CORD pinpoints faces behind Joho’s ‘woes’ as police contradict earlier position

Posted: March 10, 2016 in Uncategorized

Opposition coalition CORD has strongly condemned the
move to withdraw five police officers from Mombasa
Governor Ali Hassan Joho’s security detail.

The opposition even singled out Interior CS Joseph
Nkaiserry and Mombasa Regional Coordinator Neslo Marwa as individuals to be held accountable to the action which unconfirmed reports suggest will affect all the 47

“We condemn strongly this act of blackmail, intimidation
and revenge. We will hold the interior Cabinet Secretary
Joseph Nkaissery and the Jubilee administration’s point
person in the Coast Nelson Marwa responsible for Joho’s
security,” said a statement by CORD.

Joho stormed the office of acting Coast Regional Police
Commandant Francis Wanjohi on Thursday, March, 10,
demanding to know why five officers from his security
detail were withdrawn.

Police headquarters however said later in the day that all
the 47 governors will see their security detail drastically
reduced from 15 police officers to five.

“This is not happening to Joho alone. All the 47
Governors must have a considerable numbers so that we
can allow our officers to serve other security duties,” said
Police spokesperson Charles Owino.

Owino went on to state that initially the security situation
in Mombasa warranted Joho to have 15 police officers but the situation has changed.

Hassan Joho has in the recent past been vocal against the Jubilee government, something his supporters attributed to the crackdown on Container Freight Stations business associated with his family.

“I am aware this is part of a wider strategy by Jubilee
administration to frustrate me because of my political
stand,” said Joho in a statement.

He went on to say that as an elected leader, he is entitle
to security yet at no point did the process to withdraw his
security involve him.

This comes barely a month after the government cracked
down on businesses associated with the Mombasa
governor’s family.

Kenya Revenue Authority attribute the move to tax evasion and an influx of illegal goods in the country which were traced to the Container Freight Stations associated with the governor’s family.

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