Comedian Eric Omondi flaunts his sexy mother-in- law

Posted: March 10, 2016 in Uncategorized


Eric Omondi and his Italian beauty, Chantal, left fans
impressed at their event dubbed ‘Chantal’s red and black
party’ last weekend. On the same day, Eric Omondi stole
the show when he showed up at his much hyped event
aboard a helicopter. A stunt that has over time been
popularized by Kenyan politicians.

Apart from the grand entry, Kenya’s funniest man also got
the chance to hang out with his beautiful mother-in-law
who was also present at her daughter’s themed event.

Despite many photos of the event making their way onto
social media, there was one in particular that Eric
emphasized on, even asking his fans what they thought
about it.

No sooner had Eric shared a picture of himself together
with Chantal’s mum who looks way younger than her age,
than people labelled her the most beautiful comedian
mother in law yet!

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