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A husband pimped out his own wife to 2,742 different men and made $400,000 out of it in Meaux, Paris, France.

A man and woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were involved in an amateur prostitution business for four years.

The 46-year-old woman was providing sexual services in their family house, while her husband, 53, waited outside with their 5-year-old son.

In court the woman said: “We had money problems and he promised me that it would not last more than a year or two. But when I got tired, he forced me to continue. He also forced me to dress very provocatively and dieting. I lost 23 kilos in six months! I did not have time to take care of my son or of the house. I had no keys or phone and I could not go out without him. I threatened to leave him but he told me that if I left, he would hunt me.”

The man was soliciting clients for his wife at various websites and arranged meetings by text messages.

He has made around $8000 a month and now faces a decade behind bars for pimping.

The woman has not been charged with an offense. The couple have been married for ten years.

Prostitution in France is not illegal, but several surrounding activities are: procuring, operating a brothel, pimping, and paying for sex with someone under the age of 18, although the age of consent for non-commercial sex is 15.

Online text messaging application WhatsApp has indeed been a revolution on how mobile phone users interact and share information among each other.

It has emerged that some 2015 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE)students have greatly leveraged on the application to easily share examination material as they strive to beat tight surveillance by authorities.

Whats more, the fact that the application has room for group creation with unlimited membership numbers has just served to simplify matters even more  for candidates.

The 'Blessed' WhatsApp Group That Was Used For Stealing KCSE Exams

Unlike before where  candidates were forced to share exam questions through text messages thus exposing themselves to authorities, WhatsApp has made it easier for students and hard for authorities to catch them.

In a school in Malindi, police busted an 11-member WhatsApp  group named ‘Blessed’.

Turns out the members to the group were sharing exam material, including photos and answers in a somewhat complicated web to evade the Kenya National Examination Council eye.

The 11 candidates from Barani secondary school were on Friday, October 30 arraigned in court and charged with illegally being in possession of examination material.

Each member of the WhatsApp group was released on a bond of KSh 30,000.

Invigilators apparently nabbed one member of the group who led them to the other ten. He was found with copies of a Chemistry and Christian Religious Education ready to share.

This year’s KCSE has come under serious scrutiny with some quarters even calling for its suspension following rife cases of examination cheating across the country.

There has been accusation that the exam papers are accessed earlier by police officers and shared to students sitting the KCSE 2015 for a pay.

Two police officers have since been charged in Kilifi county and interdicted pending hearing and determination of their cases in connection to exam cheating.

4 Ways Beer Makes Men Better In Bed – Sex Expert

Men were for decades believed (without any scientific study) to be thinking about sex every seven seconds; that is 514 times an hour and about 7,200 times every day.

An arguably authentic research was carried out by Ohio State University in 2011 reduced the number to an average of 34.2 but the bottom line is; men think about sex twice more than women. A prominent American news reader Jon Snow admitted that he thinks about sex every time he meets a woman.

Men’s sexual activity is said to be limited by how often women consent to sex and when that chance comes, most men want to be at their best.

Kat Van Kirk, a certified sex therapist based in Los Angeles, has some good news for men who love their beer and sex; the two can go together.

Taken in moderation, a 500 ml bottle or two, can have amazing effects to a man’s performance in bed, she told askmen.

1. Good for the heart

A study by Italian scientists found that a 500ml of beer a day reduces the chances of heart attacks, strokes or heart disease by 31% compared to those who do not drink. Therefore, beer helps the stay active until the work is done.

2. The darker the better

Darker beers is said to be better than the lighter beer as it contains more iron.

“More iron in the blood helps you get in the mood because it increases red blood cells and overall circulation allowing for erections to be easier — and more frequent,” Kirk told the publication.

3. Beer is good for the stomach

According to the doctor, a bottle of Guinness (rich in vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin B) can help fortify a man’s overall health and stomach thus making him not to feel sluggish during sex.

4. Delayed ejaculation

According to Kirk, beer has phytoestrogens that delays ejaculation thus allowing them man to go for long.

However, taking more than two bottles will probably make you a sack of potatoes in bed; not forgetting all the health, financial and social effects associated with excessive alcohol consumption.

Dozens of Makueni residents are reportedly flocking to a dam in Katheka village to see an impression on a rock they say is that of Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus.

According to Daily Nation reporter Pius Maundu, the impression on the rock was first seen on Sunday October 25, 2015 by women who had gone to fetch water at Manooni dam.

Women said they had not seen the impression before when fetching water from the dam,” Pius reports.

See photo below:

PHOTO: Virgin Mary And Baby Jesus Appear To Makueni Residents

In August 2015, crowds gathered in Ruaka, Kiambu county to witness the appearance of Mary on top of a tree.

