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After repeatedly denying it, songstress Avril  and her South African fiancé, Leslie Mugadza, have called it quits.

In an interview with local blog, Mpasho , the singer said she and Leslie have taken some time off and that the future of their relationship remains uncertain.

“We have taken some time off because I had so much to deal with. I don’t know if we are going to carry on with our plans and all these arrangements because so much happened in the beginning of the year. I don’t know if it is going to happen,” Avril said during the interview.

The pair have had a roller coaster relationship that has often led to speculation in the media of an imminent breakup.

In 2015 interview with Radio Citizen , Avril revealed that the cultural differences between her and her fiancé were the main reason she had not walked down the aisle with him.

“The wedding will not be that soon. He is Zulu and I am Kikuyu and there are some cultural things involved in the entire process,” Avril said at the time.

In February this year, photos of Avril’s fiancé spending Valentine’s Day with Namibian beauty Delish Mathews went viral and sparked fresh rumors that the two had split.

But even with the exposure of the photos, the South African denied accusations of cheating on Avril.

A month later, the songstress suffered the loss of her father who had been recovering from a massive heart attack.

Then in April, Avril, in another radio interview, dismissed reports that she and her boyfriend had broken up.

However, in her latest interview, the singer clearly says that she doesn’t want to be put in a situation where she is handling emotional issues.

Source: Nairobi News

The problems bedeviling Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) chairman Philip Kinisu have deepened after his fellow commissioners asked him to step aside to allow independent investigations.

Mr Kinisu has been facing calls to resign after revelations that Esaki Limited, a company owned by Mr Kinisu’s wife, has been conducting business with the National Youth Service where it was allegedly paid for goods that were overpriced or not supplied.

He has denied the allegations.

But five EACC commissioners have now issued a statement calling on Mr Kinisu to step aside saying by virtue of his office and his relationship with Esaki Limited, his personal interests are in conflict with those of the public in respect of the subject investigations.

EACC has been investigating the NYS scandal where hundreds of millions were lost in shady deals.

“In line with the requirement of Chapter Six of the constitution, leadership and integrity Act and the EACC Code of Conduct, the commission wishes to reiterate the need to enforce compliance with the said laws,” said the commissioners.


“Holders of the public office are required to observe high ethical standards and therefore the view of the commissioners is that the continued occupation of the office of the chairperson of the commission is in apparent or potential conflict with public interest whether real or perceived.”

The five are Sophia Lepuchirit (vice chairperson), Dr Dabar Abdi Maalim, Paul Mwaniki Gachoka, Rose Mghoi Macharia and Halakhe Waqo (secretary).

EACC also says it has written to the Attorney General Prof Githu Muigai seeking his legal opinion on the matter, “more particularly considering that the view of the commissioners is that the chairperson should take personal responsibility.”

The five argue that conflict of interest is occasioned by the fact that the EACC chairperson is tasked with the responsibility of providing policy direction on all matters for the commission including investigations into corruption, economic crimes and unethical conduct.

He is also involved in considering files where investigations are concluded and is a joint signatory to files forwarded to the DPP for review and further action and that Mr Kinisu was well aware that the commission was actively investigating the NYS matter.

Security guards at Nyayo Estate claimed that they caught him pants down with a lady friend in a car. A resident claimed that Prezzo tried to ‘hijack’ him on the fateful night. Police officers say he was intoxicated. Just what transpired before Prezzo was thrown behind bars? Photo: Courtesy

Controversial Kenyan rapper Jackson Ngechu Makini, popularly known as Prezzo, was on Thursday, expected to be charged with assaulting a Kenya Airways employee and causing disturbance.

The My City, My Town rapper was saved from being lynched by angry residents of Nyayo Estate on Saturday following a scuffle in which, he is accused of assaulting a Kenya Airways employee.

He was locked up at the Embakasi police cells on Saturday until Sunday — at about 6pm — when he was released on cash bail. Prezzo was to take a plea on Monday but police pushed it to Thursday to enable them finish their probe and enable the complainant, Stanley Kipchumba Kimoret, a flight engineer with KQ to file his P3 form.

Prezzo had been attending a private party at a court in the estate when he decided to leave. According to the estate chairman and popular blogger Robert Alai, when Prezzo arrived at the parking, he failed to locate his car.

“He walked to a motorist who had just arrived there and tried to bully him and demanding that he drops him in town prompting a confrontation,” said Alai.

Kimoret told police he arrived home and parked his car, but as he was offloading some items from the vehicle, he was confronted by Prezzo and two other men.

The three asked him to drop them in town but Kimoret declined, saying he does not operate a taxi as he directed them where they could locate one.

Kimoret said the musician tried to force himself into his car but he stopped him saying what he was doing was wrong. It was at that time, it is claimed, that he slapped him causing a confrontation.

Other witnesses joined and called security at the estate. The security moved in and contained Prezzo before calling police officers from the nearby police station.

Nairobi County police commander Japheth Koome said the musician was arrested at Nyayo Estate on Saturday following a scuffle and investigations into the incident had started.

“We will take further action as time goes by. Officers are still pursuing it,” said Koome. Other officials said there were talks to resolve the matter out of courts.

Sunday proved a busy day at the station as Prezzo’s friends and relative thronged the police station seeking his release. Some said the musician was unwell and needed to be attended to in hospital as part of efforts to have him released. Police said there was a complainant who needed to be consulted.

“Calls were made until the musician was released. The orders came from far above and that is Kenya,” said an officer there.

