Homa Bay has to choose between Awiti and Magwanga

Posted: July 21, 2017 in Uncategorized

Does Gov.  Cyprian Awiti Merit a Second Chance in Homa Bay?

For the uninitiated in the gubernatorial tussles in the lakeside county of Homa Bay; Cyprian Awiti (aka Akuba thing one) is the incumbent governor fighting to retain his throne.

Cyprian Awiti’s performance has been sterling. So exceptional that none of the other 46 governors would match his prowess either individually or collectively as a group! 

For the doubting Thomases, his performances are a matter of public record and if you have had a keen eye for current events, hardly would you miss to notice them. 

Akubu beats all the other governors’ hands down; at dancing! Yes dancing. And I say this as someone highly confident of his dance moves – a topic for another day. 
My governor gyrates so rhythmically in tune with Ohangla music you would think that it is music that courses through his veins instead of blood. 

When it comes to doing a jig, Akuba falls in the league of the legendary General Defao and the famed Mbuta Likasu.

Be that as it may, a County is not run on dancing. It requires transformative vision and mission laid out not only on a well-structured development blueprint but also accompanied by a relentless will to effect them. And this unfortunately is where my good governor comes out blank.

The Jubilee government finds a brother-in-arms in the county government of Homa Bay as far as incompetence is concerned. 

Like the El-Nino rains, graft, abuse of office, runaway theft, pillage of public resources and lassitude deluge the county government! Tumbocracy reigns supreme!

Awiti jump starts his government on high gear. He invites ‘mzungu investors’ in droves. They turn out to be international fraudsters. As expected, money disappears. 

Meanwhile, Ramogi radio beams his development projects all over the place. The people of Siaya, Migori and Kisumu become envious of Homa Bay. Turns out they are merely phantom projects. 

His cronies in the meantime hypnotize him with this statement ‘piny ber jatelo’ – so he continues to eat life with a big spoon in Kisumu.

The reality of the August elections jolts him awake. Frustration drives him bananas and at one point he clears the entire HQ offices of employees.

 In desperation, he re-awards tenders to ‘who-ka-whos’ of Homa Bay to complete the stalled twin projects giving him a bad reputation; the county stadium and referral Hospital. Unfortunately, for the second time in a row, the hospital rehabilitation stalls again!

So is Akuba aka Rabolo idho tek winning? I’ll say YES. Akuba is winning on the dance floor but badly losing on 8/8.

You tell me if Awiti deserves a second shot at the gubernatorial throne of Asego.

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