Posted: July 3, 2017 in Uncategorized

Dear Tuju ,
First of all allow me to congratulate you on your appointment as the Jubilee’s mouthpiece.
I was so shocked when I saw you the other day addressing the press on behalf of your masters and summarized your speech by telling HE Raila Joshua Amollo Odinga to GROW UP. Grow up?? 

Tuju ,Really?? ,You have the capacity and guts to tell Agwambo to grow up?.Ok, Let me bring the following to your attention:
1.Raila Odinga was born in 1945 and you were born in 1959.Raila was 14years old when you were born.  He was 13 years and 3 months old when your father impregnated your mother. He was already a grown up while you were not yet born.
2. You joined politics in 2002 while Raila was already hitting headlines by 1982.  Meaning you joined politics about 20years after Raila had joined it.
3. Raila Odinga tirelessly fought for multiparty in 1992 while you had not even thought of joining politics. I guess you were still pursuing your degree in the University of Leicester in UK , eating well and sleeping like a dead person. It is this multiparty freedom that Raila fought for that even gave birth to jubilee party which you are the Sec Gen.  Can’t you even respect Raila for creating you a job opportunity ? You are now earning a living because he brought multiparty freedom. 
4. Lastly my dad always like to tell me that mature couple will always live peacefully. Any family with so many domestic feuds is a family with childish couple. My friend ,Raila Joshua Amollo Odinga has never hit news headlines for fighting his wife Ida.  He has an organized and God fearing family.  What about you ? .GROW UP!

My simple advice to you is to stick to your family issues ,make your family organized, reconcile with your wife Ruth Akinyi who claims you aren’t ‘a man’ then come back and start organising your jubilee before you even start fighting Raila. Agwambo is above you ,leave him alone, before you were you born ,he was living.  Before you started politics, he had already been arrested for 10years without trial  for the same. Before you contested for mp in 2002, he had already contested for president in 1997. Before you became the PPP party Leader in 2007 which eventually vanished even before registered, he (Raila) had already been the party leader of NDP in 1994 

You got less than 500 votes in 2007,  he got more than 5million votes in 2013. So find a better place to dump your frustrations because Raila is above you in everything and therefore,  you yourself should GROW Up! 
And oh by the way,  I had that you also launched some Party called POA or was it Powa?  Is it still in existence?  Maybe you should start from there 

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