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Public likes is here to stay

Posted: July 27, 2017 in Uncategorized

Is Publick Likes real or not? This is the question that is being asked by many investors of public Likes for the past few days now.

But before we unravel the intrigues that surround the Public Likes, let us first of all understand what a public likes is and how it works.

So what is Public likes and how does it pay? Public likes is a Paid To Click (PTC) website where members can earn certain money by clicking and visiting paid ads. And lately they’ve added other feature like watching videos, playing their games, completing offers and many more or earn commission by referring others to the site. 

Public likes is new in Kenya, barely four months now and it is the only PTC in the world that pays through Mpesa. It has been paying without major problems till recently like three weeks ago when members started having difficulties while withdrawing. PL has come out to assure its users that all is well and that public likes is here to stay . They’ve said the delay has been due to site maintenance thanks to huge number of subscribers which stands at over 800,000 

Source of income:

 According to public likes, they pay their members on a weekly basis on Fridays and Saturdays amount totaling to Ksh. 200Million or approximately $ 2M through Mpesa  which with the introduction of bank as mode of payment, this figure could skyrocket soon.

So many would ask, how does PL generate that kind of money to pay it members?

Our research team have found out that public likes operates as A Bux site and “bux” models are rather unsustainable.

 All the Bux sites relie on selling expensive upgrades or renting referrals to pay members. PL recently changed its upgrading policy from $45 per year to $45 after every 60 days. This translates to $315 per year or Ksh.31,500 per year. This is very expensive considering the international rates for upgrading any genuine PTC membership is about $80 to $120 annually. But I must also add that PL pays its members awesomely compared to other PTC sites.

Usually, Bux sites display self sponsored ads with high click rate which on the long run is in the most cases bad because the sites are unable to generate enough advertising income. 

As the time passes, at the Bux site, ckickers start making profits and the site is getting into financial problems because their inability to generate enough advertising income to pay their investors.

 Typically, bux sites don’t make enough advertising revenue to cover the cost of self sponsored ads (personal and referral rates), which is why they tend to collapse. And this explains why public likes had to pull down their ptc. This was a nice move by public lickes 

We always advise, and especially with Bux site,do your research if you plan to invest your hard earned money. 

So is public like a scam or not? Without going by rumors that have pervaded social media and based on my own research and understanding of how PTC works, I’ll give public likes benefit of doubt and this is why:

  1.  On realising that the self sponsored ads are not economically viable, public likes  decided to pull them down and instead introduced other avenues of generating income which is more sustainable.
  2. When some curious investors decided to do some inquiry with Safaricom, the provider of Mpesa which public likes uses to pay its members, the outcome was somehow relieving as they ( Safaricom) confirmed that the Mpesa code they provided public likes is genuine. See the response of Safaricom through their official twitter page below
  3. I tend to believe that public likes are working on their site to enable them handle its ever growing members efficiently and once they are done, it will be much better.

So what do you think? Is public  likes here to  stay as they claim or not? Have your say.

Does Gov.  Cyprian Awiti Merit a Second Chance in Homa Bay?

For the uninitiated in the gubernatorial tussles in the lakeside county of Homa Bay; Cyprian Awiti (aka Akuba thing one) is the incumbent governor fighting to retain his throne.

Cyprian Awiti’s performance has been sterling. So exceptional that none of the other 46 governors would match his prowess either individually or collectively as a group! 

For the doubting Thomases, his performances are a matter of public record and if you have had a keen eye for current events, hardly would you miss to notice them. 

Akubu beats all the other governors’ hands down; at dancing! Yes dancing. And I say this as someone highly confident of his dance moves – a topic for another day. 
My governor gyrates so rhythmically in tune with Ohangla music you would think that it is music that courses through his veins instead of blood. 

When it comes to doing a jig, Akuba falls in the league of the legendary General Defao and the famed Mbuta Likasu.

Be that as it may, a County is not run on dancing. It requires transformative vision and mission laid out not only on a well-structured development blueprint but also accompanied by a relentless will to effect them. And this unfortunately is where my good governor comes out blank.

The Jubilee government finds a brother-in-arms in the county government of Homa Bay as far as incompetence is concerned. 

Like the El-Nino rains, graft, abuse of office, runaway theft, pillage of public resources and lassitude deluge the county government! Tumbocracy reigns supreme!

Awiti jump starts his government on high gear. He invites ‘mzungu investors’ in droves. They turn out to be international fraudsters. As expected, money disappears. 

Meanwhile, Ramogi radio beams his development projects all over the place. The people of Siaya, Migori and Kisumu become envious of Homa Bay. Turns out they are merely phantom projects. 

His cronies in the meantime hypnotize him with this statement ‘piny ber jatelo’ – so he continues to eat life with a big spoon in Kisumu.

The reality of the August elections jolts him awake. Frustration drives him bananas and at one point he clears the entire HQ offices of employees.

 In desperation, he re-awards tenders to ‘who-ka-whos’ of Homa Bay to complete the stalled twin projects giving him a bad reputation; the county stadium and referral Hospital. Unfortunately, for the second time in a row, the hospital rehabilitation stalls again!

So is Akuba aka Rabolo idho tek winning? I’ll say YES. Akuba is winning on the dance floor but badly losing on 8/8.

You tell me if Awiti deserves a second shot at the gubernatorial throne of Asego.

​NASA leader and presidential candidate Rt Hon. Raila Odinga addressing a mammoth crowd in Homa Bay county. 

Yesterday was another big disappointing day for the under siege Homa Bay governor Cyprian Awiti who has been waiting and panting  for Raila to come and endorse him. 

Governor Awiti has been mentioned in several reports including those of EACC and  The Auditor-General reports as the most corrupt and incompetent governor.  
Under his four and half years tenure, Homa Bay has lost more than Ksh. 8 billion 

The governor has been having difficult times campaigning on his own since he has no project to point out save for six piece call and the ODM certificate that he got after shambolic nominations. 

So Instead of giving people his scorecard, this nincompoop decided to unveil his manifesto. Like seriously? Another manifesto? 

That was underwhelming for the incumbent. By now,  that quack should be giving the people of Homa Bay his scorecard instead of launching another manifesto.

I must say I was impressed by the way Raila  handled the six piece mantra. For those who were eagerly waiting for Raila to lift their hands and pronounce them as his favorite candidates were left nursing their filthy stinking wounds. 

”Let us put all our energy in securing the presidential seat and stop focusing on trivial seats down here,” Raila said. 

Contrary to what everyone was expecting (endorsing ODM candidates), Raila categorically recognized an independent gubernatorial candidate Hon. Oyugi Magwanga in his absentia. He said: “Magwanga bende Ng’ata”‘ (Magwanga is also in my team). 

That statement sent Homa Bay town into frenzy and celebration mode as Awiti and his supporters were left pondering their next move. 

Celebration would last for hours to as late as 9:45pm.  ​

Raila needs every vote he can get and with such pronouncements he can be rest assured of about 95-98 voter turnout in Homa Bay county. 

That’s the way to go. 

NASA presidential flag bearer Rt Hon. Raila Odinga 

NASA brigade led by the coalition flag bearer Rt Hon.  Raila Odiga will tomorrow 17th, July, 2017 transverse the county of Homa Bay one of Odinga’s strong holds with over 325, 000 registered voters as per IEBC register 2017. 

This Homa Bay rally comes after two of such rallies were postponed in what political pundits say was due to intense political contest of gubernatorial seat. 
The two front runners are the incumbent Hon. Cyprian Awiti of ODM and the current Kasipul Member of parliament Hon.  Joseph Oyugi Magwanga who is contesting as an independent candidate. 

Things have been very unbearable for the incumbent whom seems to be lossing ground as election date nears.  The Homa Bay electorates are scolding the governor for poor governance that led to massive looting of the already struggling county. 

Things even worsen after shambolic ODM nomination in the county. Many believe that Magwanga who is also better known as Tiacha won but his victory was snatched away by the incumbent. 

The visit by Rt Hon. Raila Odinga tomorrow is no doubt long overdue. The people of Homa Bay must have been really waiting for this day. 

But As usual, politicians do make some silly mistakes at the last stretch that in turn cost them dearly and Raila is no exception. 

For Raila to make sure that Homa Bay county vote him to last man on 8/8, he has to desist from preaching six piece gospel in tomorrow’s really more so the governor seat. 

By letting people to decide for themselves, both camps will mobilize their supporters to come out in large numbers in the material day and this will be a good thing for Raila’s presidency. 

Of what benefit will it be to Raila if he succeeds in campaigning for ODM governor  but fails to become president? Let’s not lie to electorates that independent candidates are supporting Jubilee. 

