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The sh*t has just hit the fan. Hot on the heels of Barack Obama’s much-anticipated maiden visit to his motherland Kenya,and the swirling controversy over Homosexuality,a random Kenyan has sought to make things clear. And tell it like it is.

 Over the weekend,DP William Ruto went on a charm offensive…Telling off Barack Hussein Obama’s homosexual policies,reminding the eminent Leader of the Free World that this Nation is strictly godly and righteous(insert laughter here) and making it clear that Homosexuality will NEVER be legalized in Kenya. Yeah,right.

After William Ruto,other little caucuses also came together to also add their useless voices to this whole raging Homosexuality debate. Infact,a little group of activists even hit the streets yesterday,led by Bishop Mark Kariuki,to stress the point home. And issue as many threats to Obama as possible.

The procession,which was projected to be huge,was really a measly motley crew of idle boys and girls with the Bishop firmly in tow. They did their blah blah blah.And went home.

America has just legalized Gay Marriage…We all know that. And the news was celebrated worldwide. And wildly. But not here…Not in this little nation of closet homosexual hypocrites who google gay porn more than they google random bible verses.

And before all the hoopla has died down,a young Kenyan has sought to REVEAL just who are the TRUE homosexuals in Kenya. He’s bold,he’s funny,he’s sharp and he’s dangerously on point.

The people he considers THE TRUE Kenyan homosexuals are people you never expected. And the way he says it? It’s even crazier.

He has a way with words…Words that would win over any single homosexual reading this article right now.

He doesn’t tell us his name(Oh,how we wish he did). And doesn’t mince his words either.

Oh,and one more thing…He invents a word. You’ll hear it up as you listen.

Check out the little video below…

It’s short. And painfully true. Haha.

Thank me later. Much later.

WATCH the short video below. And see the people named as the TRUE,Kenyan homos…

CEO Causes Fracas After Posting Photos Of His Cheating Wife Enjoying Quality Time With Her Mpango Wa Kando (Disturbing Photos)

Hell broke loose yesterday after a CEO of a car and rental company decided to expose his promiscuous wife on social media.

Which cheating wife has the audacity to bring in her mpango wa kando to devour her in her matrimonial bed?

The social media turned into a loud confused market place after a man by the name Eric Guy Erico Omane decided to iron her wife’s dirty linen in public.

Eric posted photos of his cheating wife, Bonareri Mogere, and her lovey-dovey side dish, Sulley Maridadi Mohaa, enjoying quality time together.

The grumbling husband says his wife has been spreading her legs wide open for her lover boy Sulley to have unlimited access to her precious commodity in their matrimonial bed.

The vexed hubby further added that Sulley had unmatched appetite for devouring other peoples’ wives saying his own wife ran away with his kids because she couldn’t stomach his stinking behavior.

Sulley is seen lying bare-chested on what is believed to be Eric’s marital bed in some of the photos posted online.

In other photos, the wife snatcher is seen carrying Eric’s wife on his back as they enjoy quality time together at a beach.




Bonareri Mogere (Eric’s wife)


Sulley Maridadi Mohaa (Wife devourer)




Eric’s words;

This is the guy by the name #‎Sulley Maridadi Mohaa who has guts to over take my own house and make his..the guy is busy relaxing comfortably in my bedroom and sitting room freely!!This guy even his wife ran away with a kid coz of bad behaviour of fucking people’s wives!!Shame on him n shame on my wife!!!I Will destroy u..u will know am aviator!!!

My useless wife has the guts to bring her mpango wa kando and be fucked in our own matrimonail bed inside our own house…Also they r having romantic moments together at the beach while am busy providing better future for my family..What a useless wife is will die with deadly diseases,,,that’s my wish n pray to u..

I can’t believe my real wife @Bonareri Jackline can have guts to bring her man (Mpango wa Kando) in our ownr matrimonial bed inside our own house??Am so shocked,disbelief and heart broken?Let marriage and women stay away from my life.This is the photos of my wife with her mpango wa kando in my bedroom and in the beach..Men be carefully who u marry?

