a fight and he ended up assaulting her.

He  has now taken to social media to flaunt his new girlfriend after breaking up with Baby Cleo.  In one of the photos, he captions, ” it’s feels great when someone has ur heart and you have there’s” meaning there’s something  going on between the two.

Check her out;

alaiControversy seems to be following Robert Alai everywhere he goes.

On Wednesday, the popular blogger was involved in a feisty altercation with a City Council askari on Kenyatta Avenue. According to eyewitnesses the askari had allegedly confiscated the keys to Mr Alai’s white BMW.

The incident resulted in an exchange of blows that left the askari bleeding from the mouth. The witnesses claim the askari was the first to throw a punch and Alai responded in kind with an uppercut.

Here is that video courtesy of Nairobi News.

Sheila MwanyighaSheila Mwanyigha is one of the most celebrated female media personalities that we pride ourselves in because of her angelic beauty, amazing voice and most of all she’s not yet officially taken. Miss Mwanyigha has over time proved her worth on the local media industry after successfully working on both Radio and TV, not forgetting that she also used to make good music back in the day.

The vivacious NTV’s Am Live host character has completely impressed Classic 105’s presenter Maina Kageni. Yesterday, the popular radio host admitted to be having a crush on the sexy Sheila through a Facebook post in which he revealed the reasons why he has a liking for her. Aye! Here are the outstanding attributes that make Maina crush on miss Mwanyigha.

sonkoNow that the top three media houses that were earlier opposed to the digital migration have swallowed their pride and jumped in the bandwagon of the inevitable movement, Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko now wants to start his own free to air digital TV.

Since the very first days of the countrywide analogue switch off, the senator put up a Facebook post that read , ‘I think I should start my Digital Tv Station (Sonko Tv) ni biashara pia…. …Ama Hapo vipi?’. Y

A day after NTV, KTN and Citizen revealed they would be back on air, Mike Sonko once again reminded people that his TV idea was still on by posting,

watu wangu I’m yet to launch my Free Sonko TV. Watch Sonko Rescue Team documentary tonight on K24 at 9.45PM. Stay tuned’. Well, let’s wait and see Sonko TV get launched.

Caroline Mutoko Warns Women To Stop Calling Classic FM’s Maina Kageni

Former Kiss FM’s radio queen, Caroline Mutoko, has issued a stern warning to women cautioning them against calling Classic FM’s most popular presenter, Maina Kageni.

With only two days left till International Women’s Day knocks, Caroline Mutoko has decided to school fellow females to improve their stature as they look forward to celebrate their achievements this coming Sunday.

The alpha female revealed women don’t make a deliberate choice on the person they choose to partner with ending up ‘outsourcing their lives.’

“We still don’t make a real decision about the person we want to walk the journey with and then of cause we call Maina Kageni. No it’s not allowed. STOP IT!” Agitated Caroline chanted.

Her message was loud and clear, Caroline doesn’t want women to be involving a third party in solving their own issues.

It’s not as if she is in bad blood with Maina, she is just irritated by some ladies who don’t own up to their poor decisions and choices therefore ending up sharing them with the like of Maina.

But isn’t she posing a threat to Maina’s traffic which is largely composed of the same women Caroline is cautioning?

See the video Caroline uploaded below: