Shock As Donald Trump Responds To Kenyan Writer Who Dissed Him

Posted: October 16, 2015 in Uncategorized

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is a very angry man. In a surprise move, the cocky billionaire has come out hitting hard at Kenyan writer Philip Etemesi by telling him he should stick to giving relationship advice and criticizing celebrities instead of sticking his head into American matters

“Politics is a place for well-reasoned, balanced arguments, and not for vitriol-laden diatribes aimed at relieving the angry individual’s emotional angst”, Mr,Trump told Fox News Journalist Billy O’Reilly in an exclusive phone call

“What does Etemesi even know about America? That guy is just an egomaniacal writer who likes making outlandish statements just to sell his brand. I could slap him a hundred times”

Well all this comes after Etemesi, who is known for his controversial articles and explicit tales wrote a 2000 word article calling Mr. Trump an ugly white supremacist who should hire an editor to refine his nauseating speeches. He added that Mr. Trump was full of attitude but devoid of character. In a special article for the New York Times, Mr. Etemesi launched a flurry of vitriol and shade targeted at the presidential candidate by saying:

“I sent this article to the New York Times, I didn’t think they would be publish it but they did. I heard that this fool Trump dissed Kenyans but then I realized it was just a rumor. It doesn’t matter, I hate him anyway. I could shag his wife and marry his daughter without paying dowry and there’s nothing he’ll do about it. By any objective standard, Donald Trump has been trying to torpedo his presidential candidacy since Day One. However, incendiary statement after incendiary statement has done nothing but bolster him among the right-wing brainwashed crazies. And that makes me sick. Maybe America needs another Kenyan to be their president “

Meanwhile, Etemesi is earning praise from his countrymen and fellow Africans as well for having balls bigger than Corazon Kwamboka’s butt.

‘Etemesi Is The Man’, wrote a Kenyan newspaper.

Let’s just see how this drama will unfold. Never in our wildest imaginations did we ever think that an American politician would address a Kenyan critic. This is huge

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