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It’s now emerging that President Uhuru Kenyatta met
Kikuyu Council of elders with elected leaders from Central
over the weekend. The leaders summoned the President
immediately he landed at JKIA from a 3-day trip to Israel to ask him about the remarks he made while in Israel.

While addressing Kenyans living and working in Israel the
president lamented that Kenyans are good in stealing. In
the meeting the Kikuyu Council of elders took the president head on over this matter. The president came out for the first time disclosing his frustrations in the Jubilee administration.

Speaking in Kikuyu language the President clearly outlined how his Deputy President has been an architecture of every single corrupt deals in his government. The President spoke with a lot of passion and requested Central leaders Kenya to help him deal with URP wing that’s tainting his legacy. On their part Central Kenya elected leaders vowed to tame URP leaders who’re said to steer first class corruption in Government.

In the meeting they proposed that National Assembly
Majority Leader Aden Duale to be replaced by Hon Jamleck Kamau Kigumo Member of Parliament. They also took an issue with Senate Majority Leader Sen Kindiki Kithure and want him replaced by Meru Senator Hon Sen Kiraitu Murungu . They argued that Sen Kindiki is easily
compromised and is more inclined to Deputy President
William Ruto than the Coalition’s senior Principle who’s
also the Country’s CEO.

They anonymously agreed to seek the opposition support in the National Assembly against their URP counterparts to tame deputy President William Ruto’s persistent stealing nature. It was agreed that the war will begin by replacing Duale and Kindiki in the National Assembly and Senate respectively.

WAMBUI MUNENE,Moses Kuria and Esther Murugi
Mathenge were tasked with mobilizing National Assembly
members whereas Sen Paul Kimani Wamatangi and Mutahi Kagwe to mobilize the senate. Kiambu County Governor William Kabogo will mobilize resources to see the whole exercise is executed to perfection.


Diamond Platinumz seems to be looking for new challenges in music.

This is after he dominated all sectors in his genre and even overlapped other artists in their own genres. The bongo star is now set to do a rap song. In an interview on a show with Clouds Fm, the singer revealed he would be doing a rap song titled Simba.

This is expected to be more of a braggadocio song and it
takes after the artists’ new moniker Simba. He gave himself the name following his dominant and award winning spell last year in which he was the best artist in the continent by a mile. The song is expected to be out by the end of the week.


Jamaican singer Alaine Laughton has finally found her
elusive lover, Wafula, after a relentless search that forced
her to travel to Kenya every now and then.

A few days ago, the bubbly singer combed through
Luhyaland, i.e Kakamega, Bungoma and Busia towns, in
the company of renowned comedian Daniel Ndambuki a.k.a Churchill searching for the man whom she says will make her world complete.

Her undying efforts finally paid off when she bumped into
Wafula washing his motorbike by a stream in the heart of


Kiambu Governor,
William Kabogo, said on Sunday that corruption
may sink Kenya if immediate and concrete action
is not taken to fight it.
Speaking at St Martin Catholic Church Juja in
Kiambu County, Kabogo said graft has penetrated
the Government system, hence the collapse of the
Kabogo said that all those who have been linked to
corruption should resign and stop clinging to
power because they are soiling the good name of
the Jubilee Government.
The Governor said President Uhuru Kenyatta must
act tough against corruption because it will make
him a one term President if he fails to deal with
the vice.
“A thief plus a thief is a thief everybody should
carry his or her own cross. You cannot tell me I am
a thief because Jubilee has one or two thieves,”
Kabogo said.
Kabogo even complained that instead of
addressing corruption, Government leaders have
been engaging in diversionary tactics.
“If Uhuru fails to address corruption, he will lose
the 2017 election with a landslide,” Kabogo said.


The Jubilee Coalition has suffered a humiliating blow after its pointman at the Coast, Sheikh Juma Ngao, ditched JAP and joined former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s CORD ahead of the much hyped by-election in Malindi.

In a hard-hitting defection speech over the weekend, Ngao, who was actually appointed by Uhuru as a director at NACADA, urged the people of Malindi to vote for ODM’s Willy Mtengo in the by-election, saying even Uhuru likes CORD and that’s why he appoints people from CORD and hangs out with CORD leaders whenever he tours Coast.
“Uhuru always hangs out with CORD leaders and has consistently given big jobs to CORD affiliated persons and I see no wrong in voting for ODM in the by-election because the President himself has led by example,” said Ngao.

“In the entire Coast region, Uhuru saw none in Jubilee as fit enough to be a Cabinet Minister and that is why he appointed CORD’s Hon Kazungu as Minister for Mining. Wewere stuck with him in 2013 but after getting into State House he dumped us, whenever he is in Coast, he becomes CORD,” he added.

Watch the video below:


As the NYS scandal unravels, we are learning more about
Waiguru deals and her initial ebullient puckishness all along.
Kenyans are finally realizing that Waiguru has been a fraud
all along.
Her arrogance and hubris cant help. Kabura’s father has
come to the defense of his daughter and asked the hard
questions nobody wants to answer. The poor and humble
father wonders how his daughter would have looted all the
alleged NYS monies yet she lives in a rented apartment in
Kinoo. The poor man is damn sure his daughter was used as
Waiguru’s conduit in the NYS Grand heist .
Sources have revealed to Cyprian Nyakundi that Waiguru has
suspended her media team. You see when the NYS scandal
first appeared, a media team was set up to promote
propaganda and shift attention .
This is the team that came up with myriad propaganda
tactics . The media team came up with hashtags like
#NysTransformation , #WaiguruBlewWhistle e.t.c . All these
were aimed at portraying private Anne as a victim under
attack because of her achievements despite the fraud that
was hard to cover .
This is the same team that paid some media poseurs to
propagandize the NYS scandal but that never helped because
this grand heist was immeasurable
My sources reveal further that the team has been disbanded
because they tried to shift Waiguru’s woes to Evans Kidero a
narrative many Kenyans diddnt buy . Many Kenyans instead
Tweeted their disappointment and urged Waiguru to carry her
own cross instead of blaming everyone that she imagines
especially when playing her piano .
This is the same team that came up with the idea of
sanitizing Waiguru. I hope you saw the Citizen TV stage
managed interview by Hussein Mohammed who has now
become a propaganda and PR tool for the Corrupt . Waiguru
feels the media team misled her. Now no media wants to
host Waiguru. This is why she had to beg Ghetto Radio to
give her an opportunity to defend herself.
The team was also squandering the Propaganda cash.
We also write this article, knowing very well that
Waiguru  executed the biggest heist in Kenyan history, where
she Looted Kenyan taxpayers worth billions and the
attempted cover-up by institutions that are supposed to tell
Kenyans what happened to their taxes.
With that in mind, we are also alive to the fact that the
sudden/mysterious disappearance of witnesses in Kenya
when any high profile case gains traction is never by
coincidence. By the way, this has never been by
coincidence. Most of these people dont die natural or self-
induced deaths. People like George Saitoti, Mutula Kilonzo,
Otieno Kajwang, George Thuo were murdered for obvious
Cyprian Nyakundi has  followed all contradictions that Anne
Waiguru  has treated the country to, and it’s evident that she
was following a script and she is the final link in the NYS
Scandal. We are also aware that pressure has started
building up because all institutions are seriously pursuing
the NYS case to clear themselves due to pressure from
Kenyans who even want EACC Disbanded for nurturing the
culture of impunity and corruption.
We believe that Josephine Kabura can be classified as a high
profile witness who should then be accorded extra security.
We believe that she has the answers to the NYS grand heist
as Kenyans pray that those who looted their taxes pay back
and are locked up
While the crackdown on journalists and bloggers critical of
Government policy has been executed under the guise of
national security, the real focus of President Uhuru Kenyatta
was to silence bloggers who have refused to let grand
corruption in Jubilee Government pass.
We are now here, not representing any particular organization
or grouping, but echoing the words of the vast majority of
Kenyans, that any state high-handedness or mysterious
disappearance of bloggers will be responded to in way of the
biggest demonstrations ever witnessed in this country.
That the Kenyan populace is frustrated is not in doubt. That
the Kenyan populace does neither trust the Government nor
the Opposition is also not in doubt. We ask His Excellency
President Uhuru Kenyatta not to precipitate an arab-spring,
because it will be detrimental to the country.
We hereby petition President Uhuru Kenyatta to increase
Josephine Kabura’s security because she may be a poor lady
who might have been used as a conduit for the NYS grand



