Public likes is here to stay

Posted: July 27, 2017 in Uncategorized

Is Publick Likes real or not? This is the question that is being asked by many investors of public Likes for the past few days now.

But before we unravel the intrigues that surround the Public Likes, let us first of all understand what a public likes is and how it works.

So what is Public likes and how does it pay? Public likes is a Paid To Click (PTC) website where members can earn certain money by clicking and visiting paid ads. And lately they’ve added other feature like watching videos, playing their games, completing offers and many more or earn commission by referring others to the site. 

Public likes is new in Kenya, barely four months now and it is the only PTC in the world that pays through Mpesa. It has been paying without major problems till recently like three weeks ago when members started having difficulties while withdrawing. PL has come out to assure its users that all is well and that public likes is here to stay . They’ve said the delay has been due to site maintenance thanks to huge number of subscribers which stands at over 800,000 

Source of income:

 According to public likes, they pay their members on a weekly basis on Fridays and Saturdays amount totaling to Ksh. 200Million or approximately $ 2M through Mpesa  which with the introduction of bank as mode of payment, this figure could skyrocket soon.

So many would ask, how does PL generate that kind of money to pay it members?

Our research team have found out that public likes operates as A Bux site and “bux” models are rather unsustainable.

 All the Bux sites relie on selling expensive upgrades or renting referrals to pay members. PL recently changed its upgrading policy from $45 per year to $45 after every 60 days. This translates to $315 per year or Ksh.31,500 per year. This is very expensive considering the international rates for upgrading any genuine PTC membership is about $80 to $120 annually. But I must also add that PL pays its members awesomely compared to other PTC sites.

Usually, Bux sites display self sponsored ads with high click rate which on the long run is in the most cases bad because the sites are unable to generate enough advertising income. 

As the time passes, at the Bux site, ckickers start making profits and the site is getting into financial problems because their inability to generate enough advertising income to pay their investors.

 Typically, bux sites don’t make enough advertising revenue to cover the cost of self sponsored ads (personal and referral rates), which is why they tend to collapse. And this explains why public likes had to pull down their ptc. This was a nice move by public lickes 

We always advise, and especially with Bux site,do your research if you plan to invest your hard earned money. 

So is public like a scam or not? Without going by rumors that have pervaded social media and based on my own research and understanding of how PTC works, I’ll give public likes benefit of doubt and this is why:

  1.  On realising that the self sponsored ads are not economically viable, public likes  decided to pull them down and instead introduced other avenues of generating income which is more sustainable.
  2. When some curious investors decided to do some inquiry with Safaricom, the provider of Mpesa which public likes uses to pay its members, the outcome was somehow relieving as they ( Safaricom) confirmed that the Mpesa code they provided public likes is genuine. See the response of Safaricom through their official twitter page below
  3. I tend to believe that public likes are working on their site to enable them handle its ever growing members efficiently and once they are done, it will be much better.

So what do you think? Is public  likes here to  stay as they claim or not? Have your say.

  1. Anonymous says:

    How about currently misunderstanding this misbehaving of ptc??????


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