How 123 Million meant for Homa Bay Hatcheries was stolen 

Posted: July 6, 2017 in Uncategorized

​Governor Cyprian Awiti 

Massive looting in Homa Bay county under the watch of clumsy governor Awiti is scaring. 

Homa Bay has continued to experience rampant disregard of the provision under Devolution Act especially on matters Procurement, Employment and Financial Control Act. 

Homa bay county lacks Internal auditing and audit committee as per requirement of section 155(5) of Kenya public finance management act of 2012.  

The current  inept county auditor is the governor’s amigo through which most scadals in the county are hatched and who always aproves whatever his masters instruct him to do. 

A very reliable source recently informed me that the County Secretary, Isaiah Ogwe has usurped all the procurement authority to himself rendering the procurement office functions to purely ceremonial.  Isaiah Ogwe is said to control everything to do with tenders and procurement leaving one wondering whether that is the purvey of his office. No wonder this wanker was able to put up an a three -story building,  an extion of his Twin Towers Hotel in a recod less than one year. The hotel was at its point of collapse before this quack was appointed the County Secretary with the rampant cases of bedbugs being reported. 

In what can only be related the famous chickengate that rocked IEBC under the leadership of Isaac Hassan – chairman and James Oswago-CEO,  Homa Bay county seems to have it’s own chickengate

A report by National Auditor-General Edward Ouko revealed that the county couldn’t  account for a whooping Ksh. 123 Million that was meant for the procurement of 306 hatcheries for distribution to Homa Bay Youth groups. Mr. Ouko cited political interference in the implementation of the procurement output for the failed project that cost the already struggling county a fortune. 

The project was being undertaken by the ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries headed by Dr. David Okeyo and was to distribute hatcheries to 227 registered Youth Groups in all the 40 wards in the county. 

‘Political interference in the implementation of the procurement output led to a waste of resources. The decision to implement the procurement rested on members of the County Assembly, which led to massive wastage of resources,” reads part of the auditor’s report 

The exact number of people who had already received the hatcheries by the time auditing was being conducted couldn’t be verified by the Auditor as the county government had no such records. 

Further investigation revealed that Homa Bay has intentionally ignored the county requirement to establish IT department with a fully equipped communication planners, tactical plan and highly trained staff. Much of the assembly work is done and recorded manually, the auditing of records is selectively done to omit any records that can taint the name of county bosses. Even the payroll is processed by the executive manually since the assembly has not yet implemented IPPD in financial department as required by the law.  The desktop computer used by the county government are worn out with no anti-virus and backup for the information protection yet the county records indicate that millions of money have set aside for the same. 

The auditor said in his 20 page report : ‘‘Varification of some intended beneficiaries by the way of questionnaires done through phone calls revealed that some hatcheries were yet to be given to the registered group.’
The auditor futher revealed some chilling revelations. He said that some county government and officials from the Agriculture department distributed the equipments to themselves instead of the intended youth groups. 

“The ones that were distributed, except the one given to Makongeni Youth Group, were not yet operational. In addition, it was noted that in some situations individuals were given the hatcheries instead the initial plan of giving them to registered groups, or located to other groups that were not in the receipt list,” the report said

Homa Bay county is on its knees. The cartels have looted it beyond repair. But there is still hope. Yes Hope. The only remaining hope for Homa Bay county is the Hon.  Oyugi Magwanga. Magwanga track record speaks for itself. The choice is for the people of Homa Bay to make. 

Make a sober decision, make a wise decision. Remember the choice you make on 8/8 is not only for yourself but also for your children and children’s children. 

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