Aftermath: Police stop a different boy as he walks away from a crowd that formed around the scene of a shooting, where an officer allegedly gunned down a 16-year-old boy in Salt Lake City on Saturday night. Photo: DailyMail
Protesters threw rocks at police in Salt Lake City after
officers shot a black teenager who was attacking a man
late on Saturday, authorities said.
Relatives of the teenager identified him as Abdi Mohamed,17, and told the local Fox 13 television news channel he was in a coma at a hospital after being shot three times. Police said he was in critical condition.
The Salt Lake City Police Department said he was shot
after officers in the downtown Rio Grande area saw two
people attacking a male victim with metal objects and
ordered the pair to drop their weapons.
“One of the males complied and dropped the weapon, the
other continued to advance on the victim and was shot by
officers,” the department said in a statement on Sunday.
The shooting came as police departments across the
United States face increased scrutiny over allegations of
excessive force against black people and other minority
groups. High-profile killings of unarmed African-American
men by police led to national protests and spawned the
“Black Lives Matter” civil rights movement.
One man who said he was a witness, Selam Mohammad,
19, told reporters his friend, the teenager who was shot,
was holding a broomstick and had been fighting with an
older man before the officers arrived.
“He barely even turned around. … My friend didn’t do
anything,” Mohammad told the Deseret News newspaper.
Scores of police, some of them carrying riot shields,
responded to the scene where crowds of angry onlookers
hurled abuse, rocks and bottles at the officers. Authorities
said four people were arrested for civil disorder.
The department said two officers were involved in the
shooting and that both had been placed on routine
administrative leave pending the investigation.
It said both officers were wearing body cameras, but that
the footage was not being released yet because of the
probe led by the Unified Police Department.
Fox 13 quoted relatives as saying Mohamed moved to Utah
from Kenya about 10 years ago and lived in West Valley
City with his girlfriend and their son.
His girlfriend, Becca Monson, told the channel he was a
“really caring, good, loving” boyfriend and father.
Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski said in a statement
that while the investigation continued, “there is no doubt
what happened is a tragedy for all involved and for our
entire city.”


Mwanaisha Chidzuga, Cecilia Mwangi and former KPA chair Danson Mungatana
When it comes to being a public figure, you can either
ignore or speak up when it gets too hot to handle.
K24 news anchor, Mwanaisha Chidzuga, on Wednesday
last week  took to Twitter to clarify alleged rumours on her
relationship with former assistant minister Danson
Mungatana and Cecilia Mwangi.
Kindly note that I Mwanaisha Chidzuga was neveor a co-wife to one Cecilia Mwangi Pls stop dragging my name and that of my family into this madness,” she said.
She wrote this on her twitter acc,


This comes a few days after a local site reported that
Cecilia and the former chair of KPA ended their
relationship over a year ago and that she is happy raising
their daughter on her own.
Mwanaisha moved to K24 late last year after working as a
Swahili anchor at KTN.


Attempts by the prosecution to place Jonah Anguka at Dr
Ouko’s home and scene of murder mastered no witnesses to collaborate the theory.

Trial judge Justice Fidahussein Abdullah ruled out as
‘practically impossible’ that Anguka could have murdered Dr Ouko, but days before he delivered his ruling he uttered the suicidal comments during a school function:
“The judge said, innocent people are in jail while the guilty
are out here,” said Anguka, adding that later Justice
Fidahussein was taken ill and died before delivering his
judgment and being a Muslim, no postmortem was carried out on to determine cause of death.

Later, Justice Daniel Anganyanya absolved Johan Anguka
who says: “I had no reason to kill the minister. I had no
resources to carry out and, I did not have the power to
cover it up perpetually.”

Investigations into the Ouko murder ground to a halt.
Anguka says it took the former Prime Minister, Raila
Odinga’s family to flee the country. “I left Kenya for
Uganda where I was given a new passport and visa. The
embassy official stood up, handed me my passport back
and told me, “welcome to America!”

– A man living and working in Nairobi as a bank manager
bet and lost KSh 500,000 on Arsenal in its Tuesday night
clash with Barcelona
– His wife, who left their matrimonial home following the
incident, was not aware that he was gambling with the
money, which is said to have been a loan
– The man is reportedly a serial gambler who had been on
a streak of winning on his bets
A 42-year-old man residing in Nairobi suffered double
tragedy when his wife left him, following a loss of KSh
500,000 that he made on a sports bet.
The man, who is manager at one of the leading banks in
the city, withdrew the money on Tuesday February 23,
2016, without informing his wife, and bet it on that day’s
game between Arsenal and Barcelona.

He had been on a streak of winning after getting addicted
to betting, and was expecting to reap in the millions on
that day, after putting his money on the English team,
reported HiviSasa .
“He has been gambling and winning but this one got him off and we are actually shocked that he gambled with all that money,” his brother, only identified as Onyango
commented, without divulging the man’s name.
Distressed after the loss, the man was forced to share the
news with his wife Jacky the next day, as the cash was
apparently a loan he had received the previous week.
She was left in disbelief and anger, and packed her
belongings before later walking out of their Langata home.

The wife had reportedly been getting increasingly
uncomfortable about her husband becoming a serial
gambler who frequented upscale casinos in the city, and
this was the final stroke for her.
Onyango said that the family is still not aware of where
the man’s wife is, as the couple is yet to make contact
since the incident.
Earlier in the month, a student from Maseno University had
to drop out of school when he bet and lost KSh 40,000 on
a football match.
The money was a HELB loan meant for his education.