Donald Trump to visit Kenya

Posted: November 14, 2015 in Uncategorized

After realizing that his popularity in the forth coming republic  primaries is in a sharp drop due to series of attacks on the migrants who live in USA more so Kenyans, Donald Trump has now changed his tactics.


In the recent interview with CNN, Donald was put into task to explain whether his policy on immigrants was personal or that of Republic. The real estate  mogul said the policy is his but not personal. “My sand about the immigrants have been misquoted and is a well orchestrated move by the government set me against the immigrants more so the blacks. All I want is to bring sanity to our country. I want to clean America and to bring back our lost glory”

And to take his point home, he added, “when I become president, I would love to visit Africa and my first international visit will be Kenya. I’ve been into Kenya several times with my family, I love the place.”

Do you think Donald Trump will be the second sitting American president to visit Kenya?

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