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Homa Bay county governor Cyprian Awiti.


While other counties like Mombasa, Kitui, Kakamega, Bomet, Kisii, Machakos,  Nyeri et al continue to reap the fruits of devolution, Homa Bay county residents are yet understand what devolution is all about. Not like they don’t know the meaning, but they haven’t seen it’s benefits. It’s safe to say that Homa Bay county is in worse state toady than it was 8 years ago before devolution. you and me can categorically say that devolution is in fact changing lives and we can see a lot of developments which has come by it.

My people from Homa bay County it is time to send Awiti home and his cronies , He has done totally nothing to the people of Homa bay to deserve a second term. These are the reasons why he must go back to Mawego:

1.  Employment crisis :  It is only in Homabay County where workers don’t get their hard worked dues on time and in full, for instant if you are entitled to a net of Ksh20,000,  by the end of the month you get ksh2000 or percentage of what you collected for those who work as county revenue officers, don’t ask me where the rest of the monies go, your guess is as good as mine, It is only in Homabay County where you ask for employment and you are told you must pay Ksh 250,000. Where will the son of a peasant farmer or fisherman get the money.
2. Unprecedented corruption: Can Akuba tell us where 5 billion for construction of modern granary and Silos in Suba went to? Although in the county records, facility is up and running ,well equipped with employees whom are salaried while on the ground, not even a physical study was done for the same.

Corruption is the order of the day in Akubas government 50million ment for Homa bay Stadium renovation gone. Sindo district mortuary closed or if working then at a pathetic state yet there was 20million allocated for its upgrade, Homabay District hospital in a pathetic state no medication, deplorable ward conditions I mean poor hospital infrastructure yet 100million was allocated for this upgrade.
Infrastructure :

3. Poor infrastructure : It’s only in Homabay County where feeder roads have been opened and left in shambles no Calvert no hardcore if it rains it’s a nightmare for users yet 6billion meant for road networks has gone to the pockets of Awiti and Co.

The 2billion meant for Youth Polytechnics upgrade and empowerment is what he has been using fueling his cars to Kisumu every day and to entertaining young girls in Kisumu City while dancing Ohangla his favorite music .

It’s only in Homabay County where the number of ghost workers surpasses the number of county employees .

Those who are looting the county to the core are the current governor Akuba, County secretary and Finance minister they are the architects of all our woes, then others follow.

These are just but A few  reasons why we must elect a servant leader,   a tested and tried leader, a man with vision for the people of Homabay County His excellency Hon Joseph Oyugi Magwanga Aka Tiacha. On 8th August 2017.

These are some rare video clips that compromised main stream media will never dare to show. 

I don’t support Uhuru Kenyatta and to be frank, I’ve never liked his style of leadership since he took to the highest office in Kenya 

But recently as I was perusing through social media,  I came across this one particular video that left me thinking that perhaps we have the most humble president on Earth

Whether he did it for PR purposes, this is just way too cool.  Watch it down here and have your say. 

As expected, Jose Chameleon did not disappoint his fans again when he featured the glamorous Icey Kiba in their new jam Songea…  

Well,  I don’t want to waste much of your time,  just sit back,  adjust volume up, relax and enjoy  










3.Upper eastern-1m



NOTE: Assume you gave jubilee half kamba votes and you deny NASA any kalenjin votes.on top of that give jubilee all somali votes and NASA all maasai votes the results is as follows:

NASA – 9.6M

Now out of 2.3m kalenjine votes give NASA just half a million votes the results will be:


Now assume jubilee picks half a million votes from all NASA Strongholds the outcome is:


Now assume NASA garners half a million votes outside its strong hold puting in mind that we gave jubilee half kamba votes the result is.


FInally assume Jubilee only got half a million kamba votes the result is.


Assume a70% voter turn out that is 13.3m.

NASA-55.78% (7.42M votes)

Jubilee-39.47% (5.26m votes)
9/8/2017,  Chebukati:Congratulations Raila odinga

According to IEBC, a total 19,687,563  have registered as voters in Kenya as of 2017. If the voters are grouped according to strongholds, NASA has a  lion’s share.

Below, based on figures from the IEBC,are total number of registered voters as per Kenyan counties.
1.      Kiambu. 1,173,5932.      

