What Raila Must Avoid during his tour of Homa Bay County

Posted: July 16, 2017 in Uncategorized

NASA presidential flag bearer Rt Hon. Raila Odinga 

NASA brigade led by the coalition flag bearer Rt Hon.  Raila Odiga will tomorrow 17th, July, 2017 transverse the county of Homa Bay one of Odinga’s strong holds with over 325, 000 registered voters as per IEBC register 2017. 

This Homa Bay rally comes after two of such rallies were postponed in what political pundits say was due to intense political contest of gubernatorial seat. 
The two front runners are the incumbent Hon. Cyprian Awiti of ODM and the current Kasipul Member of parliament Hon.  Joseph Oyugi Magwanga who is contesting as an independent candidate. 

Things have been very unbearable for the incumbent whom seems to be lossing ground as election date nears.  The Homa Bay electorates are scolding the governor for poor governance that led to massive looting of the already struggling county. 

Things even worsen after shambolic ODM nomination in the county. Many believe that Magwanga who is also better known as Tiacha won but his victory was snatched away by the incumbent. 

The visit by Rt Hon. Raila Odinga tomorrow is no doubt long overdue. The people of Homa Bay must have been really waiting for this day. 

But As usual, politicians do make some silly mistakes at the last stretch that in turn cost them dearly and Raila is no exception. 

For Raila to make sure that Homa Bay county vote him to last man on 8/8, he has to desist from preaching six piece gospel in tomorrow’s really more so the governor seat. 

By letting people to decide for themselves, both camps will mobilize their supporters to come out in large numbers in the material day and this will be a good thing for Raila’s presidency. 

Of what benefit will it be to Raila if he succeeds in campaigning for ODM governor  but fails to become president? Let’s not lie to electorates that independent candidates are supporting Jubilee. 

Another possible outcome if Raila tries to preach the six piece mantra is an ugly scene of heckling and booing and the media will be awash with “Raila heckled and booed in his own tuff”… He should be smart. 

Meanwhile, the people have some questions to their  governor which they want him to answer during Raila tour on Monday

The people of Homa Bay are not happy with the performance of the governor and myriad cases of corruption allegations that have bedevilled the administration.
The premise behind devolved government was primarily to enhance service delivery to the public and better life of the electorates.
NASA bone of contention with Uhuruto have been poor performance, unfulfilled promises, rampant corruption allegations among others.

 Coincidentally,  the reasons why professionals and electorates have ganged against Awiti adminstration are the same reasons why Nasa wants to remove Uhuruto.
As the NASA brigades will be traversing the eight sub counties let them ask the governor why he has failed to give the electorates water.

They should ask him why the health facilities are run down and with tens of people dying from diseases that can easily be treated.
It will be good for the brigades to ask the governor why the roads are in deplorable condition and why food insecurity is at 80 percent in the region.
The electorates should ask the governor about rampant corruption in his government and why the suppliers have not been paid.
Finally,  Homa Bay electorates would like to ask the governor what happened to multi billion agri- city project and why they lost millions of shillings.
Homa bay should have been a model of ODM run government and it wouldn’t be prudent for NASA brigades to cherish mediocrity.

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