Experts Reveal Just How Long Sex should Last

Posted: October 9, 2018 in Uncategorized

Couple In Bed

For how long should a sex session last? Any man reading this will definitely relate. It is a question that boggles the mind of many men. Many men of adult age who indulge in sexual activities do believe that, the longer time one lasts on top of a woman (depending on the position though) the more sexually satisfied the woman will be. This, however, still brings us back to the question; how long is long enough?

While we have to recognize that sexual preferences and interests do vary from person to person, how long they would like to last is something many people would agree on.

A recent research done online by sex retailer LoveHoney has revealed the amount of time a man (Mwanaume Kamili) stays on top- and that magic number, ladies and gentlemen, is a whopping 30 minutes! Yes, 30 fucking minutes it is baby. Anything below that, utajua haujui.

The result showed that 40 percent of people interviewed said they would prefer their sex session to last for at least a half an hour. Surprisingly, 24 percent of those interviewed confessed that this was the case in their daily sex routine

However, Majority said that their sex sessions are lasting for 15 minutes and 16 percent of respondents said 10 minutes na wametosheka.

However, how long you last should not worry you much, how good you do it should. Sex expert, Tracey Cox in the recent past said that people should not panic about how long their sex session last.

 Thirty minutes for some people would be excessively short, for others, this might be too long time. If you are both happy with the time you spend having sex, then that is all that matters. Aim is to connect sexually on regular basis- meaning a sexy kissing or some type of foreplay that do not necessarily result into sex, but rather keep the score.

So next time, do not let the pressure of 30 minutes kill you. Take your time, short or long, just do it right, be sure to get it for the next time. Next time if she tells you, “you cum so fast,” let her that she is the one who is too slow.

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