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Homa Bay is on fire

Posted: May 27, 2017 in Uncategorized

 Residents watching helplessly as Homa bay market being consumed by fire.  

Homa bay traders today woke up counting their losses as a midnight fire engulfed Homa Bay town market reducing their goods to ashes

This happened just two days after the under siege governor Awiti was heckled and jeered by Mama mbogas and angry residents of Homa Bay. ​

Tradersrs collecting the remaining pieces together 

The cause of the fire is not known but more fingers are pointing at Awiti’s goons who are out to punish the angry and hungry traders of Homa Bay heheckling their milk cow. ​

Meanwhile the failed governor’s convoy this morning  was forced to make a quick U-turn along Katito-Homa Bay road on his way to Homa Bay from Kisumu where he lives

The governor was rushing to Homa Bay to assess the Homa Bay Market inferno when he got reports that angry traders were planning to stone him upon arrival.

The traders are angry at the inept governor because he has failed to put measures in place to deal with previous, present and future fires.

The governor’s facebook post in sympathy with traders has elicited a heavy, shameful backlash with residents asking for his quick resignation.

They have vowed to vote him out in August.

In 2014, the governor claimed to have spent Sh. 50M to purchase a fire engine which does not exist as shown in the attached document below .

More saddening news is that there is no working fire extinguisher machine in the entire Homa Bay county while Awiti’s cahoots keep enriching themselve with the likes of Isaiah Ogwe expanding his Twin Tower Hotel while they’ve not been able even to build hospital gate.

Awiti returned to the County on Wednesday, for the first time since April 24th nominations, to a hostile reception and is likely to stay away from the county until traders’ anger cools down.

The failed governor lives comfortably in Kisumu.

Meanwhile, the traders have asked Hon Magwanga to go and talk to them.

Gov.  Awiti’s outrage as it enters Oyugis town. 

THE BESIEGED HOMA BAY Governor Cyprian Awiti got a rude shock in his own county today when he returned for the first time since the controversial ODM primaries where, after losing by 40,000 margin, he hired the service of General Service Unit to intimidate his own people as his nephew, Ezra Otieno, declared him the winner at dawn. 

Yesterday he forced all county employees to join his convoy after giving them a paltry Sh. 500 allowance despite failing to pay them salaries for the last 8 months.

A number of onlookers got scared of the heavy security deployed in major towns ahead of his arrival, and vacated market centres, resulting into the scanty crowd that met him. 

Oyugis town which had received Independent Governor Hon. Magwanga thunderously on Monday, was more or less a ghost town. 

Whenever the governor made a stop, the employees came out of their vehicles and rushed to form a crowd around him, which his bloggers aptly captured and promptly uploaded on social media. 

Most of the trucks and escort vehicles were empty; people avoided them, fearing violence characterized by tear gas. 

And it came to pass when at Chabera Market, people shouted in disapproval when he emerged atop his car’s sun roof to display his stolen nomination certificate. 

“Take it to Kisumu where you have been dancing for the last five years! ” they said.

Along the way the reception was cold and in Oyugis, the crowd jeered him again as he entered. 

Inside town, stones flew randomly from the crowd, prompting hundreds of police escorting him with gun barrels at the ready, to use live bullets and tear gas to disperse the irate and volatile crowds seething with palpable anger.

In Rangwe, the angry governor told the residents to their face that he will have to be declared the winner in August even if they don’t vote for him (whatever that means). 

His motorcade left the place in a huff amidst shouts of Tiacha! Tiacha! a slogan for his rival Hon. Oyugi Magwanga

At Rodi Kopany, the EACC besieged governor sped on without stopping, agitated crowds baying for his raw blood. 

Four out of his 1000 hired proboxes got badly smashed at that juncture. 

Ndhiwa was equally cold and hostile, but Homa Bay Town became the peak of Awiti rejection drama.

The governor didn’t adress any gatherings in his own capital. 

This comes at the wake of Civil rights bodies declaring Awiti unfit for public office.

Homa Bay Referral Hospital is trending in the news for total darkness and lack of water as Kenya Power demands over Sh. 1 m in arrears.   

Due to that huge humiliation, it’s rumored that there is a lot of tension in governor Awiti’s campaign secretariat and it has come to our attention that Homa Bay County Public Service Board is set to fire up over 900 County employees under unclear circumstances. Sources are revealing that the case is a political move and the direction has been issued by the County Governor. 

Those to be affected are ECD teachers, Tax collectors, health workers and Secretaries in various offices. At the same time those that are leaving in the county government houses to be issued with vacation letters anytime from now without any reason. 

This directive by CPSB comes just hours after the county governor was heckled and chased in major towns like Oyugis, Rodi, Rangwe and Homa Bay town and it might be the main reason. 

My main question, where are we heading as people of Homa Bay County as far as devolution is concerned? 
N/B: Boinet is set to visit Homa Bay County amid claims that the county Governor has compromised the entire security in the county to intimidate those who are opposing him and expect a serious change in that sector anytime from now.