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A poster of Homa Bay independent gubernatarial canditate Hon.  Josesh Oyugi Magwanga and his deputy 

A PLETHORA OF AGES OLD challenges bedevling fish mongers in Homa Bay County will be a thing of the past immediately Hon Oyugi Magwanga becomes Homa Bay governor on 8th August, 2017 . 

While embarking on an aggressive two-day door to door campaigns on the islands in Lake Victoria where he was hosted by myriads of converted Sammy Wakiaga’s supporters, the most popular gubernatorial candidate unveiled a raft of measures he has in plan for the fishing community, among them a giant ice making company along the lake.

Hon Magwanga regretted that our fishermen are spending a lot of money on unsustainable methods of fish preservation, leaving them with too little income hence unable to disentangle themselves from convoluted strings of poverty. 

“The company will make cheaper ice and our people will spend less in terms of transport because it will be situated here in our midst.” He said. 

The chairmen of various beaches said that they had written brilliant proposals and both local and international investors are willing to fund that project but Akuba’s government is bewilderingly insensitive to their plight. 

”We will make this plan a reality and even export surplus ice to Kisii, Nyamira, Siaya and Migori counties,” he said, adding that other smaller industries that need ice such as green groceries, butcheries and beverages will also benefit. 

The governor said it was sad that Awiti has neglected the fishing community, promising to source for market for fish, construct three fish processing factories, improve security in the lake and uplift sanitation standards along the beaches. 

He said every fish banda will be renovated and fit with a modern cold storage to make steady fish prices.

The governor visited Remba, Ringiti, Takawiri, Rusinga, and numerous beaches and market centres in Mfangano Island. 

Earlier in the day the governor held a series of meetings with youths, opinion leaders, Council of Elders and beach operators drawn from Mfangano Island. 

The former supporters of Sammy Wakiaga who defeated to Hon Magwanga’s camp said their reason for supporting their son was the yearn for development, a dream that only Governor Magwanga can make them realize. 

He promised to support youth and women recreational programs run by Suba Peace Museum.



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