Wife of a senior Homa Bay County Official illegally paid Sh600,000 every Month

Posted: July 7, 2017 in Uncategorized

Homa Bay county Assembly 

Corruption in Homa Bay county can be best described as the Lernaean hydra of Greek. You try to cut one head, it breeds more heads. The employment recruitment here has taken a new twist whereas the poorly performed individuals are elevated to the best positions while othere are assigned to dockets they are not qualified nor applied for.

Governor Awiti is in the center of all these rubbish taking place in Homa Bay.  For instant, at some point he violated the law by instructing the Public Service  Board to confirm the appointment of County Secretary, County Auditor and the wife of county Auditor as Chief Officer in Agriculture docket  without following the stipulated procedures.

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In this stark display of impunity, the governor went further to make sure that his instructions to PSB were followed to letter. So In short, he employed a husband (County Auditor) to oversight his wife (Chief Officer – Agriculture ). What a shame!
It’s also rumored that the County Secretary’s and Auditor’s daughters were employed without undergoing  any proper Public Service Board process.

In what can only be described as ‘Monkey see monkey do’ business, senior Homa Bay county officials have also sorted to employing their wives, relative and friends as they go out all guns blazing on a looting spree.

Recently, in March this year,  it was revealed that a wife of a senior official of Homa Bay county government was being paid over Ksh600,000 per month as salary and allowance illegally.

Apparently, the wife was being paid the said amount monthy as salary even though she isn’t employed by the county Assembly. Futher, a report by EACC said that the said wife was also receiving another Ksh.50,000 per month from the executive wing of the rotten county where she was employed at a health institution.

A company which was registered under her name was also named as a major supplier with a county assembly.

”One of the companies whose name we have is owned by a senior official at the assembly but is registered in his wife’s name.  The information we have found is that the official has been authorising payment to his wife. Therefore he is the one leading the cartel,”  said the source.

This is Part of the Sh400,000,000 rip-off the EACC is investigating at the county assembly.

The prime suspects are Assembly Clerk Bob Kephas, County Assembly principal accountant Maurice Amek and two senior officials in the assembly Public Service Board.

Homa Bay county Assembly  principal acountant during his arrest by EACC detective on March 1, 2017 

Tenders worth millions of shillings were lost through irregular payment  to construction companies.

”Kepha realised later that he couldn’t use his own companies to do the construction work”  The EACC said.

The Anti-graft agency said Bob Kephas after realising he couldn’t use his own company, he resorted to using another construction company called Nyangume, owned by his wife Evelyn Ogutu.

Bob Kephas Otieno, the idiot with fake degree from Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology . 

This moron now says he will vie for Homa Bay gubernatorial seat 2022 after looting the county in collaboration with his socialite bimbo like wife. 

On March 1, 2017,  Abraham Kemboi,  head of  EACC South Nyanza region, raided the county assembly offices and managed to arrest principal accountant Maurice Akeme from his office. But the slicky Kephas managed to escape the arrest acting of a tipoff.

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