Homa Bay town turned frenzy  shortly after Raila’s speech. (Video)

Posted: July 17, 2017 in Uncategorized

​NASA leader and presidential candidate Rt Hon. Raila Odinga addressing a mammoth crowd in Homa Bay county. 

Yesterday was another big disappointing day for the under siege Homa Bay governor Cyprian Awiti who has been waiting and panting  for Raila to come and endorse him. 

Governor Awiti has been mentioned in several reports including those of EACC and  The Auditor-General reports as the most corrupt and incompetent governor.  
Under his four and half years tenure, Homa Bay has lost more than Ksh. 8 billion 

The governor has been having difficult times campaigning on his own since he has no project to point out save for six piece call and the ODM certificate that he got after shambolic nominations. 

So Instead of giving people his scorecard, this nincompoop decided to unveil his manifesto. Like seriously? Another manifesto? 

That was underwhelming for the incumbent. By now,  that quack should be giving the people of Homa Bay his scorecard instead of launching another manifesto.

I must say I was impressed by the way Raila  handled the six piece mantra. For those who were eagerly waiting for Raila to lift their hands and pronounce them as his favorite candidates were left nursing their filthy stinking wounds. 

”Let us put all our energy in securing the presidential seat and stop focusing on trivial seats down here,” Raila said. 

Contrary to what everyone was expecting (endorsing ODM candidates), Raila categorically recognized an independent gubernatorial candidate Hon. Oyugi Magwanga in his absentia. He said: “Magwanga bende Ng’ata”‘ (Magwanga is also in my team). 

That statement sent Homa Bay town into frenzy and celebration mode as Awiti and his supporters were left pondering their next move. 

Celebration would last for hours to as late as 9:45pm.  ​

Raila needs every vote he can get and with such pronouncements he can be rest assured of about 95-98 voter turnout in Homa Bay county. 

That’s the way to go. 

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