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Rowdy youths who were sponsored by stupid wanker Mumias East Mp Benjamin Washiali finally apologize to Raila Odinga for the embarrassment they caused him during his visit in the area on Friday 25th,November, 2016.

Raila who visited the area to console with the victims of rape and brutally inflicted by GSU was accompanied by Kakamega governor Wycliffe Oparanya and two MCAs; Libinus Oduor(Mayoni) and Rocky Omwendo(Mumias North). They were forced to flee the area under tight security after the meeting turned chaotic.

The youths led by Faraj Faluma and Musa Ekaya apologized to ODM chief and describe him as a statesman and welcomed him to visit the area any time he feels like. They went ahead to say that their anger was towards the area MCAs that they accused of neglecting them and their duties. They keep on following governor as his flower girls.

“Some of the MCAs have failed to understand that we voted for them alongside the Governor yet they have been flower girls. They follow him wherever he goes but do not do much in their ward,” said Ekaya.
Faluma said: “So the chaos that erupted at Shibale were aimed at showing Raila and Oparanya that we are fed up with the kind of MCAs who are tailing the governor wherever he goes.” 

Kenya is by all means a mediocre country being governed by mediocre quacks who were glued together by their cases in ICC. And Kenyans citizens have quickly acquired the traits of these alcoholic president and a land grabber DP.

Last week a 28 year old man, Ronarld Kiprotich Melly hit the headlines when he was arrested and charged with three counts;  Forgery of documents, Impersonation of a medical officer and using a title of a ‘doctor’ without being licensed or registered. 

 28 year old Ronarld Kiprotich Melly in court. 

Kenyans are baffled by just how much quack doctors, quack police officers, quack teachers etc keep on operating freely in a country that purports to be governed by rule of law. Just the other day another quack doctor by the name Mugo was caught pants doing raping his unconscious patient now he’s roaming free because he’s being protected by Uhuru

Over the weekend, after being released on a Kshs. 500, 000 bond, mr.Kiprotich Melly, the quack from Tinderet Nandi received a heroic welcome from tens of his families and close friends. The worse part is when he was endorsed to vie for MCA seat for Tinderet ward.

Kiprotich receiving a heroic reception from his family and friends.

The quack accepting the endorsement.

No doubt Kenya has become a country where thieves and quacks are being celebrated and awarded with big jobs and government tenders. Remember Uhuru’s side chick who single handedly stole over 1.7 billion NYS money is now being fronted by Jubilee to run for governor.

As the medical superintendent of Meteitei Sub-County Hospital in Nandi, Kiprotich carried out at least nine caesareans and 21 minor surgeries.

Out of the 9 caesarean surgeries, 8 were successful but one led to the death of the mother. The baby was saved.

I’m a lover and a diehard fan for both local (Gor Mahia) and international (Manchester Utd) football but I follow more of international football than local ones. But whenever I get time I always love to go to stadium. But despite our league being one of the biggest and most competitive one in East and Central Africa, I have to confess that it’s one of the poorest attended leagues around. 

The fans apathy at the stadia is attributed to the hooliganism that is always witnessed inside and outside stadia.

But despite all these, still there are diehard fans who no matter what, still brace the harsh climate weather to enjoy and cheer their favorite teams. And believe it or not, one such dierhards is none other than the song queen, Avril Nyambura of Nikimuona hit maker. Avril, little known to many is a fan of Tusker FC. And she always get time off her busy schedule to attend the match in the stadium whenever her team plays.

Avril with other fans cheering on their team.

The singer recently attended a match of her favorite team, Tusker FC but she wasn’t pleased despite her team winning. And this’s her reason why:

“I was annoyed that I was at a Kenyan football finale where the team I support, Tusker FC, won and there wasn’t a single Kenyan song being played, urban or traditional. Is that what we have become? A country with no identity? No culture that we have to borrow other countries’ culture when celebrating our own success?”

Avril with Mathare United fans.

She added:

It really saddens me. As an artiste I will keep releasing more music and I will speak up if I feel we are forgetting ourselves whether it steps on some toes or no.”

Actually more is needed to be done to encourage and promote homegrown talents and acts. 

I’ve been on my seat since 11:04 am following the proceedings of the NYS SCANDAL, one of the numerous corruption scandals that have taken place ever since the Jubilee government took over power in 2013 after dubious election. Former CS of Devouslution madam Anne Waiguru has been giving her submission trying to counterattack the true facts that she’s the mastermind behind the lost of over Kshs 1.6 billion Kenyans taxes.

I’ve had a chance to follow the submissions by her accomplices that’s the likes of her former PS Mangiti and hairdresser turned billioner over night Josephine Kabura and all fingers were directed at her (Mrs Waiguru). A coincident? Or a case of a witch hunt? You be the judge. And by the way how do you explain how possible a person with only Ksh. 658 about 6$ in her bank account can raise that figure to over a billion Kshs within less than a year? What kind of business is that? Now that’s the kind of transformation one Josephine Kabura went through within a short period  of doing business’ with NYS.

If you’ve been fellowing how corruption unfolding in this Jubilee regime, you will agree with me that this country needs to urgently deal with corruption scandals.

I therefore believe and agree with #KOT (Kenyans on Twitter) that for us to successfully tackle this monster called corruption, some of the fundamental and freedom these thieves enjoy must be abrogated, abridged or infringed. I therefore support the call to #HangWaiguru and Co.