2.     Nakuru. 948,6683.      

3.     Meru. 712,3784.      

4.     Murang’a. 590,7755.      

5.     Nyeri. 460,8066.     

6.     Uasin Gishu. 451,4857.  

7.     Kericho. 379,8158.     

8.     Kirinyaga. 351,1629.      

9.     Nandi. 349,34010.  

10.   Nyandaua. 336,32211.  

11.    Bomet. 325,60612.  

12.    Embu. 315,66813. 

13.     Laikipia. 239,49714.  

14.     Baringo. 227,91815. 

15.      Tharaka Nithi. 216,52216.  

16.      West Pokot. 178,98917.  

17.      E Marakwet. 178,97518.  

18.      Kakamega. 746,87719.  

19.      Machakos. 627,16820.  

20.      Mombasa. 596,48521.  

21.      Bungoma. 559,89722.  

22.      Kisumu. 548,86823.  

23.      Kilifi. 510,48424. 

24.       Kitui. 477,65525.

25.        Kisii. 544,75326.  

26.       Nyamira. 279,68527.  

27.      Homa Bay. 476,15028.  

28.      Siaya. 447,74529. 

29.      Makueni. 421,18030.  

30.     Migori. 388,96731.  

31.     Busia. 347,91132.  

32.      T Nzoia. 339,83233. 

33.       Kwale. 282,43634.  

34.       Vihiga. 267,48135.  

35.       Taita Taveta. 155,90436.  

36.       Tana River. 118,18937.  

37.       Lamu. 70,22438.  

38.      Nairobi. 2,304,38639.  

39.      Kajiado. 409,26640.  

40.     Narok. 347,42741.  

41.     Turkana. 188,61742.

42.    Mandera. 168,47843. 

43.    Garissa. 132,48644.  

44.    Wajir. 155,91645. 

45.    Marsabit. 143,54146.  

46.    Samburu. 79,47747.  

47.    Isiolo. 72,548

TOTAL 19,687,563

Kiambu.             1,173,593
Nakuru.              948,668
Meru.                   712,378
Murang’a.            590,775
Nyeri.                    460,806
Uasin Gishu.         451,485
Kericho.                 379,815
Kirinyaga.             351,162
Nandi.                    349,340
Nyandaua.             336,322
Bomet.                    325,606
Embu.                      315,668
Laikipia.                  239,497
Baringo.                   227,918
Tharaka Nithi.        216,522
West Pokot.             178,989
E Marakwet.            178,975
NASA strongholds include:
Kakamega.   746,877
Machakos.    627,168
Mombasa.     596,485
Bungoma.      559,897
Kisumu.          548,868
Kilifi.                510,484
Kitui.                 477,655
Kisii.                  544,753
Nyamira.          279,685
Homa Bay.        476,150
Siaya.                  447,745
Makueni.            421,180
Migori.                 388,967
Busia.                    347,911
T Nzoia.                 339,832
Kwale.                    282,436
Vihiga.                    267,481
Taita Taveta.          155,904
Tana River.             118,189
Lamu.                       70,224
Nairobi. 2,304,386
Kajiado. 409,266
Narok. 347,427
Turkana. 188,617
Mandera. 168,478
Garissa. 132,486
Wajir. 155,916
Marsabit. 143,541
Samburu. 79,477
Isiolo. 72,548

And now with counties like Bomet shifting their support towards NASA and with their FREE SECONDARY EDUCATION manifesto, RT Hon.  Raila Odiga,  ODM and NASA leader has a chance to win the upcoming presidential elections in the first round. 

Vote wisely. Your vote, your voice

That Uhuru will lose come 8th, Agust, 2017 is not a secret anymore. If the recent opinion done Infotrac is anything to by,  then UhuRuto camp has all the reasons to panic and even better still start packing. 

Opinion polls aside,  the reality on the ground is that Kenyans are tired of this Jubilee regime and every Kenyan is now asking for the change. 

Moi got away with so many goofs because Kenyans then were ignorant and did not understand their rights.

Today you tell Kenyans that Millers privately imported maize, Kenyans would want to know Why both the CS and PS were at the port to receive private goods..

You tell them they were there to check the quality and standards of the maize that was imported…

Kenyans will ask you, is the work of the CS and PS to check standards and quality?

Then again you tell them Private millers imported the maize,

Kenyans will ask you, why the government allocated 10 billion for that purpose? 

Then two days after the importation you emerge with a 2 kg of Unga in a press conference that that is the product of the maize you imported two days ago, with a sticker GoK on it.

Then Kenyans ask you, the GoK sticker is supposed to be accompanied by another sticker ‘Not for sale” because it appears ‘relief food”…

But then you also forget to change the date of manufacture on the packet to tally with your lies.

What are those questions that you feel someone in the government isn’t answering exhaustively. 

A Kenyan walks to the shop the following day to buy the “subsidiesed” unga he finds no unga.