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Lot has been said about NTV News anchor Larry Madowo and the most disturbing rumor being he’s alleged to be a homosexual.

The rumour sourced when Larry made the blunder of using crude words in expressing his opinion regarding Raila Odinga’s list of individuals who are alleged to have squandered Euro-bond. He was seen mauled by Odinga’s fanatics and critics begun attacking his sexuality intimating he was gay.

The fact that the public isn’t sure whether the Larry is dating or not has paved way for all sort of absurd imaginations.

Larry couldn’t seat down and allow detractors to defecate on his well manicured CV.

In a column on today’s Daily Nation, Larry has clearly addressed allegations that he was gay.

Larry has affirmed that he isn’t gay like his critics were purporting with their slanderous insults.
Larry wrote in part:



Anita Fabiola was fired from NTV for disgracing the brand after her inappropriate pictures leaked to the social media. She posed for a photo without clothes in the bathroom and now was caught caressing a lady’s buttocks at a nightclub.

She was a respectable figure during her stint on NTV Uganda as ‘Be My Date ’ presenter. But ever since, Anita Fabiola has turned out to be a ratchet queen.

The TV personality has now been reduced to a socialite who hangs out at popular entertainment hot spots across Kampala where she does ratchet stuff. Anita was sometimes last month seen fighting with Socialite Huddah over a Ugandan Tycoon.

Anita was caught on camera caressing a lady’s booty as she was enjoying herself at a nightclub. She was in company of a friend who was equally mesmerized by the butt.

Watch the clip below:


Artiste Jackson Makini aka CMBPrezzo has made Dennis Okari smile again after indicating that there is nothing between him (Prezzo) and Betty Kyalo.

The artiste was responding to rumours that he is behind the troubles the two media personalities are encountering.

Speaking to K24,Prezzo dispelled the rumour by stating:

And as to Betty, Prezzo simply said.

Watch the interview bellow:


Yes it’s true Betty Kyalo and Dennis Okari have decided to end their marriage. Latest news reveals that Betty will no longer use the tag “wife” in social media, when in studio or social places.

Though the KTN news anchor has thrashed the news that the two have divorced, signs are clear that the future of their marriage isn’t bright.

Betty’s recent Twitter profile changed from “Wife. Yummy Mummy. Child of God. Journalist. Within Me Soldiers Lay,” to what now reads;
“Girl Next Door. Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication (Love Emoticon).”

It is clear she (Betty) is going through a lot but is trying to play it cool so as to save her reputation and career.

Citizen TV News Anchor Anne Kiguta is pregnant with second child.

Anne, who is not ready to flaunt her unborn child, is expected to deliver in the next four months, according to her close associates.

It is believed that Jomo Gecaga is the man behind the pregnancy, though Anne is reluctant to admit.

Jomo Gecaga, is Chief of Staff and personal secretary to President Uhuru and previously a First Officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the son of Udi and Jeni Wambui Gecaga (first President’s daughter). He is the nephew of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Over the past three years, the two have been spotted together in several joints and even retiring to bed together.

Anne is a single mother of one and adding the second one means she will continue being single but getting support from the two fathers of her two kids.

See the photos bellow.




Cord leader Raila Odinga and a host of coalition members fell during a rally in Kilifi county on Friday when a dais they were standing on collapsed.

Raila was in the middle of an address to supporters at the Malindi municipal stadium after attending a court hearing when the dais gave way under the weight of several leaders.

Ironically, Raila had just concluded one of his parables in which he alluded to his supporters of an attempt by forces he branded as the “devil”, to lure Coast Cord leader from the coalition.

He said the leaders had rejected the advances.
“I was shown the hill where the devil tempted Jesus telling him he would give him all the land if he worshiped him. But Jesus rejected the devil telling him to go away,” Raila said.
It was at this point that the dais gave way sending the Cord leaders flailing to the ground.

There were no injuries reported following the incident.
Raila was in Kilifi county to offer his support for the coalition’s embattled leaders who lamented harassment from the state.

The High Court in Malindi ordered police not to arrest, intimidate or harass Cord leaders.

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho and his Kilifi counterpart Amason Kingi filed a petition against the Attorney General, Coast regional coordinator Nelson Marwa, Inspector General of Police, Interior Cabinet Secretary and the Jubilee Alliance Party.

They sought orders, with other legislators and their associates, restraining the police from intimidating, harassing or withdrawing their security.

Justice Said Chitembwe ordered police to give Kingi, Joho and seven lawmakers who had been summoned free bond saying they were not flight risks owing to their capacities as governors, MPs and senators.

Issuing the orders in the packed courtroom in the presence Cord co-principals Raila Odinga, Musyoka, and Wetang’ula, Chitembwe fixed the matter for inter party hearing on April 18.