Another possible outcome if Raila tries to preach the six piece mantra is an ugly scene of heckling and booing and the media will be awash with “Raila heckled and booed in his own tuff”… He should be smart. 

Meanwhile, the people have some questions to their  governor which they want him to answer during Raila tour on Monday

The people of Homa Bay are not happy with the performance of the governor and myriad cases of corruption allegations that have bedevilled the administration.
The premise behind devolved government was primarily to enhance service delivery to the public and better life of the electorates.
NASA bone of contention with Uhuruto have been poor performance, unfulfilled promises, rampant corruption allegations among others.

 Coincidentally,  the reasons why professionals and electorates have ganged against Awiti adminstration are the same reasons why Nasa wants to remove Uhuruto.
As the NASA brigades will be traversing the eight sub counties let them ask the governor why he has failed to give the electorates water.

They should ask him why the health facilities are run down and with tens of people dying from diseases that can easily be treated.
It will be good for the brigades to ask the governor why the roads are in deplorable condition and why food insecurity is at 80 percent in the region.
The electorates should ask the governor about rampant corruption in his government and why the suppliers have not been paid.
Finally,  Homa Bay electorates would like to ask the governor what happened to multi billion agri- city project and why they lost millions of shillings.
Homa bay should have been a model of ODM run government and it wouldn’t be prudent for NASA brigades to cherish mediocrity.

​Nicholas Biwott in a past function 

Nicholas Biwott who was also better know as ‘Total Man’ passed on today July 11, 2017 at the age of 77 just four day after the country lost another greate man the Interior CS Rtd Gen Joseph Nkaisserry. 

The death of Joseph Nkaisserry still remains mystery.  Earlier postmoterm by government pathologist and family’s doctor claim the late CS died of heart attack though so many fingers are pointing at a possible foul play. 

As Kenyans are still trying to come to terms with these horrifying news, a video of the late Nicholas Biwott giving some ‘lecture ‘ to president Uhuru and Ruto on how best to govern the country has surfaced. 

Here he could be heard telling DP Ruto to stop meddling with county government affairs. 

Watch the clip here. #RIPBIWOTT.

Homa Bay county Assembly 

Corruption in Homa Bay county can be best described as the Lernaean hydra of Greek. You try to cut one head, it breeds more heads. The employment recruitment here has taken a new twist whereas the poorly performed individuals are elevated to the best positions while othere are assigned to dockets they are not qualified nor applied for.

Governor Awiti is in the center of all these rubbish taking place in Homa Bay.  For instant, at some point he violated the law by instructing the Public Service  Board to confirm the appointment of County Secretary, County Auditor and the wife of county Auditor as Chief Officer in Agriculture docket  without following the stipulated procedures.

Also Read: How 123 Million meant for Homa Bay Hatcheries was stolen 
In this stark display of impunity, the governor went further to make sure that his instructions to PSB were followed to letter. So In short, he employed a husband (County Auditor) to oversight his wife (Chief Officer – Agriculture ). What a shame!
It’s also rumored that the County Secretary’s and Auditor’s daughters were employed without undergoing  any proper Public Service Board process.

In what can only be described as ‘Monkey see monkey do’ business, senior Homa Bay county officials have also sorted to employing their wives, relative and friends as they go out all guns blazing on a looting spree.

Recently, in March this year,  it was revealed that a wife of a senior official of Homa Bay county government was being paid over Ksh600,000 per month as salary and allowance illegally.

Apparently, the wife was being paid the said amount monthy as salary even though she isn’t employed by the county Assembly. Futher, a report by EACC said that the said wife was also receiving another Ksh.50,000 per month from the executive wing of the rotten county where she was employed at a health institution.

A company which was registered under her name was also named as a major supplier with a county assembly.

”One of the companies whose name we have is owned by a senior official at the assembly but is registered in his wife’s name.  The information we have found is that the official has been authorising payment to his wife. Therefore he is the one leading the cartel,”  said the source.

This is Part of the Sh400,000,000 rip-off the EACC is investigating at the county assembly.

The prime suspects are Assembly Clerk Bob Kephas, County Assembly principal accountant Maurice Amek and two senior officials in the assembly Public Service Board.

Homa Bay county Assembly  principal acountant during his arrest by EACC detective on March 1, 2017 

Tenders worth millions of shillings were lost through irregular payment  to construction companies.

”Kepha realised later that he couldn’t use his own companies to do the construction work”  The EACC said.