The residents said the shadow of the particular tree formed the impression of Mary.

The “appearance” of the impression of Virgin Mary and baby Jesus to Christians is common across the world.

In September 2015, the alleged appearance of Virgin Mary and baby Jesus in a window saw dozens of faithful Christians flock to a small village in Ukraine.

A double-glazed window had been put up during construction of a house in Beregovoy, western Ukraine, at which point the Virgin Mary ‘appeared’ on the pane, according to the Daily Mail.

As devout Christians, locals took the image of Mary and Jesus as a sign, and began praying to the window.

PHOTO: Virgin Mary And Baby Jesus Appear To Makueni Residents

Photo Credit: Sammy Wambua, Daily Nation

Its not a secret anymore, scientist have proved that men love women with slim bodies. Essentially, a woman’s attractiveness disappears the more she puts on more weight.

According to the study by University of Aberdeen and released in August 2015, men tend to associate slim ladies with  youthfulness, fertility and lower health risks.

But what is slim? one may be forced to ask.

According to the study, ladies with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of below 24.8 are the best body sizes for an attractive lady that most men would die to be with.

Body Mass Index is the measure of ones body fat based on their height and weight.

Female celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Taylor Swift are classic examples of ladies who fall withing the desires BMI, according to the study.

Men Want Them Slim Like Taylor Swift

With increased internet penetration, ladies can easily tell their BMI online here and comfortably find if they fall within the desired body size.

Medically, Body Mass Index of between 18.5-24.9 is considered normal with anything above that deemed overweight and/or obese.

Women with a BMI of 19 were rated the most attractive with the same reducing with an increase in BMI. The study ivolved 1,300 people.

Men Want Them Slim Like Taylor Swift

At BMI 19, a lady is believed to be aged between 18-20 years with maximum fertility and minimal risk of future health problems.

‘Setting this into an evolutionary framework allows us to understand why we perceive thinness in females to be so attractive,” said  Joh Speakman, the lead researcher.

Tall Thin Girls

A separate study on more than 60, 000 volunteer in the University of South Wales Australia also revealed that men prefer thin ladies with longer legs to their curvier counterparts.

So ladies with the shape of an hourglass may not be as attractive as they earlier thought. Men want it slim and long, like Taylor Swift and not Kim Kardashian.

Men Want Them Slim Like Taylor Swift

The two independent studies point to the same thing, men tend to be attracted to slim/thin ladies.

According to the study in Australia, the highest rated females from a list of computerised images were tall with a small waist and long, slender legs, a smaller bottom and smaller burst.

Tuko Home Page

James Mugo Ndichu alias Mugo Wa Wairimu was released about 9 days ago after the prosecution lacked sufficient evidence to prosecute him.

And he left the court with a smile, but now his smile has been turned upside down as things have gotten thick regarding his case.

10 people have come forward to record statements accusing the popular Facebook personality and ‘gynecologist’ of various misdemeanors and the judge has ordered for Mugo to remain in custody for the next 7 days while the investigators conduct their investigations. This is according to The Standard.


This move comes close to a month after an alarming video of a man said to be Mugo circulated on social media. The man is depicted sedating his patient before proceeding to undress himself and rape her

Linda Muthama

Musician and one time TPF contestant Linda Muthama has been keeping a low profile ever since she broke up with her husband. The sexy lady walked out of her marriage sometime last year and later hinted to us that she was getting remarried.

Linda who was married to comedian cum businessman cum politician Walter Miong’are aka Nyambane, took to social media to reveal the special person in her life, but it was none other than her three-year-old daughter Laika.

“About three years ago I got the greatest gift that is my princess Laika.These are our passport photos we took a few weeks ago.I Love you so much my joy.Everyday I thank God for you.#mamalaika #my princess”

Don’t worry Kenyan men, you can still thirst over her until she introduces her new man. Check out these photos of Linda and her adorable daughter.


However we are yet to see the lucky man.


Have you been wondering where all the good women are? Yes? Then you have probably been choosing the wrong ones. Here’s a look into some of the women you may have run into. Women you will meet in the streets of Nairobi who are totally wrong for any man;

1.The gold digger – Lucky for you, this woman who is only after your wallet can be sniffed from kilometers away. She is the kind of woman who will want to know where you work, live and what kind of car you drive right after saying hello to you. She isn’t interested in you as a man but in what you can buy and this is clear from the beginning. If you are not careful with this one, she will get pregnant, split and then sue you for child support so that she can continue donning those expensive Brazilian weaves.

2. The man hater – This is the kind of woman who will call into those radio shows to complain about the many wrongs that the male folk are responsible for in the world. She is angry with the male gender because somewhere along the way, a man hurt her or broke her heart. If you get involved with her, you will pay for this man’s sins.

3. The wall flower – This woman is a serial flirt. She may not necessarily cheat on you but she will lean on, touch, smile and flick her hair at every man she meets. This may be the very thing that attracted you to her but if you get involved with her, it will be the very thing that causes friction in your relationship. She will not stop the flirting because it is a result of deep seated self-esteem issues. She will always be looking for attention even at the expense of your relationship.

4. The clingy one – At first, this woman may appear independent. She will look beautiful and have a great career or business going for her. Once you step into the picture, all this ceases and her life begins revolving around yours. She wants to spend every waking moment with you. This relationship will not work. Both of you need to first grow as individuals before you can grow as a couple.

5. The party girl – After a long week’s work, most people want to let their hair down. At least every so often. Your first days with the party girl will be thrilling because she will make you feel relaxed and alive. This is until you realize that partying is all she does. Do not buy into the belief that women can be changed. Even if you give her five babies, she will still not miss karaoke night for anything in the world.

6. The drama queen – This one thrives on the drama. It is present in every area of her life; her job, her friendships and her family. There are always things that are going wrong in her life and she is always blaming other people for it. She doesn’t take responsibility for anything that goes on in her life. If you date her, you will automatically be responsible for all the wrongs in the relationship.

7. Miss Fantasy – This is the Nairobi woman who is hooked to Telemundo and who believes all the lies in those Mexican soap operas. She believes in the pictures that she sees in those magazines that she spends hours slipping through. This woman will get into a relationship with impossibly high expectations. You can’t make her happy.



All parents pray for a healthy baby. For some parents though, the gender of the baby is important. The good news is that you can influence the gender of the baby before conception.

Here are tricks that can tip the scales to your favor if you are looking for a boy:

1. Eat a man’s diet – A woman’s body PH levels influences the sex of the child she gets. Acidic conditions kill the boy sperm. If a woman is trying to have a boy, she should opt for an alkaline diet.

Interestingly, highly alkaline foods are what the regular man diet entails. They include red meat, salty snacks, unripe bananas, avocados, soya beans, cabbage and ginger. A diet high in kales and broccoli will also be a boost for a couple looking for a baby boy. Also, add onto your sodium and potassium diet.

2. Caffeine – Caffeine is known to give the boy sperm a jolt. The man should try drinking something with caffeine before the deed. If there is no caffeine, any energy drink will suffice to give the boy sperm a jolt.

3. The right positions – The opening of the vagina is the most acidic part of a woman’s body. These acidic conditions kill the make sperms. A couple that is looking for a baby boy should thus aim at having the sperms as high up the vagina as possible.

Have deeper penetration so that the sperm is deposited closer to the egg. This way, it has a lesser distance to travel through the acid. With the acid obstacle out of the way, the male sperm will reach the egg faster.

4. The right timing – While the girl sperm lives longer in a woman’s body, the boy sperm swims faster. To increase your chances of having a boy, you will need to understand your cycle. Once you have, avoid having intercourse for several days before your ovulation period.

When you do have sex, make sure that it is as close to the ovulation as possible. This will give the boy sperm a chance to beat the girl sperm and reach the eggs while you are still ovulating.

5. Get an orgasm – When a woman has an orgasm, the cervix releases fluid which makes the environment less acidic and more ideal for the conception of a baby boy.

The couple that is planning to have a boy should thus strive for that orgasm. She will need to have this orgasm before a man does for this to work. This theory has been supported by the Shettles Method of Conception.

6. A little cough syrup – When you are having a runny nose, a cough syrup works by thinning your mucous. The component responsible for this reaction is guaifenesin. What you do not know is that it thins all the mucous in your body, including the mucous in your cervix. By easing up the mucous in your cervix, the cough syrup will be aiding the male sperm which swims faster.

7. Wear boxers, not briefs – The scrotum is positioned outside the body because the cooler temperatures are more ideal for sperm regeneration. The male sperm is even less tolerant of heat than the female one.

If you are trying for a boy, you will need to keep your nether regions as cool as possible making boxers a more ideal choice of underwear in the weeks leading up to the time you hope to conceive.

Former Nairobi Mayor George Aladwa. PHOTO | FILE

Flying Squad officers on Friday morning arrested former Nairobi Mayor George Aladwa in the city centre over alleged offensive utterances.

The utterances were contained in a video clip widely circulated on Facebook and Twitter.

The detectives trailed Mr Aladwa from Buruburu and caught up with him within the central business district.

He is being held at Kilimani police station.

Flying Squad boss Saidi Kiprotich handed over the former to Kilimani DCIO Phyllis Kanina who is investigating the matter.