Source: Ghafla

Until when will we, the people of South Nyanza allow ourselves to be used during election periods and be dumped in  the cold for another five years. When one of us tries to come to our rescue either by trying to work with the government to bring development to his people or raise funds through Harambees to help in building schools or Hospitals you hear things like wan wan wan, gin gin gin (we are who we are and they are who they are. we can’t mix together).

When DR. Evance  Kidero tried to raise funds through Harambees to help build University in Kisumu something our people are really in dare need of, they named him “a mole”. They say how Kidero is being given Millions of money to by the Jubilee government to undermine Raila. And I wonder how? How does building a university or raising funds to help the needy undermining Raila? But recently when DP William Ruto visited Bondo, the home of Raila Odinga he declared the tarmacking of a 15KM road. NO one talked. All you could hear is, “we might differ politically but when it comes to development, we are one”. So far South Nyanza is the most under developed in Kenya. If you go to a place called Suba, there is no even a single tarmacked road.

A day after Ruto’s visit to Raila’s hom in Bondo, Raila hosted Uhuru in Kisumu where he(Raila), was the witness when President Uhuru  extended the NYS’s service by One full year! Were it someone like Kidero or Hon. Otieno Dalmas who hosted Ruto leave alone President Uhuru, ingekuwa maneno chungu nnzima., Mara ooh Dalmas is a rebel.

I think the people of south Nyanza have been used for decades now for political gains and for some individual’s own gain. This time round I want to call upon South Nyanza people to work closer with the like minded leaders to make sure that we be part of the next government. Just like H.E Dr. Evance Kidero would put it, we must be part of the next government ata kama it will be through bendangewa…….

Let’s rethink my lovely people of S. Nyanza

Random Thought of the Day

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Typical Kenyan Government

vanyieck's last stand


Be wary when the government gives you everything you want. That’s how they treat livestock before they’re slaughtered.

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The inheritance of bitter and bloodcurdling rivalry between the Late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta and the Late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga by their predecessors: The two families have not only been entangled in an endless political feud but also flexing of their financial muscles and expanding their separate empires using godly and ungodly channels. There is fear within the Kenyatta’s and their allies (the Moi’s, the Kibaki’s, Biwott’s, Kulei’s and other major beneficiaries of grand looting and blatant theft of public coffers) that a Raila’s presidency will undermine their interests and jeopardize their efforts of safeguarding their loot and wealth

Sycophancy and ‘Goonship’: Overtime, Luo-Nyanza has graduated into a crucial breeding ground for Goons a.k.a ‘fists for hire’ or lately, Men in Blue (MIB) largely drawn from the banned squadron calling itself ‘China Commandos’ and formerly based in the heart of the Lakeside City, Kisumu. These goons are responsible for organizing all manner of staged ‘political coups’ within Raila’s party mostly on behalf of diehard Luo Politicians. On the other hand, Raila has always surrounded himself with an army of loyalists from his Luo tribe. On many an unfortunate occasion, they have been responsible for breeding strife and enmity between Raila and other potential political allies drawn from other tribes.

Raila’s alleged role during the 1982 attempted coup by the Kenya Air force. It is believed within the military cycles (whose big boys are undoubtedly perennial beneficiaries of land-grabbing and generous loot from public coffers) that a Raila’s presidency is not only a recipe for disaster but also the ultimate genesis of end and crumbling of their empires. As such, Raila has never enjoyed the support of the military let alone the very same air force that played a crucial role in the failed coup attempt of 1982 against former president Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi

Dirt, filth and ugliness of fate: Having succeeded in failing to ascend to the presidency multiple of times, many Kenyans believe the former Prime Minister was simply not born a lucky man. 2007 general election was seen by many as the sole chance he was given by Kenyans and openly denied by a hardliner-gang stemming from the infamous Mount Kenya Mafia. For Raila Amolo Odinga, chance, destiny, time and circumstances have seemingly colluded with an apparently ill fate to ensure he never step his feet in the State House