The Anti-graft agency said Bob Kephas after realising he couldn’t use his own company, he resorted to using another construction company called Nyangume, owned by his wife Evelyn Ogutu.

Bob Kephas Otieno, the idiot with fake degree from Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology . 

This moron now says he will vie for Homa Bay gubernatorial seat 2022 after looting the county in collaboration with his socialite bimbo like wife. 

On March 1, 2017,  Abraham Kemboi,  head of  EACC South Nyanza region, raided the county assembly offices and managed to arrest principal accountant Maurice Akeme from his office. But the slicky Kephas managed to escape the arrest acting of a tipoff.

​Governor Cyprian Awiti 

Massive looting in Homa Bay county under the watch of clumsy governor Awiti is scaring. 

Homa Bay has continued to experience rampant disregard of the provision under Devolution Act especially on matters Procurement, Employment and Financial Control Act. 

Homa bay county lacks Internal auditing and audit committee as per requirement of section 155(5) of Kenya public finance management act of 2012.  

The current  inept county auditor is the governor’s amigo through which most scadals in the county are hatched and who always aproves whatever his masters instruct him to do. 

A very reliable source recently informed me that the County Secretary, Isaiah Ogwe has usurped all the procurement authority to himself rendering the procurement office functions to purely ceremonial.  Isaiah Ogwe is said to control everything to do with tenders and procurement leaving one wondering whether that is the purvey of his office. No wonder this wanker was able to put up an a three -story building,  an extion of his Twin Towers Hotel in a recod less than one year. The hotel was at its point of collapse before this quack was appointed the County Secretary with the rampant cases of bedbugs being reported. 

In what can only be related the famous chickengate that rocked IEBC under the leadership of Isaac Hassan – chairman and James Oswago-CEO,  Homa Bay county seems to have it’s own chickengate

A report by National Auditor-General Edward Ouko revealed that the county couldn’t  account for a whooping Ksh. 123 Million that was meant for the procurement of 306 hatcheries for distribution to Homa Bay Youth groups. Mr. Ouko cited political interference in the implementation of the procurement output for the failed project that cost the already struggling county a fortune. 

The project was being undertaken by the ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries headed by Dr. David Okeyo and was to distribute hatcheries to 227 registered Youth Groups in all the 40 wards in the county. 

‘Political interference in the implementation of the procurement output led to a waste of resources. The decision to implement the procurement rested on members of the County Assembly, which led to massive wastage of resources,” reads part of the auditor’s report 

The exact number of people who had already received the hatcheries by the time auditing was being conducted couldn’t be verified by the Auditor as the county government had no such records. 

Further investigation revealed that Homa Bay has intentionally ignored the county requirement to establish IT department with a fully equipped communication planners, tactical plan and highly trained staff. Much of the assembly work is done and recorded manually, the auditing of records is selectively done to omit any records that can taint the name of county bosses. Even the payroll is processed by the executive manually since the assembly has not yet implemented IPPD in financial department as required by the law.  The desktop computer used by the county government are worn out with no anti-virus and backup for the information protection yet the county records indicate that millions of money have set aside for the same. 

The auditor said in his 20 page report : ‘‘Varification of some intended beneficiaries by the way of questionnaires done through phone calls revealed that some hatcheries were yet to be given to the registered group.’
The auditor futher revealed some chilling revelations. He said that some county government and officials from the Agriculture department distributed the equipments to themselves instead of the intended youth groups. 

“The ones that were distributed, except the one given to Makongeni Youth Group, were not yet operational. In addition, it was noted that in some situations individuals were given the hatcheries instead the initial plan of giving them to registered groups, or located to other groups that were not in the receipt list,” the report said

Homa Bay county is on its knees. The cartels have looted it beyond repair. But there is still hope. Yes Hope. The only remaining hope for Homa Bay county is the Hon.  Oyugi Magwanga. Magwanga track record speaks for itself. The choice is for the people of Homa Bay to make. 

Make a sober decision, make a wise decision. Remember the choice you make on 8/8 is not only for yourself but also for your children and children’s children. 

A poster of Homa Bay independent gubernatarial canditate Hon.  Josesh Oyugi Magwanga and his deputy 

A PLETHORA OF AGES OLD challenges bedevling fish mongers in Homa Bay County will be a thing of the past immediately Hon Oyugi Magwanga becomes Homa Bay governor on 8th August, 2017 . 