“Pending the hearing of this application, conservatory orders are hereby issued restraining the respondents from harassing, intimidating or withdrawing security, firearms, or firearms licence to the second to 22nd interested parties on account of any alleged incidences, arising out of the Malindi by-election,” Chitembwe said.

Malindi town and the law courts were brought to a stand still as the Cord brigade arrived in style from the airport.
Supporters forced themselves into the building to hear the verdict.

The Cord leaders had a hard time entering the courtroom as hundreds of supporters scrambled to get in, forcing their security aides to push them.

In the courtroom, supporters shouted Baba while others sang ‘we stand with Joho and Kingi’.

Security was beefed up in the courtroom before the judge came in.


One person hijacked an EgyptAir plane that was heading from Alexandria to Cairo and diverted to Cyprus on Tuesday, civil aviation and police sources said.

The sources said there were about 60 people on board.
The hijacking occurred in Cyprus’s flight information region and the airliner was diverted to Larnaca.

Egyptian civil aviation sources and police confirmed the hijacking and said one man was involved. The plane was an Airbus 320, they said.

Source: The Star.


Kisumu Deputy Governor Ruth Odinga is now urging the police to strengthen her security, following the killing of her three German Shepherd dogs that she had been counting on for protection at her Nyahera home.

Ms Odinga lamented over the suspicious incident wondering whether it was intended to scare her over what she termed as her growing popularity in the area.

I don’t know the intention but I fear for my life. This week one died, last week and the other week also. This trend is worrying me a lot and I cannot now spend my night in Nyahera. She lamented

“I don’t know whether the killing of the dogs, which have been my only source of security, has a connection to my popularity across the county,” the deputy governor said adding that her veterinary doctor confirmed the dogs were poisoned.

Kisumu North police boss Peter Omanwa , however, noted that Ms Odinga had not reported the incident to the police.
“Let her make a formal report before we can launch investigations. Right now, I’m not in a position to make further comments,” Mr Omanwa told the Star.

Opposition leader Raila Odinga’s sister asserted that she had not been assigned security officers at her home, but she was not bothered since she had the German Shepherds. Ms Odinga now says she cannot gamble with her security.

Last week, the police department indicated that it would be drawing up a criteria to be used in assigning security details to senior officials in the National and County Government.


Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko has disowned campaign billboards announcing his bid for the City’s gubernatorial seat, days after the County Government issued an order to have them pulled down.

In a letter addressed to the City Government, Sonko stated that he had not instructed erection of the boards with the messages contained on them.

“I had not authorized the erection of billboards or the messages therein as I had not even started my campaigns yet but your letter has now provoked me to do so,” he said.

The Senator was responding to a statement written to Tangarine Investment Ltd ordering it to bring down the billboards for misusing County government emblems.
Sonko denied knowledge of the company, insisting that he should not be tied to the billboards.

“The said company is a stranger to me as I have not contracted them to do any form of advertising on my behalf. However, when I shall launch by gubernatorial campaigns, I will visit the threats in your letter and hold your office and yourself personally liable for any damage,” he announced.

He termed the missive from the County as mischievous and malicious, declaring he had authority to use the official emblems as he was Nairobi’s duly elected leader.

The law entitles me to use and erect the Nairobi City County emblem or any other related symbol in any of my county offices, display the same during official functions officiated by myself and in billboards within my jurisdiction,” added Sonko.

On Monday, Kidero’s government instructed that Sonko billboards be pulled down within 12 hours failure to which it would do so and bill the advertising company.


The street boy, Maurice Mwendwa commonly referred to as Morris, who captured the attention of many Kenyans by his amazing command of English, is back on the streets even after many promises from high profile individuals to help him out.

In a video that emerged on social media, Morris dismisses claims that he was adopted by Nairobi Senator
Mike Sonko , who was one of the people who pledged to support the boy.

Morris rubbishes the rumours that he now lives in a ‘big house’ stating that he has been living with his collegues in Gachie.

In the recording, the street boy who many thought his life had drastically changed for the better, is heard questioning why he is on the street again.

“This is the Moris you were seeing meeting the Chief Justice but I wonder why Moris is roaming on the streets [sic]?” Morris questions

“Moris is the same Moris who talked about opportunity but I am roaming on the streets again [sic],” he adds.

In the clip, he is seen complaining about a woman who has been caning him together with his friends
“She is caning us thoroughly, ati because of a book [sic],” Morris states.

The boy now pleads for assistance from well wishers so that he can be able to attend school.

The 15-year-old came into the spotlight in February, when he was caught on camera addressing the subject of ‘opportunity’ which he articulately defined in English.

His eloquence in English drew many to commit to help him out including Chief Justice Willy Mutunga, who promised him an internship at the Supreme Court during his school holidays, in order to build a base for his career in the law.

Watch the video bellow: