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The bootylicious Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika has denied claims that are doing rounds on social media claiming that her real name is Veronica Mung’asia Shikuku Shikwekwe and not Vera Sidika as she is popularly known.

A twitter post by Derek Kinyua @mkderek88 claiming that Shikuku Shikwekwe is the actual name of the former Nairobi Diary star has since gone viral since it was shared last week Thursday

Jacob Otieno Obunga (Otile Brown) and Veronica Mung’asia Shikuku Shikwekwe (Vera Sidika) hamtatusumbua uku online saitaaaaan

In a quick rejoinder, Vera denounced such claims terming them as baseless allegations by her haters who are overworking day and night trying to tarnish her name and reputation. The socialites went ahead to upload her birth certificate to prove her point.

“If y’all must fake my names at least have your facts right… I have such a fancy name that people find it hard to believe it’s my real name. Vera Sidika. My parents knew I was gonna a star. Real names sounding like a stage name,” she posted on her Instagram.

She further demanded respect from online users insisting that being born in Aga Khan back in 1989 isn’t something to joke around with.

“Being born at Aga Khan Hospital in 1989 was a big deal yooo! It was more like a ‘baller baby’ those days.” she adds.

Vera aka Shikwekwe and Mapenzi Hisia hitmaker Otile Brown have been trending for the past few weeks after their on and off relationship took center stage on social media, however, some Netizens think that they are just pulling a publicity stunt.

The controversial  South African socialite cum dancer, Zodwa Wabantu, who is popularly known for dancing without her underwears has once again hit the news headlines, this time doing unthinkable.

The pantyless entertainer recently appeared in an event wearing nothing save for panties and a revealing outfit which flaunted her behind.

However, some South Africans are not amused after photos of her wearing almost nothing, save for a dress that seemed to be running away from her bulging assets as she gyrated to the beat made rounds online.

See the photos below.

Zodwa Wabantu was once deported from Zambia where she was scheduled to perform in what Zambian government authorities described as “bad influence to the youths.”