While embarking on an aggressive two-day door to door campaigns on the islands in Lake Victoria where he was hosted by myriads of converted Sammy Wakiaga’s supporters, the most popular gubernatorial candidate unveiled a raft of measures he has in plan for the fishing community, among them a giant ice making company along the lake.

Hon Magwanga regretted that our fishermen are spending a lot of money on unsustainable methods of fish preservation, leaving them with too little income hence unable to disentangle themselves from convoluted strings of poverty. 

“The company will make cheaper ice and our people will spend less in terms of transport because it will be situated here in our midst.” He said. 

The chairmen of various beaches said that they had written brilliant proposals and both local and international investors are willing to fund that project but Akuba’s government is bewilderingly insensitive to their plight. 

”We will make this plan a reality and even export surplus ice to Kisii, Nyamira, Siaya and Migori counties,” he said, adding that other smaller industries that need ice such as green groceries, butcheries and beverages will also benefit. 

The governor said it was sad that Awiti has neglected the fishing community, promising to source for market for fish, construct three fish processing factories, improve security in the lake and uplift sanitation standards along the beaches. 

He said every fish banda will be renovated and fit with a modern cold storage to make steady fish prices.

The governor visited Remba, Ringiti, Takawiri, Rusinga, and numerous beaches and market centres in Mfangano Island. 

Earlier in the day the governor held a series of meetings with youths, opinion leaders, Council of Elders and beach operators drawn from Mfangano Island. 

The former supporters of Sammy Wakiaga who defeated to Hon Magwanga’s camp said their reason for supporting their son was the yearn for development, a dream that only Governor Magwanga can make them realize. 

He promised to support youth and women recreational programs run by Suba Peace Museum.



Dear Tuju ,
First of all allow me to congratulate you on your appointment as the Jubilee’s mouthpiece.
I was so shocked when I saw you the other day addressing the press on behalf of your masters and summarized your speech by telling HE Raila Joshua Amollo Odinga to GROW UP. Grow up?? 

Tuju ,Really?? ,You have the capacity and guts to tell Agwambo to grow up?.Ok, Let me bring the following to your attention:
1.Raila Odinga was born in 1945 and you were born in 1959.Raila was 14years old when you were born.  He was 13 years and 3 months old when your father impregnated your mother. He was already a grown up while you were not yet born.
2. You joined politics in 2002 while Raila was already hitting headlines by 1982.  Meaning you joined politics about 20years after Raila had joined it.
3. Raila Odinga tirelessly fought for multiparty in 1992 while you had not even thought of joining politics. I guess you were still pursuing your degree in the University of Leicester in UK , eating well and sleeping like a dead person. It is this multiparty freedom that Raila fought for that even gave birth to jubilee party which you are the Sec Gen.  Can’t you even respect Raila for creating you a job opportunity ? You are now earning a living because he brought multiparty freedom. 
4. Lastly my dad always like to tell me that mature couple will always live peacefully. Any family with so many domestic feuds is a family with childish couple. My friend ,Raila Joshua Amollo Odinga has never hit news headlines for fighting his wife Ida.  He has an organized and God fearing family.  What about you ? .GROW UP!

My simple advice to you is to stick to your family issues ,make your family organized, reconcile with your wife Ruth Akinyi who claims you aren’t ‘a man’ then come back and start organising your jubilee before you even start fighting Raila. Agwambo is above you ,leave him alone, before you were you born ,he was living.  Before you started politics, he had already been arrested for 10years without trial  for the same. Before you contested for mp in 2002, he had already contested for president in 1997. Before you became the PPP party Leader in 2007 which eventually vanished even before registered, he (Raila) had already been the party leader of NDP in 1994 

You got less than 500 votes in 2007,  he got more than 5million votes in 2013. So find a better place to dump your frustrations because Raila is above you in everything and therefore,  you yourself should GROW Up! 
And oh by the way,  I had that you also launched some Party called POA or was it Powa?  Is it still in existence?  Maybe you should start from there 

After an in-depth analysis of the registered voters per county and all factors including voters turnout on the material day put into consideration, we can authoritatively conclude that NASA flag bearer the RT.  Hon. Raila Amollo Odinga will carry the day. 

If all all factors remain constant by this assuming there will be no rigging then National Supper Alliance(NASA) will defeat Jubilee by over 2 million voters. 

Watch this very balanced video analysis done by nonpartisan  political analyst.