According to Embakasi Police station OCPD Appollo Onyonyi, this is not the first time the station is being notified about disturbances caused by the controversial rapper.

“We aren’t sure whether he lives here or only frequents this estate a lot. It is not the first time we have heard about complains of his disturbance here,” Onyonyi told Pulse.

“The complainant said he was assaulted but there were no guns involved, that was just some misinformed perception probably because people know the rapper carries a gun,” he noted.

“During the incident, the rapper was intoxicated and I think that was the genesis of the unfortunate action,” he added.

A security guard at Nyayo Estate claimed that they had found Prezzo and a lady friend having sex in the car adding that that was the genesis of the drama.

Meanwhile at the apartment where he had been on the night of the drama, residents refused to have it opened until police came and dusted it as part of the investigations.

Alai said they wanted to understand what happened at the court as part of their safety.

“The residents wanted experts to come and establish what transpired there. It is wrong because even police seem unable to handle such cases,” said Alai while, alluding there were “bad” events that occurred therein.

Prezzo is familiar with drama whenever he goes. In December last year, he was involved in a brawl with a man at Skylux after he invaded a table where a couple was seated.

In 2013 he was involved in a gun fight outside a popular club in Nairobi’s Westlands area. Police grilled him after he allegedly assaulted a Swiss military officer in the head with gun butt and holster.

The two are said to have been involved in an argument outside Aqua Bar over a parking slot after Prezzo had obstructed the military colonel from Switzerland.

The military officer is attached to Amisom and was headed to Ethiopia Saturday morning when the incident occurred. He was forced to cancel his flight and had to be treated in hospital.

It is not clear if Prezzo is a licensed gun holder.

Source : SDE.

I know it’s every girl’s dream to find and love mr. Perfect at some point in their lives but that is not always the case. Here are some 10 facts you must live with:

1. Sex doesn’t keep a man, if you like, turn 360% on bed, he will still dump you. Bleach until you become white, if he doesn’t notice the qualities of a wife in you, he will leave you.

2. A man who wins your love with cash may not stay forever. Real men don’t settle down with fake women who love money.

3. The beauty of a woman can take her to a Palace but her character will determine how long she stays in the palace. Beauty attracts men but character keep them.

4. Material things definitely has its merits but it cannot alone provide the riches of a truly meaningful life.

5. Being sexy without a character will not get you a husband, you will only get a boyfriend.

6. Sex can bring pleasure but it can never bring love, sex is a product of love, love is not a product of sex.

7. Sex can make a man stay with you overnight but love will make him stay for a lifetime.

8. There are some things that money just can’t buy like manners, moral and integrity.

9. How you dress will definitely determine how men will address you.

10. The nudes you post on social sites will only attract you men full of lust, after using you sexually they will move forward and settle with decent ladies

Ask yourself what is your worth?

Are you an object?

Is this what God created you for?

Answer me later.

Melania Trump giving out her speach at RNC on 19th, July, 2016

If you think plagiarism is a preseve for the less educated Kenyan bloggers or half-baked journalist like Njoki Chege, then you need to rethink. Melania Trump the wife to Repulican presidential candidate gave out a ‘ powerful’ speach at RNC which turned out to be a word-for-word copy past of what Michelle Obama gave back in August 2008 at DNC. 

Part of the copy pasted speach.

And The husband was not left behind as he tweeted exactly the same words Obama tweeted exactly 2 years ago. Surely, internet never forget

Watch the video bellow:

@Power1051’s Tweet:

Gatundu South MP, Moses Kuria, has hit back at award winning journalist, Jeff Koinange, after he claimed on his show that he cannot speak fluent English.

The incident happened on Wednesday night when Jeff Koinange hosted ODM politicians, Edwin Sifuna and Farah Maalim.

Somewhere in the conversation, Moses Kuria’s name came up and Farah Maalim had some nice words to say and even told Jeff how the two of them communicate in fluent Arabic.

Jeff could not hide his shock afterhearing that Kuria is fluent in a foreign language.

He wondered how Kuria, “who cannot construct proper English sentences,” can be fluent in a language like Arabic.

After Jeff’s mockery, Kuria went on social media where he reminded Kenyans about the reason why Jeff Koinange was kicked out of CNN. Not one to mince words, Kuria hit right below the belt.

This is what Moses Kuria posted.

“Jeff Koinange says I cannot speak proper English. He is right. Facts are stubborn. Even when I dream, I do so in Kikuyu with English sub-titles.

It’s better to admit. Perhaps time that Jeff Koinange admits that he was kicked out of CNN for attempting to rape a white woman, Marianne Brinner Matten,” Moses Kuria said.

​We read of horny guys, but the human race is not the only kind that got them. This tourist decided to take some cool photos with orangutans. The guys turned out to be pretty horny, too!

The woman visited the “Jungle Walk” part of a zoo. People there can take pictures and interact with wild animals. Surely, these two apes cannot be called too civilized! It all started by hugging and putting their arms around her waistline.

But the boys did not stop there. Do they ever? The girl was filmed while posing with apes. These gentlemen did not think they should behave themselves. They obviously liked the lady, so from her waist, they went up to her boobs.

This girl got the oddest selfies ever. She seemed to enjoy the “friendly” behavior of the animals. The video with the three of them went viral. Obviously, all the three enjoyed this little party. At least they all had happy grins on their faces. It surely was a rather unusual zoo visit for the girl.