Raila is a tiny thief: His seasoned political opponents have always been drawn from parties affiliated with the usual big boys who have been busy, since independence, looting and stashing the bad coins in Switzerland and European Commercial Institutions. The Odinga’s largely acquired their now growing wealth from the Communist Russia thanks to the Late Jaramogi’s efforts to promote communism in Kenya and across East Africa with the help of the Late Mwalimu Julius Nyerere Kambarage. With the exception of the Molasses Plant and the suspicious Gas Company, Odinga’s wealth was mostly acquired via godly channels. For this reason, Raila is not a bad of the feather as far as the rest are concerned.

Cowardice: Having clearly won the 2007 presidential elections, Raila repeatedly demonstrated his cowardice with the manner in which he recklessly paved way for the Mount Kenya Mafia (then surrounding the shameless election looter, one Mwai Emilio Kibaki), to walk away with everything the 50:50 pact offered. As a leader, Raila openly proved weak, vulnerable, and incapable of standing up against the blatant rape of the constitution and disregard of the rule of law by the then regime. Raila Amolo Odinga gave his sworn enemies a clean sheet with distinct subscriptions entailing a comprehensive list of his weakest side. 2013 will see this unfortunate vulnerable side of Raila exploited fully to the advantage of Jubilee, which incidentally inherited nearly the whole team in the Kibaki’s regime responsible for vote-rigging back in 2007.

Raila’s father threw away the opportunity: In Luo community, it is believed that if you are given something or appointed in some kind of leadership position, you don’t pass the mantle to another person even if you to capable to do the given task as such is seen as bad omen that will haunt your entire family to the last child alive. This is exactly what Jaramogi, Raila’s father did when he was given the opportunity to lead Kenya to it’s independence by the British but instead saw himself as not fit to lead and opted for Kenyatta  to take over instead. This he did without consulting the Luo council of elders, something that anger them(Luo Council of Elders) most and swear that no any person from Jaramogi’s family that will ever become president

Tribe Factor and Exaggerated Pride of Raila’s Tribesmen: Luos are typically proud and they live large. They fancy taking a huge bite from what life can offer and only cares about today’s fill for it has been said since time immemorial that tomorrow will always take good care of itself. This same habit has created stereotypes among other Kenyans that if one of them was to lead this country; life can be a real bite of a hot cake served straight from the bottom of the proverbial hereafter-hellish brimstones and blazing sapphire. Prior to 2013 general elections when Raila was leading in major pollsters, Luo’s living in Nairobi were spreading serious jokes that they will not pay their rents and bills if Raila were to be elected. The rest is now sadly history.


The data me and few other persons have access to show a shocking manner IEBC and Jubilee used the electronic data to rig the elections. Using data provided by a source at Kencall, TNA was IEBC . TNA used 21 data entry clerks at to enter data both in its server and the server of IEBC through a backdoor entry provided by Kencall.

List of Data Entry Clerks (Names blacked Out to protect them from harm)

List of Data inputters

The server (KENCALL IP: running Windows Server 2008 gave access to the 21 data entry clerks employed by TNA. The same data entry clerks, receiving calls from TNA agents, entered data into IEBC database. The IEBC database had 16 columns including a column called User_ID which had who among the 21 data clerks entered the data. The TNA database called (MARKET RACE) was also hosted on this same server but it lacked the User_ID column.

Rights of the the 21 clerks on the IEBC database

IEBC rights

Rights of the the 21 clerks on the TNA database

TNA rights

Data entered by the 21 clerks on the TNA database

Data from the clerks

Same data mirrored on the IEBC database

Data from the clerks - IEBC

MAC addresses and LOGs of the phones used to call the 21 data clerks based at Kencall

MAC addresses

When CORD discovered this and went to the media (Raila’s press conference around 11am on March 16th), Kencall proceeded and shutdown the IEBC database leaving the Market Race database (TNA database) running because the name could not raise suspicion by anyone.

IEBC database shutdown log